Homemade Snack Bars (Dairy-Free)

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Adapted from Cooking Light Magazine, these homemade snack bars are gaining popularity with an egg white for binding. We made them an almond and apricot flavor. These are officially my oat-loving 8th grader's new obsession! With no refined sugars, they are so much healthier for you than store-bought bars.
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Homemade Snack Bars on 100 Days of Real Food

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My husband and I recently both did a food sensitivity test…you do a simple finger prick to find out what foods may be causing you unwanted symptoms. One food that caught my eye was some dairy on my husband’s results. He has issues with eczema, and I’ve read many times how dairy can be a trigger.

So, today I’m sharing a new snack bar recipe that’s dairy-free, for anyone else who may want or need to avoid dairy in their life. I know there are lots of you out there! Check out our Healthy Snack Ideas too!

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Homemade Snack Bars (Dairy-Free)

Homemade Snack Bars on 100 Days of Real Food

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  1. How long do these last at room temperature? Loved the recipe! Just didn’t eat them as quick as I made your lemon raspberry muffins in the same week.

  2. Hi! I love this…just wondering if there was a nut-free way I could make it. My kids’ school is nut-free but I would love to make these for their lunches if possible.

    1. sodapop111@hotmail.com

      I used to make her granola with pepitas and sunflower seeds when my kids were in a nut-free class. I bet this would work with that sub as well?

  3. Could organic cane or coconut sugar be used instead of honey?Assuming honey is used as a sweetener in this recipe. Honey looses all nutrients when heated making it no different than sugar. Honey is not a “healthier alternative” for sweetener when used in recipes that requires it to be heated. Coconut sugar would be a better alternative sweetener choice over honey because coconut sugar does not loose nutrients when heated. I would even choose the organic cane sugar over honey if I did not have coconut sugar on hand, because again when you heat honey it kills all nutrients making it nothing more that sugar.

    1. Nutrients aside, the chemical composition of honey lends it to being digested differently than sugar or coconut sugar, which is a reason why some people prefer it. Honey is made up of two discrete monosaccharides, table sugar and coconut sugar are both polysaccharides.