The Only Lunch Meat I Give My Kids

It’s pretty obvious that lunch meat is not a regular occurrence around here, BUT I do like to pack it for my kids on occasion – just to switch things up! And it seems every time I do, readers ask me what kind of lunchmeat I bought. So today’s post has all the details!

School Lunch on 100 Days of #RealFood

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As with just about any of the meat we eat, when locally raised is not an option I definitely go for organic. That’s why I love that our sponsor, Applegate, offers an organic lunch meat option.

When Applegate approached me about being on their Advisory Board this year, it made complete sense since I was already buying and talking about their products before I even had a relationship with them! And the reason why is because when you purchase Applegate Organic products you can be assured they are…

  • From humanely raised animals on family farms,
  • From animals fed non-GMO feed,
  • Free of artificial ingredients,
  • Free of added nitrites and nitrates,
  • Free of preservatives,
  • Antibiotic-free.

And all of that is so important to us!

Applegate Organic on 100 Days of #RealFood

The great thing is though, even when I can’t find organic (if I’m in a real pinch) at least I know their natural product is lightyears above all the conventional options – almost completely up to the standards of their organic options.

Yesterday I shared some school lunch ideas on our local Charlotte Today show, and when my store was out of Applegate organic ham (and I’d already planned one whole lunch around ham) I got the next best thing, their natural version!

So I know many of you will be excited with the newest thing Applegate is up to with their natural lunch meats. We all know how I feel about Lunchables and how much I promote making them yourself!

But in the event your child is just begging you for the “packaged” version (that happens with us sometimes when it comes to mac and cheese – what’s so exciting about a box anyway?) you’ll want to check out Applegate’s new Half Time product, a natural and organic pre-packaged lunch kit.

They sent us some to try and my children acted like it was Christmas LOL. While these products don’t fully live up to our real food rules, I would feel much more comfortable offering these on a rare special occasion than the original version!

Again, I’m most definitely an advocate of just making your own “Lunchables” at home, but if your kid suddenly needs to get a packaged lunch out of their system look for these at Target and other national retailers by mid-August!

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  1. Melissa McClure

    Hello, where would I get those great containers with the compartments? I am assuming they come with lids….?

  2. I have been following your blog for sometime, I have high blood pressure and am learning how to turn it around. I have purchased applegate products for my self and family before.

    Today I will not
    their processed food often times give me real headaches raising my blood pressure I loved your blog because it promoted non processed food.

    I am shocked you would now be sponsored by a company that does nothing but sell processed food!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Jane. That is not a brand that Lisa buys. She rarely uses deli meats and when she does it is Applegate. I do not think Boar’s Head is preservative or added nitrate free and I do not think there are organic options.

  3. I was looking for an article on appropriate deli meats for children. This thinly veiled advertisement with its complete dearth of facts was not at all helpful.

    1. I clearly stated they were a sponsor at the top of the post AND sponsor or not – this is truly what I buy. We purposely seek out products I already use and love to see if they want to become sponsors. I used them for years before I ever worked with them.

      1. I had spoke to Applegate about their meats and not all of it is organic and fed on a non-gmo diet. Unless it states that it is 100% organic and grass fed then it isn’t totally organic. A natural listing means nothing.

  4. I have a question I can not buy from local farms or things like that I have to purchase from grocery stores and I am having a hard time locating chicken, turkey and beef I have Open Nature and Natures Own product but when I try and research online I get know were? Any products you deam ok?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. Most grocery stores are willing to bring in products their customers want. You could request Applegate products and beyond that can certainly find them and others online. :)

  5. Not sure how you meant to say that Marie as it seems slightly rude. Regardless, I have looked into the ham and some of the ham options don’t contain carrageenan (some of them do). This is good. Honestly, we just avoid deli meat for the most part as it isn’t really good overall anyway. As the article states as well- she rarely gives this to her kids too b/c of the ingredients in deli meat. Sadly sometimes there isn’t something better but that doesn’t mean you have to give your family something that isn’t good. You can avoid it all together. There are plenty of lunch options besides deli meat, which is also supported on this site :)

  6. I too looked into Applegate products but was disappointed when I saw Carrageenan as an ingredient. This is used as a thickener and is very bad for you:( I am surprised to see this on your site??

    1. I agree with you, Melissa. The organic turkey and chicken deli meets by Applegate have carrageenan. But, the ham doesn’t. I reached out to Applegate about this controversial ingredient via Twitter and they said they are researching new ingredients. Hopeful that they will remove carrageenan soon from the poultry deli meets.

  7. Charlotte Matthews

    I love this, I just saw it in my paper this morning. While my kids are grown and gone they do eat much better than most. The younger one has stomach problems and when she comes home I make sure I have food for her. She went vegetarian for 5 years and I did get very good at reading the ingredients. There was not a lot of boxed stuff when the older one was younger, so she got the homemade