How to Know Where Your Chicken Comes From

Ever wonder where your food comes from? I know I sure do! This is why I’m excited to share a super cool new feature thought up by our longtime organic chicken sponsor, Farmer Focus.

I love to buy chicken directly from the farmer at our farmers’ market, but, when that’s not possible, Farmer Focus came up with the next best thing. A Farm ID on each package that you enter into Farmer Focus’ website to see exactly which farm, and farmer, that particular chicken came from (including pictures)!  It’s super, easy and I show you how it works in this quick video on today’s sponsored post…

This is the closest thing that I can think of to actually being at a farm or meeting the farmer at the farmer’s market! The transparency that’s being provided here is so great.

What is the Farm ID?

Farmer Focus’ Farm ID is a four-letter identification found on every package of their organic chicken. They got the message, we want to know where our food comes from—and not to mention it lines up nicely with the mission of their company! 

“We want to turn the attention back to the farmer as we believe that they are the heroes,” said Laura, Marketing Manager for Farmer Focus. “We want to make sure that they receive recognition for the work that they do and that they get paid in a way that they can continue to thrive and then pass their farm onto the next generation.”

Love this!

Spotlight on Farmer Focus—an Organic Chicken Brand

The CEO of Farmer Focus actually used to be a conventional chicken farmer, so he knows firsthand the benefits of organic farming and the value of it. They care a whole lot about the happiness and sustainability of their farmers. Chicken farming can be super tough for some so they chose to take a different approach and give their farmers the ability to own their own chickens and retain control of their farms. It’s hard to imagine it making sense any other way!

Because their farmers get to control their own farm (unlike most conventional farms), this allows them to operate at their best—as long as they adhere to the company’s high standards. Their farmers also collaborate to share trade secrets—what’s working for them, what’s not working, etc. All of this makes the farmers much happier, of course—and who doesn’t want to be happy in their job?! The bonus is that we, as consumers, get a tasty end product.

With this mentality, the Farm ID was born. And I hope you look for it next time you’re at the store!

Packaged whole young chicken from Farmer Focus

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Farmer Focus + Butcher Box? Yes, Please!

One last thing I must mention, I’ve been getting monthly frozen meat shipments from ButcherBox and immediately noticed that the chicken they send is not only organic but from Farmer Focus! I felt like my two worlds were colliding, in a good way. (Two of our favorite companies working together—yay!)

Right now, all of the chicken in their east coast shipments is from Farmer Focus … and they should be increasing to other parts of the country soon! Oh, and those packs also have the Farm ID on them too so even if you can’t find them in your local grocery store this is another way to take advantage.


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  1. Sadly in India we dont have such systems to find out from where our chickens come from…usually in India its a different system.. we buy chickens from the shops where we can choose the chickens and they will slaughter them from there itself..but before reaching this shops these chickens comes from different chicken farms..but again we dont know where are these farms and how they treat them… For sure they inject drugs to make the chicken fat and grow in a fast process…

  2. I have bought organic for a while now but I have no idea who the farmer is, just the company that puts it label on it. I also do not know the conditions for the poultry or any other meat source. I think what Farmer Focus is doing is fantastic and one of my next steps in shopping for real food that is good for me.