Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

school lunch

As we wrap up 2012 and ring in “twenty-thirteen” I’d like to recap the blog posts and recipes that got the most traffic this year.

Top 5 Blog Posts

School Lunch Roundup!
85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!
Free Real Food Meal Plans
Real Food Tips: 10 Ways to Switch Up Your Kid’s Lunch
Food Babe Investigates: Is Subway Real Food?

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Three “Get Real” Deals for 2013

Deliciously Organic Photo

Cliche as it may be, for many New Year’s Day is the time to reflect on the passing year and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. The majority of the holidays have past, and you’re likely ready to make some changes for the better. Good for you! Making the commitment is the first step, and today we’ve got three great deals to help you “Get Real” in 2013. Take a peek:

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Christmas Cookies (with sugar!)

Whole-Wheat Christmas Cookies from 100 Days of Real Food

For all those readers who’ve asked…here is a whole-wheat Christmas cookie recipe! Now even though these are made with 100% whole-wheat flour please know they do contain some refined sugar (in both the cookie and the icing). I do occasionally post recipes made with refined sugar because, in my opinion, a cookie that’s homemade from scratch is far better than the factory-made version (or something like a “slice and bake”). And Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without cookies for Santa!

When it comes to making Christmas cookies though there always seems to be one dilemma…food coloring. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that we like to avoid the chemically-laden artificial dyes. So what’s one to do?

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Recipe: Whole-Grain Donuts (for the Mini Donut-Maker)

baked donuts

My older daughter absolutely LOVES donuts so one day, on a whim, I saw this “Mini Donut Maker” at Target and decided to try it out. It’s a plug-in machine (similar to a waffle maker) and comes with a booklet of recipes that I tweaked to use whole-wheat flour and no refined sugars. This discovery is nothing new (I’ve shared this maker within a post or two on the blog before), but we’ve been getting so many questions about it lately it I’ve decided to give it a post all of its own today! So without further ado, here are two whole-grain donut recipes that work great in this little donut maker

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Food Babe Investigates: Is Your Protein Shake Safe?


Protein shakes, powders, and supplements are incredibly popular with the health conscious crowd. Considering what typical protein powders promise – sleek muscles, weight loss and a quick, easy “healthy” meal replacement – it’s logical to see why. Unfortunately, the food industry is making an absolute killing (maybe literally) selling ones that are filled with highly processed denatured proteins, chemicals, preservatives and other additives. There’s one thing in common for all of them – they are processed and deciding on whether or not they are actually “real food” comes into question. Now not all processed things we put in our body are technically bad for us – but understanding what exactly is in your protein powder is critical to deciding whether to consume it, select an alternative, or discontinue use.

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Special Deal: MightyNest

MightyNest "Special Deal" on 100 Days of Real Food

I am super excited to share a special deal with you today from a great company…and just in time for the holidays! Our newest sponsor, MightyNest, was founded by two parents when, after the birth […]

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The Truth About Baby Carrots

The Truth About Baby Carrots by 100 Days of Real Food

Who would have guessed that one of the most “viral” things I’ve ever posted on Facebook would be about organic baby carrots? Clearly people want to understand and discuss baby carrots! As a result I […]

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Is Your Child a Picky Eater or a Problem Feeder?

Picky Eater vs. Problem Feeder + Tips on 100 Days of Real Foods

The subject of picky eaters is certainly not a new one around here. But after hearing feedback from readers it occurred to me that not everyone is dealing with the same level of pickiness. Some readers have said their child will eat no more than 5 different foods or literally vomit at the table when attempting to try something new. Other kids are picky, but maybe their lack of adventure at the dinner table is because they aren’t being exposed to different foods often enough. After consulting with a couple of occupational therapists I’ve learned that parents are likely dealing with two different issues: picky eaters vs. problem feeders. And for some who have a “problem feeder” on their hands, intervention might be the only answer.

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Real Food Tips: 7 Healthy Holiday Parties (for kids!)

holiday craft

The holidays are a special time when we focus on family, celebration, thoughtfulness…and of course food! And while it’s completely appropriate to indulge in some fun treats this time of year, I personally don’t think you have to have loads of junk food for it to be a good time. So on that note, and thanks to a little brainstorming session with my facebook fans, here are some holiday party ideas for kids that are not centered around cookies and candy. I promise our children don’t “need” those things to have a little fun with their friends and make some memories!

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