Finding (and Avoiding) Artificial Food Dyes

Artificial food dyes are unfortunately in quite a lot of processed foods. I’ve already shared all the reasons I hate them, but today I want to share the names of the FDA-approved dyes so you can look for (and hopefully avoid) them in food products.

Finding and avoiding artificial dyes - 100 Days of Real Food

Note: This is the “currently approved” list because, unsettling enough, the approval status does change.

The following FD&C color additives are either no longer authorized or restricted for use – that’s right the FDA once thought these seven food dyes were “safe” but have since changed their minds: Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 3 (still used in food, but no longer in cosmetics or external drugs), Red 4, and Violet 1. In fact, if you look at food, drugs and cosmetics in total there are 91 different dyes that were once approved and are now no longer authorized or restricted for use.

In the UK artificial dyes are allowed for use, but require a warning label stating, “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” So, as a result, food companies have mostly switched to natural dyes in order to avoid slapping a warning label on their packages.

Even though these dyes are still widely used in the US, I did find this statement on the FDA website, “Exposure to food and food components, including AFC [artificial food colors] and preservatives, may be associated with behavioral changes, not necessarily related to hyperactivity, in certain susceptible children with ADHD and other problem behaviors, and possibly in susceptible children from the general population.” 

I’d also like to share a link to a really interesting science experiment conducted by a kid who tested the effects of yellow dye in mice. The results are rather astounding…click to see for yourself!

Artificial Dyes Found in Surprising Places

What was once reserved for colorful, celebratory cake frosting is now lurking on almost every shelf in the grocery store. In fact, consumption of food dyes has increased 5-fold since 1955 (up from 3 million to 15 million pounds per year) – 90% of which is from Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40. This is one of the many reasons why the argument that we grew up eating this stuff and turned out “just fine” doesn’t hold up – processed food has changed (and continues to change) since we were kids.

So nowadays unless you shop somewhere like Whole Foods or Earth Fare (supermarkets that don’t allow products with artificial dyes), get ready to do some label reading in order to avoid the above list on your next shopping trip.

Below are some examples where we found artificial food dyes. They are not just found in neon colored beverages and brightly colored candies – all of the following (even including brown cereal, whole-wheat pizza crust, and white icing!) are examples of packaged products that contain artificial dyes:

frosting pic
Pickels Pic
Vitamins Pic
Fiber One Pic
Motrin Pic
Doritos Pic
life cereal

Have you found artificial dyes lurking in surprising places? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have chronic urticaria and apparently it can make you prone to reactions to food dyes. I found out when I started taking thyroid medication and broke out in a horrible blistering rash. Food dye is even found in benadryl. The dye free version can be hard to find. I was dismayed when I found out my favorite local custard contains food dyes (even vanilla). I’ve been trying to cut out all dyes but they lurk in unexpected places.

  2. Yes you can avoid iron pills!! Use old cast iron pans for a good means of absorbable iron in everything you cook (I say old ones because they are smooth on the inside and foods will not stick as badly)! We use them daily now and have not had iron issues since. An all natural Dr taught me this.

    1. Marshmallows often contain blue dye! Anything with a Trader Joe’s label is dye-free, which is a huge relief to our family. Eveb their candies, treats and eveb gingerbread house decorating kits are completely naturally colored. What about carmel coloring in food and beverages? I haven’t found good info on what exactly that means.

      1. This caramel coloring is manufactured by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure, which creates carcinogenic compounds. Caramel color is classified into four different classes; Class IV being the worst. – Nicole

  3. Great great information! My son and I are vegan so most products use natural dyes but it wasn’t until I read this post. The crystal light I don’t use that brand particularly but I do use mio and the last three days my son has been an emotional wreck. So they are heading out the door now. Also didn’t realize Motrin uses pregelatinized starch

    1. It’s insane to see how many of our daily products contain these dyes and to know that they trigger certain issues. – Nicole

    2. Careful with natural flavor if your a vegan. Natural can be animal products as it is *technically* natural. Many times strawberry and vanilla flavored items can be naturally flavored used from animal product. I just tend to stay away from anything that doesn’t say what it is. Just not worth it, at least to me. That’s just a personal preference though.

  4. My son has been having some behavior and emotional issues lately. A doctor recently suggested removing artificial dyes. Are there any names of ingredients I need to watch out for aside from Red 40, Yellow 5 and so on?

  5. My daughter has a severe reaction to dyes, including annatto, which is considered natural and appears in many products that don’t use artificial dyes. It is used in all orange cheese, vanilla ice cream, and many others. Each time she consumes dye it stays in her system for 3 days, and that is 3 days of depression, anxiety, anger, every form of emotional volatility. We have been reading ingredients for that past 8 years, yet our lives are frequently derailed because of something she eats at school, church, or any other event outside of the home. Although she knows what will happen, she still eats it quite often when the opportunity arises, either because she feels left out if she doesn’t, or because she feels deprived, even though I always try to get her due free versions of foods. Dye has caused so much misery in our lives, and continued to do so. On average, half of every week is affected by dyes. I couldn’t hate dyes more, yet feel helpless to do anything about it.

    1. My sister and I are both allergic to red dye 40 we didnt find out until we were in our late 20s. Rashes stuffed noses migraines. All other artificial dyes for me I have sensitivity to either I’m in the bathroom my face gets puffy and I get let’s use the phrase like an evil witch who just got a dose of adrenaline. I hear what your saying about the annato and what they also like to call Carmel colors for me too. All these years doctors prescribed meds that have the dyes in them. Even benadryl does if not the dye free option any med even tylenol with their red lettering. It is very difficult sometimes impossible for me to find meds bc of my allergies and sensitivities and its sick. It shouldn’t be in our food and definitely not in our meds.

  6. I had a 12 yr old in my daycare. When ever he came of the bus with a red face we knew he’d had a red dye. He became extremely violent. It was scary.

  7. Our child has Night Terrors 100% of the time she consumes Yellow #5 and/or Red Dye 40. It is absolutely horrifying and mentally and emotionally draining. We first saw this with 1 flintstone vitamin, the paramedics said to us watch out for the dyes. We never had an instance in 13 years and now this. Now we cook all of our own food and have her on a majority carnivore diet, not by our choice, this is what she feels safest eating. When she is eating clean she has absolutely no issues and is the happiest child. We accidentally let our guard down last night and ordered from a restaurant, and that’s when it happens… 1 ingredient they do not tell us and that was all it took… Always be on Guard, never become complacent… Maybe it was an ingredient in it but we gave our child Kobe beef, I never seen beef so red before it was like the burger was medium rare which she did not like, she took 2 bites and didn’t want it so we cooked our own food for her. But damage was set, even a few drops of marocchino cherries is enough to change our worlds for the next 12-18 hrs. We hope this helps someone. Read all labels every single time just in case something changes.

  8. Red 40 is in the iron pills I have to take to manage my iron deficiency anemia. Don’t want to live with it but can’t live without!

  9. Hallelujah, All foods at Aldis are now without artificial dyes. I have not eaten puddings, pickles, cake mixes, and too many things to list in years. Now I can.

  10. Is there a specific test that shows you are your kids are allergic to food dye or is it just trial and error? How do you KNOW it is an allergy to a certain color?

  11. Has anyone actually had a dye test to see if its an allergy? I am pretty sure that this is what is going on with my son. The allergist, GI and PC all just keep telling me how rare it is and that is probably not the cause. He is very hyper, cant sit still, always going a mile a minute (yes i know 4 years do that) but I am positive his is alot more active then most, constant stomache aches. With certain foods – which i am starting to piece together as having Red Dye 40 he will be fine then all of a sudden run to the bathroom puking, diarehea and break out in itchy hives. And as soon as its all out he is back to being normal like it never happened. Any thoughts.. am I looking up the wrong tree here?

    1. I have found artificial colors in just about every freaking thing, chips, cereal, gum, candy, a lot of chocolate products, HAND SOAP, shampoo, kid’s blowing bubbles solution, jet puff marshmallows have blue dye in them, Toothpaste, etc…

    2. Hi – I thought I would share my own experience with you. I know I am somewhat lactose intolerant, but I do know that I can eat some dairy (a single yogurt) without consequence. While plain vanilla has been no problem for me, strawberry yogurt has. I’ve noticed this with other foods, too. I would get headaches and stomach aches after eating and the only link between all of them was red dye. Since then, I’ve been paying attention to labels and avoiding anything with dyes and artificial flavors. One thing you may want to try with your son is eliminating all artificial colors and see if symptoms decrease. If you reintroduce the foods with dyes and symptoms are back, then dyes may be at fault and an allergy test would be helpful to confirm. Good luck!

    3. Kristen, we were not able to do a test besides a patch test for red dye 40 for my daughter, but her symptoms range from itchy lips to hives, tongue and throat swelling, rash, and change in vital signs. Her’s is so sensitive that I actually trained a service dog for her.

      1. My son is the same way. We had to wait weeks for special order antibiotics because they kept filling his prescription with dye tainted ones. No hospital in the area had any dye free antibiotic. it’s so sad. I have been wanting to get him a service dog for it and other things. How did you train it for this and which breed?

    4. You are not looking up the wrong tree! That is how my allergy started 20 years ago. Today and I mean literally “today”, I have anaphylaxis! My blood pressure was 204 over 112! My allergies have become much worse over the years because it is in so many things and it now raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels. Today it was a prescription. On the website it did not list any dyes, even though the pill was peach. Why can’t they use natural dyes, such as beet juice, beta carotene…? Especially in medications! I know that it will probably give me a stroke, heart attack or kill me one day! Please stop giving your children artificial dyes!

    5. You are correct. I was very similar at that age. My Mom kept a food diary and my Grandma did not believe it. Grandma gave me something red and that was that. Juice, cookies, crackers, cereal, granola/fruit bars, popsicles, frostings, sprinkles, boxed pudding/jello/cake mix/pancake mix, fruit snacks… if they are not organic will contain HFCS and artificial food dyes.
      Which is a whole bad combo.
      It is not your imagination.

  12. I have wholely lost faith in our govmnt careing about our health or welfare. Everything since deregulation has gone to anything almost goes as long as there is a profit on the bottom line.disgusted. our water is getting more questionable all the time as well. Congress votes things in and then exempt themselves from the guidelines theyve set for us. Its all so confounding. I think the trump phenomenon is america telling congress we are sick of you all. Go home and get out of our lives.

    1. Your statement contradicts itself, no? First you say deregulation permits anything to happen as long as there is a profit and then you say Trump is telling America telling Congress we are sick of you go home. Trump (who I voted for, before we get into a political debate) is for deregulation. Once one regulation is implemented (new) two old ones have to go. Why not just eliminate bad ones and put ones that protect the public in place? Perfect example; approving sweet & low. That was protecting business not America. Red dye-many countries would not allow red-dye in their foods or products until they joined the European Union which approved of red dyes. Guess who is in charge of that? UK & US. We NEED regulation because of the dishonesty of companies. They will kill us with their greed. If not in our food, then our cars, our medications, our inability to afford healthcare-etc. Yet our own elected officials won’t even protect us-they are also part of the greed. So yes, go home and maybe the American people will get smart and elect governors, congressman, and senators like Trump who will work for THEM instead of corporations. Fingers crossed.

  13. After spending a day in the emergency room with a migraine that appeared to possibly be a stroke (as a relatively fit, 30 year old), I really really wish the US had the same labeling rule as the UK. Our family buys very little processed food, so my sensitivity to Red40 usually isn’t an issue. But sure enough, when I looked through the foods I ate hours before the symptoms started, it turns out that the chocolate ice cream I just switched to was artificially colored. WHY? That crap wasn’t in other flavors from the same company that I’ve eaten for years, so I never thought to check until after that excruciatingly painful (and expensive) day in the hospital.

  14. Don’t forget toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotion, sometimes bran flakes, ice cream. My one son has an allergic reaction to annatto extract, as well. It comes from a plant in Australia and is banned in all countries but Australia and the US. It is blamed as the cause of IBS for 20% of those who suffer from it. The FDA claims it’s natural, therefore “safe” for all, but is not. It lingers in vanilla ice cream and anything yellow.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I havehave suffered from IBS for 16 years but have not run across this. I will add this to my elimination list to see if it is an issue. So far, dairy, dog, and fluoride/fluoridated water are huge culprits.

  15. How can I find children’s medicines without artifical dyes?!?! Does they exist? I thinking about OTC medicines, like children’s acetaminaphen, cold medicines, and so on.

    1. If it is an allergy your doctor can send the script to a compound pharmacy. My son has to have dye free completely from everything. So his Tylenol, benadryl, and most all is meds are compounded…good luck!!

    2. I just bought cough syrup for diabetics from Walgreens (dye free and sugar free). Tastes awful, but do do the brands with dye.

  16. Hospital food. I have a yellow dye allergy, which I listed on my hospital admission form. Jello, pudding, and yogurt all had yellow 5. My husband had to bring real food to the hospital for me because all they had was processed food, which generally contains dye. The drink for a glucose tolerance test had yellow 5 and 6, so they had to order some from another hospital that didn’t have it. Also, watch the barium beverages. Loaded with dyes and sorbitol.

    1. I have an allergy to red 40 and polysorbet 60 & 80. It’s hard to try “new” things without a ton of research to make sure I don’t have an attack from the coloring.

  17. I have a daughter w a severe red dye allergy. It’s in everything from processed foods to shampoos and soaps (we have to have our own soap when using a public restroom – even in her schools). Why do we still consider this ok. This country, like no other; uses dyes for everything. There are natural ways to color things. It’s sad that so many companies won’t use them.

  18. Marshmallows! When I contacted Publix to find out if my daughter could have any of their cupcakes, the would not tell me if the cakes contained dyes. They advised me that she should not eat anything from the bakery.

  19. i am appauled. I’ve recently decided to go vegetarian. I am 18 years old btw. I now read every label before i just buy something. The amount of things I’ve seen that have these artificial dyes are crazy. I am proud of myself for finally having the guts to make healthier life choices.

  20. My husband and son get headaches when the eat anything with red dye in it. So I got use to reading the lables. Even vanilla ice cream and Tylenol have it in them. You have to read everything.

  21. Blueberry bagels. When I found it, I said to my daughter, “Have you ever noticed that the blueberries in our bagels are really blue?” It’s hard when you have a kid with allergic reactions to dye.

  22. I have found that most brands of marshemellows (for making smores in the summer) have dye!!! You have to check whole foods or even walmart has a version that doesn’t have dye

  23. My toddler son tried Goldfish at a friend’s house and had an allergic reaction. His eczema flares if he ever tries something with artificial colors. Pickles were a shocker for me, but I have found some amazing brands without dyes after I started searching. It is amazing what you can find when you decide what’s lining the selves in bulk isn’t what you want!

    1. It’s the annatto. It’s in EVERYTHING from cheese, ice cream, anything orange or yellow. Natural lollipops, it causes my son to pass blood clots. It’s crazy scary.

  24. My son is now 35. But back when he was 3-6 he was seemed like constantly sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Exhausted of traditional drs. not healing him, only more and stronger antibiotics, I took him to an allergy clinic.

    During the first few minutes with the information gathering nurse, (she asks you questions before the dr sees you). Of course she asks is he allergic to medicines? i had to answer yes, to Sulpha drugs. ( He and his sister broke out in a rash on this type of antibiotic, the school had me pick them up. They thought it was measles)

    The nurse stopped what she was doing and handed me a paper says, “If they are allergic to Sulpha drugs, do NOT feed them these foods. On that list was red and yellow dyes! And then I was finding that it was almost impossible to avoid foods that would be made without dye. Especially yellow. smh.

    Apples and oranges were also on that list, and me as a mom, thought those foods he needed most, so I was insisting that he eat them. THEN I find out they are on this list! Whoa!

    The first subscription that the dr gave him, an antibiotic, but after hearing my long story, perscribed an antibiotic from a totally different “family”, and POW, it knock that infection right out! 3 yrs of him suffering, 1 right dr. who listened, and was not “traditional” put him on the path of healing.

    Final results of the R.A.S.P. test, he was allergic to over 200 grasses and pollens.

  25. This is so frustrating to me. Red dye send my kids bouncing off the ceiling, and I hate having to be the guy in the grocery store that everyone gets sick of going around because he is reading every label on every product. On the bright side, we have found it pretty easy to eliminate these from our diet…. on to gluten, and all other processed foods!!!

  26. We have eliminated artificial food dyes from our diets and home. Marshmallows…which means most homemade rice Krispy treats have dyes. Beware of white/vanilla ice cream and vanilla pudding. Buying whole real food eliminates dyes, but when we buy processed food, we typically buy organic to avoid food dyes,

    1. I have found two brands of marshmallows that don’t contain artificial food dyes; Campfire and Great Value from Wal-Mart.

  27. I am trying so hard to eliminate this from my family’s lifestyle. It IS hard, it’s in everything. At our Walmart, you can not buy pickles without food coloring. I checked every single brand. And the ballfield…. can I just say, I HATE GATORAID!

  28. The glucose test drink for diabetes yesterday at Kaiser contained Yellow 6 and Red 40. What pregnant woman wants to drink something toxic orange looking?

  29. I was shocked a couple years ago to find food coloring in crescent rolls. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the color of bread or rolls that they’d need to be alerted.

    Pillsbury® Original Crescents
    PhotosIngredientsNutritionAllergy Info
    Enriched Flour Bleached (wheat flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Water, Soybean and Palm Oil, Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Baking Powder (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium aluminum phosphate). Contains 2% or less of: Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Mono and Diglycerides, Vital Wheat Gluten, Dextrose, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Xanthan Gum, TBHQ and Citric Acid (preservatives), Yellow 5, Color Added, Red 40.

  30. My children are 5 and 3 and I’m searching for pain relief medicines that are dye-free and artificial flavor-free. It seems that Little Remedies only offer their range for infants. Any thoughts?

  31. I stumbled across your blog in a google search looking for information on food dye allergies. My 18 month old breaks out into rashes and has trouble with sleep whenever he eats something with red40. I am in shock by the number of foods that have dyes in them. Most of these foods I would never have thought of. I couldn’t understand why my little boy got a rash today and then I realized I gave him a pickle!

    Thanks for the info…

  32. 6 to 7 years ago I got a call in the middle of the night from my frantic sister. Her 1 yr old daughter was screaming and wouldn’t stop. She was having night terrors but looked like she was awake. Besides that, she would turn from this sweet angel to a defiant mean child after having candy. Months later it was discovered that she was having a reaction to Red 40. A short time after that it was discovered that my Mother’s headaches were happening after consuming Red 40.
    So all I knew about any of the “synthetic food dyes” was that Red 40 can be bad because my sister said so.
    4 yrs ago we adopted 3 youngins ages 6, 8, & 9 then. It came to my attention the bad behavior of my youngest boy, DB, after eating at a party, and I remembered “Red 40 is bad”, so I monitored as much of his red, orange, purple intake as I could.
    This year, actually this MONTH it all came to my attention in a FB post of a friend about Red 40 AND Yellow 5 being evil. So I am trying to do my homework and learn the FACTS not myths about the severity, reactions, and the importance of getting rid of, synthetic colored food dyes.
    I’ve read, and thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and such on this matter, blogs and comments on this and other pages. I’ve seen so many different allergic reactions that I have never considered before on these sites and comments of people.
    I was diagnosed with Migraines when I was in the 3rd grade. I have had severe headaches my whole life since. To the point that, in 2006 I was caring for my bed-ridden grandma in our home, and had to stay in my room for 2 months with aluminum foil over the windows, for darkness. She felt like it was her fault and chose to move to a senior-home. “Migraines” would come and go. Sometimes they would last for days, sometimes only hours. Sometimes I would go a month or so without even having one. Sometimes I had one every, or every other day or so.
    All this to say, I believe the headaches to be an effect to the synthetic dyes in our food and products. Since I have cut out all of those dyes that I can from our household, I haven’t suffered from the headaches. Or the fits of rage that I have always suffered with, the rage has only reached it’s ugly head after I have accidentally ingested, or had the colored dyes absorbed through my skin.
    Johnson’s baby lotion (Pink), John Frieda shampoo and conditioner (Red), all of my mouthwashes and toothpastes, and Model Magic (like a playdoh) that the kids and I have loved to play with, ALL have the synthetic food dyes in them made from petroleum. :(
    There are so so so many FOODS that have them in them. Grocery shopping is going to be a challenge next week, but it is too important to not try. :)
    …just for a laugh for you, ya should have been a fly on the wall when my 19 yr old daughter discovered that I threw away all of the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms and then I asked her not to bring the Fruity Pebbles into our home anymore. It was kind of comical. ;)
    Blessings to all!

  33. Thank you for posting on this issue. My son is autistic and we have recently discovered that he reacts violently to food coloring. I am finding that I have to read every label even bath and hand soap products! It is not necessary and I hope that Kraft and other businesses will follow suit to eliminate the coloring.

  34. I already knew that food dyes were bad for the human body before I visited this site, but this has taught me even more about which foods have dye in them. This explains why my little niece reacts oddly to colorful foods from the stores.

  35. I want to make cupcakes for a child with artificial food coloring allergies. Anyone know one or can I use a box cake.

  36. Did people know carmel coloring in pepsi and coke is brown dye and yellow dye. I am very allergic to yellow dye so had to give up soda.

  37. My daughter and I are allergic to red 40 and other red colorings it breaks my heart when she can’t have something and other kids can her allergy is more severe than mine she breaks out in bad rash on her cheeks and back mine I gets migraine and wanna get sick :(

  38. Adrienne trogdon

    We have had to avoid all dyes bc my 6year old daughter is bipolar. ALL color ( especially yellow and caramel coloring) cause a severe reaction in her. We have also had to start cutting all sugars & high fructose corn syrup! We are still surprised at stuff that has color. Beef bouillion, pancake syrup, shake n bake, seasonings etx. Medication is our BIGGEST battle. All medication is colored and even if it is white, it is made with color. I mean pills also, not just liquid. It has really surprised us at the HUGE difference color makes for her.

  39. Lisa, just out of curiosity what pain reliever do you use? I see that Tylenol and Motrin are two meds we should avoid giving to our children. Thanks!

    1. We honestly only use pain killers or fever reducers maybe once a year so I do still use conventional meds for those occasions. I have not had much of an opportunity to experiment with natural alternatives (thankfully)!

  40. Along the lines of white icing, and in the spirit of S’Mores season, marshmallows often have one of the blue dyes as an ingredient.

  41. Linda Grossmann

    I am highly allergic to Red dye. The way I found out was I have allergies and for some reason all the pills are Red. So stopped taking it. Problem stopped somewhat. I tried Tynenol for the headaches and started having the same feeling as with sinus meds. Looked on the bottle and THERE IT WAS! Nobody reads the inactive ingredients! I compared it to the generic and No Red Dye! Didn’t have any problems! So what is the purpose of putting red dye in something white?

    1. There is very little red dye in tylenol. The red dye is only on the outside of the pill where they wrote “tylenol”. This probably didnt cause your reaction.. probably was in your diet from something else.

  42. My son is autistic. He is 8 years old & only eats a few items due to his hate for different textures and pickiness… his teacher suggested a different diet due to his actions and behaviors lately. He is throwing bigger more severe tantrums and his ticks are getting out of control. What foods dont have these dyes I them..? Its easy to point out the ones that do but what about the ones that dont. Where are they where can you find the biggest selection of them, I am new to this and it seems harder to find “safe foods” can anyone help me out.?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Christina. Stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare are where you will find the best selection of foods without artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. ~Amy

  43. What about caramel coloring and annatto coloring? I have noticed a HUGE difference in my daughter since taking all colorings out of her diet but was told these are natural and fine. What are others thoughts? I have looked online and see caramel has 4 types two good two bad but no label specifies that!!!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Kara. As a rule, we just try to avoid additives and preservatives. Annatto, a tree seed, is natural but does cause allergic reactions in some individuals. ~Amy

  44. These dyes are in all medications, both over the counter and are heavy in prescription medications. No one ever mentions the dyes in meds.

  45. I can’t stand that they add colors to MEDICINE! I’m fortunate in the fact that my son doesn’t often get sick at all because of an immune system supporting liquid I give him, but when he does run a very high fever I can’t control with cold environment and popsicles, I have to give him something.. Thank goodness they sell dye-free store brand acetaminophen and ibuprofen! I don’t like using them at all, but these are a much better option… Why try and make a sick child hyper???

  46. This experiment was done on 4 mice who probably weren’t genetically identical. You can’t draw any conclusions from such a small sample size, especially when the mice could have other differences. Mice are very attuned to differences in behavioral cues, so even just observing the mice expectantly could have a difference.

  47. We’re trying to cut artificial colorings because I’ve notice a trend between my daughter’s tantrums and bouts of intense sadness with her intake of red food coloring. I was surprised to find Yellow #5 and Red #40 in Pillsbury Crescent rolls. Thanks for all this info– it’s helpful as we try to learn what we can and can’t have.

  48. Everything has adverse effects in the long run, so I try to avoid making spontanious changes at once. If I’ve always lived a certain way, then I personally tend to stick to that. Some natural substitutes such as extracts of vegetables may trigger (chemically caused) allergies.

  49. Serious reactions from color with both my 10 year old son (anger, won’t listen) and my 12 year old daughter (over the top silly, won’t listen). They are both great kids if I can keep them away from artificial colors…quite a challenge. We avoid anything without an ingredient label.
    My son sneaked a white “butter mint” as we left a restaurant the other day and within 10 minutes he became out of control…no ingredients on the wrapper. White is definitely not safe, as mentioned by others.

  50. Mallory, Wickles doesn’t have dye. If you have a all natural food store like Earth Fare try there. It’s one of my favorite places to shop.

    1. I just looked at the ingredients for Wickles pickle chips at Harris Teeter. The second ingredient is sugar, and it also includes Polysorbate 80 and Yellow 5. Am I missing something? Am I looking at the wrong thing?

  51. I’ve found artificial dye in cheese, frosting, white cake mix, Hamburger Helper, all sorts of pickles and relish, meat, medicine, white toothpaste, and practically anything and everything you wouldn’t expect.

  52. My husband and I have just started thinking about starting a family. My doctor said to just find some OVT prenatal vitamins and call when we’re pregnant. It is CRAZY how every vitamin bottle I picked up had some form of dye in it. Any ideas what the best options are for unprocessed pre-natals?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Erin. Have you consulted with a Naturopathic Doctor? They might be able to advise you on this. Best of luck. ~Amy

  53. Chick-fil-a ice cream!! It infuriates me! Probably because I was relying on it too much for a special treat for our family. Why do you need food dye in WHITE ICE CREAM?!? Also, children’s liquid antibiotics. Can’t read labels there, gotta ask the pharmacist before they fill it!

  54. Does anyone know of any pickles that don’t have food dye in them? I know cucumbers are green, honestly, why do they have to stick the yellow in there?…

    1. I don’t know if you are near a Publix but they sell a dye free pickle in the cooler section. The brand escapes me right now.

      1. Hey,
        I’m allergic to the yellow #5 commonly found in shelf stable pickles. I buy “Classen’s” from the refrigerated case. They’re crunchy , delicious & come in many varieties.
        Enjoy ,

    2. They are easy to make to keep in the fridge: Put a layer of dill, and garlic, add cucs, pickling cucs are preferable. Add more dill and garlic and more cucs. Mix 1 gallon water and 1 cup white vinegar 2/3 cup pickling salt, 2 tbl pickling spice, mix til dissolved. Pour over cucs, let sit on counter for 2 days with lid slightyly off, then refrigerate. They are ready to eat, but taste better the longer they sit.

  55. Has Yoplait changed their ingredients or is it just the light yogurt that has dyes in it? The original uses food based dyes such as annato

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hello Aola. Their products could vary ingredient-wise. I’m not sure what they have done in the past. ~Amy

  56. Thank you so much for the information. I have been working towards a “real food” diet for my family. We’re not perfect, but it’s a lot better than what we were eating before. We took a 9-day family vacation and returned a couple of days ago. My 4-yr-old son has been having major behavior problems since eating all of the “junk” that we had on vacation. I think it is linked to the food dyes. I’m doing research this morning before I go to buy groceries today!

  57. Back to nature is the best way. Humaniy was once vegetarian natural, until we were misled into devouring animals and chemically induced foods for the profit of big business. Learn again to grow your own food. The human body can survive without the slaughtering of animals. You will never have felt better or lighter.

  58. I took my kids off of artificial colors about 18 months ago and it has been an uphill battle ever since. I try to explain to people that I don’t allow my children to have artificial colors and people don’t understand. They are so perplexed as to what that means. Then they are flabbergasted by everything I don’t allow my children to eat. And artificial colors are so pervasive in our food at school, parties, candy that people hand out at the bank and store, holidays, etc. I always come across as the bad guy. I finally had to compromise and let my oldest eat articial colors at parties. Since it’s not an official allergy people do not feel obliged to follow my requests. I have noticed that my oldest is sensitive and it has helped her behavior to get rid of the food that has not artificial colors.

  59. Thank you so much for all of your research and information. I recently discovered the ill effects of dye’s in food when it came to my daughter. She began her kindergarten year on a good note, but about a week into school she started to have violent temper tantrums at school, throwing desks, and arms and legs flailing everywhere. A friend of mine had told me about Red #40 and aggression so I started to look for it in her foods. I would have never imagined that Flintstone vitamins would contain an ingredient that would cause such horrible behavior and I was giving it to her daily for about 2 months. Can you imagine the daily phone calls and the shame you feel with a new school that you have the “problem” child? I stopped giving them to her and my sweet angel is back. I watch EVERYTHING now. Thanks again.

    1. My ordinarily well-behaved kids spent the day after Easter fighting and *head-butting* each other! I had allowed them to have one “Reester Egg” in their baskets.

      We’ve cut out all food dyes and additives at home pretty painlessly since I love to cook, but holidays and school celebrations make it hard. I hate to be “that mom” telling other moms what to bring, but my kids know just to bring everything home to be vetted. We don’t make a huge deal out of it, just throw out the candy and junk and keep the erasers and empty plastic eggs. My kids get huge, red itchy hives after eating food dyes, so that helps them understand that the dyes really are bad for them.

  60. Overheard my 7 yr old telling her younger sister (age 4) that “junk food” is anything with artificial colors or lots of sugar made me realize that this transition to real foods, which truly does take time is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

  61. how can we identify the food dyes in food?can we use chromatography experiment to identify the food dyes in such food like jelly,desserts,marshmellows and etc.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Kavi. I am not familiar with using chromatography in that way. Food colorings should be listed on the ingredient label. ~Amy

  62. So I checked my cheese, both Cracker Barrel and Kraft Cheddar cheese are colored with annatto (which I had to look up) It looks like it is natural but says there can be food allergies. Is this food coloring safe?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      H Tracy. Annatto is known to cause some fairly serious reactions in sensitive individuals. I would say that the jury is still out on its safety. ~Amy

  63. I just mixed some herbalife wild berry flavour healthy meal nutritional shake mix with milk and noticed a run of what looked like blue dye. A quick inspection of the package reveals red 40 lake in the ingredients. “If it’s Red 40 LAKE it’s even more dangerous because the consistency is changed and it “sticks” in the liver longer, producing longer-lasting results. Results include anywhere from extreme hyperactivity to psychotic behavior and extreme mood swings.” The shake package mentions artificial flavouring on the front but nothing of colour.
    Herbalife claims their mission to be
    “To change people’s lives by providing the best nutrition and weight management products and the best business opportunity in direct selling in the world.” on their facebook page. Hmmm, wanna by some petrochemical tainted health products from me?

  64. I am both shocked and disappointed about this post. I almost don’t want to believe it because these are things my kids and family love. I’ve been eating LIFE for breakfast for years and it makes me sick to think they have artificial dyes in something that needs no color! I must say, thanks to your post and a bit more research, I had no regrets tossing it in the trash along with gatorade and fruit snacks. So I want to take the time to thank you for bringing this to our attention and can only hope that by eliminating these foods, and a majority of the other cancerous causing foods, we can start fresh…well, by buying fresh. It’s a lifestyle change and it won’t be an easy feat but I am determined to give my kids the life they deserve and the life I deserve watching them grow old :)

  65. To Lisa & Vani: Can either of you direct me to a petition on or help me start one that’s directed to the FDA from the consumers in the US to ban artificial dyes, colors and preservatives as well as GMO’s from our food? I’m actually surprised I haven’t been able to find one. Is there a reason I’m missing that food activists haven’t done this yet? This is the best way to spread the word to consumers that are unaware of the issues. By sharing the link to petition it, I think we can reach the majority of the people and get them to take a stand for their health. I think it would also be good to put a list of all the additives that are banned in other countries asking the FDA why we’re an exception for these health standards. Please let me know. I so badly want to take action with this! I’m just so fed up with it.

  66. I found that my Neutrogena facewash has Yellow 5! I switched to the ‘Neutrogena Naturals’ line instead … why can’t they just make all their facewash natural?

  67. I just prepared a bubble bath for my kiddo and as i was adding the bubble mix i looked at the ingredients. Dora bubble bath has Red 40. Adding color just so that when you pour it out its not just clear. Crazy! Once the liquid mixes with the water and forms bubbles the color is gone, why add the dye!

  68. Thanks for this post.

    My son is allergic to soy and artificial food coloring so there is practically nothing that I can buy for him from a regular grocery store or a restaurant. As long as he is home, he is fine but he always comes home sad and crying when he looks at other kids eating all these colorful looking prepackaged junk food loaded with artificial stuff. Every week there is some or the other kid having a birthday party or other parties like valentines or Halloween and they are served colorful cupcakes and snacks….none of which he can have. Our social life has also come to a stand still as most of the gatherings is around food and we don’t want him staring and crying while other kids are enjoying. I wish it was easier. I wonder if we will ever take him to a theme park where every other store is a food stall.
    Thanks to food blogs like yours, people are becoming aware of the poison that goes in processed food.

    Thanks again for all the info and all the comments by other moms sharing their experiences.

    1. Shabaritha – Are you aware of the support group called the Feingold Association ? It’s a great org that helps families find foods in regular supermarkets, restaurants, etc. that don’t have artificial colorings, etc.

      I hope all the publicity that the Kraft issue has created will lead to more products without dyes. The Feingold org (created by parents) has been helping parents since my kids were babies and has the same goal as these 2 great moms.

    2. My son got to the point where he didn’t want to have wetting accidents anymore. Food coloring does that to him.

      We found a way around the cupcake issue by asking the teacher to keep a sandwich bag of chocolate for him as an exchange for a cupcake. She agreed and now he makes those trades. We aren’t much on candy at our house, so this is a pretty special treat too.

      At parties we take a homemade frosted cookies which I store in the freezer- again something he loves.- so he doesn’t miss out on a treat.

      For baseball, they serve a snack at the end, he can’t have most of them, so I buy the single serve Pringles (while not ideal, they are a huge treat for him) and sometimes the other kids want what he’s having!

  69. Children’s toothpaste! Many items that tout “natural flavoring” especially “fruit snacks”, goldfish crackers (though the rainbow version have natural colors!) and juices. Baby finger foods, like yogurt bites by some brands. My daughter has an adverse reaction to red 40, it is amazing what a difference it has made for her to cut it out 100%. I am finding more and more foods that don’t have artificial dyes than I did a year ago when we started eliminating. Yellow is next to go, but that will probably come when I can get to the final push of eliminating all processed foods, but a a full time working single mom it is a challenge to go 100% “real” so I’m just trucking along doing the best I can.

  70. Pillsbury Croissant Rolls – red 40. Food Lion or Kroger brand croissants have yellow 5 & 6. The only place I can find ones safe to use for my kids is at Trader Joes, which is 45 minutes away. :( And my son’s favorite meal is pigs in a blanket (and I’ve never managed a good homemade replacement).