Recipe: Super Quick and Easy Fried Rice

fried rice

I may be late to the party, but I am just now discovering how incredibly convenient frozen vegetables are. My default has always been fresh veggies, but, according to Michael Pollan in his book  In [...] Keep Reading

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

let food be thy medicin - 100 Days of Real Food.jpg

Earlier this month on Facebook I asked the following question: Have any of you (or someone you know) been able to stop taking some prescription meds after making a change to your diet? If so, I'd [...] Keep Reading

Recipe: Curry Chicken Salad

chicken salad

Inspired by my friend Amy Bishop with Greenbrier Farms (an organically run farm in S.C.), I am excited to share this tasty curry chicken salad recipe with you today. Chicken salad is traditionally [...] Keep Reading

How To Be A “Once A Month Mom”


There is no doubt that the key to sticking to a real food diet is planning ahead. I like to call it “making your own convenience food.” Just imagine all those busy weeknights out at a late dance class [...] Keep Reading

Kraft Petition Update


In a mere 36 hours our petition asking Kraft to remove artificial food dyes from their line of macaroni and cheese products has gone viral and now has more than 170,000 signatures. We are so taken [...] Keep Reading