How Many Milliliters in a Quart?

Trying to figure out how many milliliters in a quart? This article explains it all in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Cooking and baking often require switching between measuring systems, units, and types. 

In this article, we will break down how to convert between quarts and milliliters, two commonly used units of volume. 

Read on to learn about milliliters and quarts and the different kinds of tools and equipment used to measure them. 

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How many milliliters in a quart.

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What is a Milliliter?

A milliliter (abbreviated as mL) is a metric unit of volume. It is a small unit, equivalent to one-thousandth of a liter. 

Think of it as a tiny drop of water or a teaspoon of liquid. 

Milliliters are often used in the metric system for precise measurements.

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What is a Quart?

A quart is an imperial and US customary unit of volume. There are two variations: the US liquid quart and the US dry quart. 

Here, we will focus on the US liquid quart, the most commonly used unit for measuring liquids in the United States.

A US liquid quart equals one-fourth of a US gallon or 32 fluid ounces. When it comes to cooking, quarts are often used to measure large quantities of liquids, such as soups, stocks, and beverages. Check out How Many Ounces in Quart too!

Convert Quarts to Milliliters

The key conversion factor to remember is that 1 quart (US liquid quart) is equal to 946.35 milliliters. 

To convert quarts to milliliters, you simply multiply the number of quarts by this conversion factor.

Formula: Milliliters = Quarts × 946.35

For example, if you have 2 quarts of chicken broth and want to know how many milliliters that is, here is how to calculate the answer:

Milliliters = 2 quarts × 946.35 = 1892.7 milliliters

So, 2 quarts of chicken broth is approximately 1892.7 milliliters.

Table with Conversions from Milliliters to Quarts

Here is a conversion table that lists common conversions from milliliters to quarts to make your cooking and baking endeavors easier:

Milliliters (mL)Quarts (US Liquid)
250 mL0.2642 quarts
500 mL0.5284 quarts
750 mL0.7925 quarts
1000 mL1.0567 quarts
1250 mL1.3209 quarts
1500 mL1.5851 quarts

Table with Conversions from Quarts to Milliliters

Now, let us reverse the conversion and create a table for converting quarts to milliliters:

Quarts (US Liquid)Milliliters (mL)
1 quart946.35 mL
2 quarts1892.7 mL
3 quarts2839.05 mL
4 quarts3795.4 mL
5 quarts4751.75 mL
6 quarts5708.1 mL

Equipment for Measuring

Having the appropriate measuring tools to accurately measure both quarts and milliliters really helps. Here are some typical options:

  • Measuring cups. These are ideal for measuring liquids in quarts, especially for larger quantities. Make sure to use a liquid measuring cup, as it is specifically created for accurate liquid measurements.
  • Graduated measuring cups. Graduated measuring cups are the best bet for milliliters. They come in lots of different sizes, making it easy to measure smaller quantities.
  • Measuring spoons. When you need to measure very small amounts of liquid, measuring spoons can accurately measure milliliters.
  • Kitchen scale. For top precision, a kitchen scale can measure both quarts and milliliters by weight. Simply refer to a conversion chart or do the calculations yourself.
Milliliter measuring cup.

Imperial System vs. Metric System

The world of cooking and baking measurements offers two main systems: the imperial system and the metric system. Understanding the differences between them is essential for anyone who loves cooking or baking.

Imperial system:

  • Most commonly used system in the United States.
  • Includes units like cups, fluid ounces, pints, quarts, and gallons. Check out How Many Milliliters in a Pint.
  • It can be slightly less precise due to the different ways of defining units (e.g., the difference between a US fluid ounce and a UK fluid ounce).

Metric system:

  • It is used in most countries around the world.
  • Includes units like milliliters, liters, grams, and kilograms.
  • Offers precise and simple conversions because of its base-10 system.

While the imperial system has its place, the metric system’s simplicity and precision make it a favorite in the culinary world. 

Understanding how to convert between milliliters and quarts is just one example of the benefits of using the metric system in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Milliliters are in a quart?

There are approximately 946.35 milliliters in one quart (US liquid quart). This is the standard conversion for quarts to milliliters.

How many quarts in a Milliliter?

There are 0.0010567 quarts (US liquid quarts) in one milliliter. In other words, one milliliter is a tiny fraction of a quart.

How many Milliliters are in a quart of butter?

The volume of a quart is the same regardless of what substance it contains. So, whether it’s water, butter, or any other liquid, there are still approximately 946.35 milliliters in a quart of butter.

How many Milliliters in a quart of water?

Like any other liquid, a quart of water contains approximately 946.35 milliliters. This is the standard volume for a quart.

How many Milliliters are in a quart of flour?

A quart of flour, a volume measurement, also contains approximately 946.35 milliliters.

What are the different ways to measure Milliliters?

There are several common tools used to measure milliliters:

  1. Graduated measuring cups: These come in different sizes and are typically used for measuring liquids. They have milliliter markings for precise measurements.
  2. Measuring spoons: Smaller quantities of liquids, such as flavorings or extracts, can be measured using milliliter-marked measuring spoons.
  3. Kitchen scales: While not a direct measurement of milliliters, kitchen scales can be used to measure ingredients by weight, and conversions can be made using reference charts.

What are the different ways to measure quarts?

Measuring quarts typically involves tools designed for measuring larger volumes:

  1. Measuring cups: Liquid measuring cups come in various sizes, including quart-sized cups, for measuring liquids in quarts.
  2. Containers: Quart-sized containers, such as pitchers or storage containers, are often used for measuring and pouring liquids in quarts.
  3. Kitchen scales: While mainly used for measuring weight, kitchen scales can be used to approximate quarts when weighing liquids. However, this method is not as precise as using volume-based measurements.
Quarts and milliliter cup.

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