Clean Snack Bars: RXBAR

There are so many snack bar options these days it can be downright overwhelming. But as we’ve mentioned in the past, many of these bars are simply glorified candy bars with some including almost a full day’s suggested amount of sugar – in just one bar! Also many have unnecessary additives most people would not cook with at home. Deciphering which are actually beneficial and which are simply rectangles full of fake ingredients touched up with sweeteners can be challenging. So today we want to make sure you know a bar that qualifies as “real food” for many different reasons, our lovely sponsor RXBAR!

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Funny enough I was just at lunch with Shawn on our team (our Facebook and Pinterest moderator, hey Shawn!) and she was telling me how much she loves RXBAR. She wanted to make sure to tell me to give her any extras that I might get in the mail from them, haha! It really is hard to find good options in the bar department so it’s hard to blame her for wanting to stock up!

About RXBAR + Flavors

RXBAR was started by two guys in Chicago who were seeking a whole food protein bar that they felt good about eating and that made then feel great after eating it. The result? Bars made with a simple blend of dates, nuts, and egg whites in a variety of flavors. So many readers are always asking for “cleaner” bar recommendations, and you’ll be amazed at how short the RXBAR ingredient list is while still providing 12 grams of protein in just one bar (thanks to the unique idea of using egg whites)!

In RXBARS you’ll find:

  • No added sugars
  • No Soy
  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No GMO’s

They do contain natural flavors, which only come from essential oils that are extracted directly from the whole food ingredients themselves. For instance, the natural blueberry flavor in their blueberry bars comes directly from the essential oils of a blueberry.

RXBAR comes in a variety of flavors, but I asked my daughters to pick their favorites so I could snap a photo for you. They chose the Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Sea Salt flavors (pictured). They also both agreed they love the Mint Chocolate. And I love that just because these are chocolate, that doesn’t mean they contain added refined sugar!

girls with rx barsHere’s a full list of flavor options (+ they told us they’re launching three more new flavors soon!):

  • Chocolate Sea Salt*
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate Coconut*
  • Maple Sea Salt
  • Peanut Butter
  • Mint Chocolate*
  • Coffee Chocolate
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal!)

*My daughters’ favorites!
Also, all flavors with the exception of Peanut Butter are Whole30 and paleo compliant.

One thing is for sure, these clean bars with their super simple packaging sure are handy to have in the bottom of your purse or in your glove box for whenever hunger strikes! We all know how hard it is to keep it real if you don’t do a little planning ahead – like having some of these on hand.

Special Deal!

We asked our friends at RXBAR if we could have a special discount just for you so that you can try their bars. And guess what? They said yes!

Here are the details:

  • Get 20% off a discounted sample pack here
  • Or choose your flavors and get 20% off your order (use code “100Days” if the discount is not automatically applied)
  • Expires Friday, April 7, 2017

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried these yet and what you think! :)

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  1. Cassandra Hale

    These are my absolute favorite meal replacement bars. They also happened to be the only ones I could find that didn’t contain chicory root fiber, soy, or sugar alcohols. They are perfect and delicious.

  2. I love RX Bars, but the only downside is the sugar content. :( I reach for Real Food Bars instead. Very tasty and easy on the stomach.

  3. They don’t ship to Canada, sigh… but before I found that out I tried using the discount code despite it expiring on April 7th, worth a shot, right? Well, it still works, I would have saved almost $6 on a 12 pack!! Just a little good news for you American peeps ;-)

  4. We really liked these bars – I don’t like Lara Bars because of the amount of cashews in them and our bar choices are usually very limited – no soy, no dairy etc…. These contain cashews but don’t taste like I’m eating a bowl full of them – yay!!! The whole family likes them – ordering another box :)

  5. I rarely comment on anything but just had to post my review of these bars. They are AWFUL!!!!! And SUPER expensive!!!! At two different stores I went to they were at least $2 dollars per bar – and the bars are small compared to many others out there. My kids tried two flavors and didn’t finish them. Very hard, sticky, and unpalatable. Totally not worth the money. I also don’t like the idea of “natural flavors”. Very disappointed!

  6. I just ordered the sampler box of these and am really disappointed in all the “natural flavors”: “Natural blueberry flavor” “Natural chocolate flavor” It’s been known far and wide for some time now that “natural flavors” are chemically derived otherwise the ingredients would just say “blueberries” or “chocolate” . Grrrrrr. That was an expensive box that I will be donating to the food pantry.

  7. Can I buy these at regular stores? (we don’t have Trader Joe’s). I’d rather try individual flavors at a lower price first…to see how I like them….though they sound great!

  8. Sweet, took advantage of that discount. We’re not really bar lovers but they make a great snack when you, say, forget to each lunch and it’s still two hours till dinner!

  9. I will definitely try these. I am hooked on Lara bars due to your recommendation!!! Are these better for you or just another good option?

  10. I have had these and while the ingredients are clean and minimal, they stick to your teeth like glue. After eating them I feel like I am still chewing them the rest of the day. Definitely not for me!

  11. My issue with any prepackaged bar is the price. At $1.99 a bar, it would cost me $6 for my kids alone. I’d rather put the money toward dried fruit and nuts and make my own larabars. Actually, one of my girls prefers the straight up dried fruit and nuts, to the blended stuff anyway. Love the idea of the extra protein in the RX bars though, as it takes a lot of real food to fill my girls up.

  12. Just ordered the Best Sellers Pack!
    Thanks for the discount code…30 bars @ $1.73 each plus got free shipping!
    Can’t wait to try these.

  13. I would love some “clean” snack bars for my kids, but they are allergic to nuts. Have you found any that do not contain nuts?

  14. I’ve been eating these for a while. They’re great and I love the “clean” ingredient list. Trader Joe’s has them at a great price too!!!

  15. I almost ordered them but don’t want to pay shipping. See if they will offer no shipping and then maybe I will buy some. But yea, Trader Joes has them for 1.99

  16. Yep I found at Trader Joe’s the other day and bout all 4 flavors at 1.99 each. I have one in my bag to try today as I type this :-)

  17. I was so excited about these bars until I took a bite.. the only flavor I can stand is the blueberry but it is still not pleasant. Glad you like them!! Wish I did too.. #StillHuntingForThePerfectBar

  18. What are your favorite bars with no nuts? I’d love to try the RX bars, but my son is allergic to nuts. I’ve been having a hard time finding ones he likes and that meet my approval! Thanks!

  19. Barbara Vidock

    Got the Chocolate Sea Salt…deeeeeeelicous! Recommended to our daughter…our granddaughter has Celiac and issues with dairy…a perfect solution!

  20. Liz , I have tried these RX bars and Maple is my favorite! The ladies I work with told me about these bars!! I first bought mine at Harvest Health, now I order from their website!!

  21. The deal breaker for me here is the fact that there is no mention if the egg whites are free range – organic ?
    Could these bar be consider low glycemic ~ ?
    Would you comment as I would like to pass the info. to someone with dairy and sugar issues, that lives on protein bars with low glycemic and no dairy

    Thank you

  22. My family loves these bars! We call them “sticky bars” because they sure do stick in your teeth, but man are they delicious! :). My favorite has become the maple sea salt.