27 thoughts on “Charlotte Today Show Appearance – Chicken plus Mac and Cheese”

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  1. You are the only blog that I follow on a daily basis. You are like a goddess to me because you inspire me to help my family be healthier. My only suggestion, wear gloves next time you have to touch a chicken on live TV! That was hilarious! Love you & your blog so much!

  2. Critical Reader

    Have you ever tried using examination gloves? A box of 100 pairs is fairly cheap and you can peacefully toss them afterwards.

    1. That’s an idea, but I could still “feel” the chicken and all it’s parts through the gloves. Wouldn’t be thick enough coverage to help!

  3. HA you are just the same as me with the chicken…I always make my husband throw it in the crockpot! We have been eating real food for one year and loving it. I actually just got to give a talk about it to a local group of moms! Congrats on all your success!!!

  4. I thought everything turned out great and it went smoothly! I have followed your blog for a very long time now, so it is really fun to see how it has grown so much. Thank you for helping us to be better :)

  5. Lisa-KUDOS on an excellent job well done!!! I loved that you gave example of typical “All-American” foods that we love, but showed how to make wiser choices-YEAH!!! I think it was a great segment!!!!Sincerely, Sherra from TN

  6. The dress is really nice so who cares that you got schooled by an chicken ;)
    Seriously, nice job and great outfit choice.

  7. Good job Lisa. You are so brave! I’d be terrified to be on tv! I don’t like handling the chicken either! I always end up in gloves; I’m pretty ridiculous. I love the crock pot chicken!

  8. I’ve tried the mac & c recipe and love it. I will have to try the whole chicken crockpot sometime. Glad to see more people hearing about eating real food. Great job Lisa!

  9. Whoever writes the captioning for the show needs some help. Did you see what it said when you were talking about adding the paprika? Too funny!

  10. You are hilarious with the chicken! I have a hard time cutting chicken apart – I can totally relate!
    Great segment – now I want some macaroni and cheese.

  11. That’s awesome!!! So happy for you and your success. The more people we get on the bandwagon, the more the food industry will start to listen. :)

  12. great segment Lisa! I am the same way with the chicken when I do that recipe. Funny how we can eat it no problem though!
    Thanks for all you do, my family and I are close to our 1 year real food anniversary thanks to your inspiration :)