Homemade Chocolate Pudding Pie (YUM!)

Sweet treats are acceptable now and then, so try out my homemade chocolate pudding pie with a crust you can make in the pie dish itself!
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For some reason, I just love chocolate pudding. Always have, always will (I suppose!). So when we cut out processed food I, of course, ditched the boxed stuff like Jell-O chocolate pudding mix (no thank you artificial flavors and dyes—yes, even in BROWN pudding!) and started experimenting with making pudding from scratch with this homemade chocolate pudding pie recipe. YUM! It was even better than I remembered it, probably because it was homemade this time!

 Chocolate pudding pie with raspberries, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

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Now, we usually shy away from processed ingredients such as sugar and corn starch, but we do also indulge in sweet treats sometimes (about once a week). Made-from-scratch sweet treats are always my preference…so this new recipe definitely fits the bill for those special occasions!

 Chocolate pudding pie with raspberries, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

I’ve made homemade pudding many times before, but when I was trying to turn it into the pictured pie for this recipe, I got all sorts of questions from my girls. “What is that?” (They’d never had pudding pie before.) “Why are you making it?” “What’s it for?” And then finally to the main point of all their questions…”Can we have some?!?!” Haha, of course. They were happy to “taste test” for me and were not at all disappointed when I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome the first time and had to make it again. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it! Haha.

Pouring Chocolate Pudding Pie into pie dish

You can use all sorts of different crusts with this recipe (graham cracker, chocolate, plain), but since I wanted ours to be made-from-scratch (and super easy!), I opted for a cinnamon version of my favorite crust that you literally make right in the pie pan in less than 5 minutes. You gotta love that you don’t even have to dirty an extra dish for this one. Plus, the flavors were great together, and the whole thing was gone in no time at all. We hope you and your little ones enjoy this fun recipe as much as we did! :)

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  1. Thank you…can’t wait to try it :-) Grateful for you answering my little question when you have so much on your plate. I haven’t made one of your recipes yet that wasn’t a hit with my family. All 3 of your cookbooks are on my shelf and I go to them for 99% of our meals. You are doing such an amazing job! God bless you & your sweet family :-)

  2. I tried making the mixture twice and couldn’t get it to thicken up either time. I followed directions and didn’t substitute any ingredients. Any advice??

    1. I finally figured out that the medium setting on my stove isn’t hot enough to activate the cornstarch (205° F)!

      1. So glad you figured it out! You could also be overstirring if it never sets. It needs a chance to heat up and stirring too much can prevent that from happening.

  3. This looks completely delicious…as usual! I was wondering if I could sub almond milk for the whole milk? Or would that ruin the pudding consistency. Thanks!

  4. I’m surprised you boil the mixture for 6-8 minutes. Boiling this long can break down the proteins and you end up with soup that never sets. Usually you don’t boil any longer then two minutes.
    I use 4 egg yolks in my pie. Doesn’t matter. 2 eggs is good. But here’s a trick. Mix the egg with some of the milk before mixing with dry ingredients etc. Then pour the egg/milk mixture thru a wire screen thingie. Gosh darn it, forgot what its called. (I’m old lol) Kind of like a wire colander on a handle. Doing this will catch any of the white stringy things in the eggs, thus having one creamy pie.
    Refridgerating pie crust 1 hour before rolling makes it easier. And you can roll the crust out between two big pieces of Saran wrap, then remove top layer of Saran wrap, put crust in pie dish and remove other layer of Saran wrap.
    I love pie!

  5. Have you experimented with tapioca starch? What are your thoughts or preference for cornstarch versus tapioca starch?

  6. When in need of a vanilla version, make pastry cream. It is so much better then pudding, especially when vanilla beans are used. Also, homemade pudding can be substituted in many recipes that call for instant. I make it ahead, cool slightly or throughly in fridge (depending on recipe and cover with plastic wrap to avoid skin forming). If necessary, whisk pudding before using.

    Refrigerating the crust for 15 minutes before baking avoids shrinkage (just cover well with Saran Wrap so it won’t dry out). Before baking, line crust with parchment and fill with pie weights or dried beans to keep crust from puffing up.

      1. Melissa Dahlhausen

        You can try organic Sucanat. It’s the least refined sugar available and tastes good.