How Blue Apron Can Help Your Kids Learn To Cook

My sister-in-law was just telling me how a meal delivery service has made real, homemade food happen at her house more easily than anything else they’ve tried. It’s opened their kids up to trying new things and also made it easy for different family members to pitch in with the cooking (since anyone can pull out the ingredients and follow the recipe instructions).
In fact, that’s one of the biggest perks in my opinion – anyone can make the meal! Whether it’s your spouse, the babysitter or even your middle schooler, there are no special instructions (or lack of information) holding anyone back from making dinner since everything you need is in the box.
Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service on 100 Days of Real Food
This is exactly what our sponsor Blue Apron does for you – they not only plan all your meals, but deliver the recipes and ingredients to your door (including perishable items)! I feel like I often have to make dinner at my house because I’m the only one that knows “the plan” so you betcha I was excited when Blue Apron sent me a box the other day and this is what happened shortly thereafter…
Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service on 100 Days of Real Food

Teach your Kids to Cook this Summer!

Cooking is a super important life skill our kids don’t learn in school! So we, as the parents, should make it a high priority of our own (in my opinion). How will our children have healthy habits as an adult if we release them into the world without knowing their way around the kitchen? And what better time to start teaching them a few things than summer break?
So, whether you make it easy on yourself by signing up for a meal delivery service or not, let’s all make a promise that we’ll get our kids into the kitchen more this summer to either help us cook (elementary and preschool ages) or actually cook dinner for us (middle and high school ages). Think how proud they’ll be of themselves … and you as well!
Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service on 100 Days of Real Food

More About Blue Apron + Special Deal!

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service (it includes the ingredients + recipe) that offers the following…

  • Farm-fresh ingredients (and corresponding recipes) measured out into the right proportions, packaged together in refrigerated boxes, and delivered to your doorstep each week.
  • Meals that can be prepared in under 40 minutes.
  • New recipes and cuisines you may have not tried before to help you get out of your dinner rut!
  • Either a 2-person or family plan with 4 servings.
  • Options for recycling your Blue Apron packaging: learn more here
  • The choice to skip or cancel the weekly service at any time – no commitment!
We’ve personally tried Blue Apron many times and the majority of what they send falls under the category of “real” and cooking from scratch. I say anything that gets families cooking in the kitchen is a wonderful step in the right direction!
The first 50 readers will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron order! Just click here. 
Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service on 100 Days of Real Food
This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. All words and ideas are my own.

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  1. I tried Home Chef for 2 weeks and their portions were more than generous. My problem with them is that my 2nd order was incorrect. They shorted me one meal on my order & one meal was not what I ordered. Also the mushrooms were filthy with mud, which took quite a bit of time time to clean & the shrimp were very small and no deveined.
    When I called to get it straightened out they were argumentative and refused to correct it the order, nor make any adjustments

  2. I love Blue Apron, and would have continued to use the service, but they do not give you enough food to feed people who eat like real people. I tended to double the pasta, rice, or veggies they sent, which helped, but I had two kids at home at the time I was using BA (both teenagers), and I myself eat as much as a teenager (I’m 5’4, 120 lbs).
    Having someone else choose recipes and shop for groceries is amazing, but if I’m still hungry afterwards, then I’ll be ruining the whole point by eating processed ice cream or a bag of chips.

    1. Hello Fresh might work better for you. We found their portions were a pretty decent size; I could stretch a “2-person” meal to feed another person, and the “4-person” meals have easily fed our family of 5, often with leftovers remaining. Admittedly, I have young children, but I can attest that the portion sizes are much larger than what is shown above for Blue Apron.