Non-Toxic Products for Your Kitchen + Free Lunchskins!

It’s no secret that getting rid of processed food is important me, but building our entire home into a safe and healthy one is something else I’ve gotten passionate about over the years. And I can attest this is something that does not happen overnight. But as I always say – even small changes are better than none so you’ve gotta start somewhere! Which is why I’m excited to partner with MightyNest on today’s sponsored post.

With their focus on providing safe and durable products, MightyNest is a perfect complement to our real food mission, and they have once again come up with a fun and creative way to make it easy to incorporate non-toxic products into your home – The MightyFix!

Non-Toxic Products for Your Kitchen from Mighty Nest at 100 Days of #RealFood

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You are likely already familiar with MightyNest from their school program, where your school earns a percentage of all product purchases from their site. But whether you are already signed up to incur savings for your school or not, The MightyFix can be a great cost saver and entry point for the new or seasoned healthy homemaker.

What is The MightyFix?

The MightyFix is a monthly program where you are sent products for just $10. One month it was the reusable bamboo utensil kit, another it was two sets of Tidy Dish Cloths. The awesome thing is that what you receive is always worth more than $10, so you know you’ll be getting a deal. AND you get free shipping on it as well as anything else that you decide to add on to your order from MightyNest.

The MightyFix for August is Lunchskins – a reusable snack and sandwich bags perfect for school’s start! In September it’s 2 sheets of reusable Bee’s Wrap (medium + large). So no matter which way you slice it you can say buh-bye to those baggies and plastic wrap. No more buying them, no more using them, and no more clogging up the landfills, right?! Because both will take their place. My girls are big fans of both the Lunchskins (pictured in green below) and Bee’s Wrap (pictured at the bottom).

Non-Toxic Products for Your Kitchen from Mighty Nest (Lunchskins) at 100 Days of #RealFood

But back to The MightyFix. Here is what I like about this program:

  • It introduces you to new products.
  • It saves you money on the product of the month PLUS you’ll get free shipping on it and anything else from MightyNest!
  • It’s good for the planet to incorporate more reusable products into your kitchen.
  • And you’ll likely agree that most kids LOVE getting mail. They would be psyched to get new products sent each month, and hopefully it would get them on board with being good to our planet as well.

Here are some more fun reusable school lunch products we recently received from MightyNest!

Non-Toxic Products for Your Kitchen from Mighty Nest at 100 Days of #RealFood

FREE Deal for First Time Users!

First of all, the standard pricing is already a great deal. For example, the Lunchskins for August would normally cost $8.95 for the sandwich bag and $7.95 for the snack bag. That’s $16.90 + $5.95 for shipping (a total of $22.85). The Bee’s Wrap for September would normally cost $6.80 for the large wrap and $6.30 for the medium wrap + $5.95 shipping (a total of $19.05) so as you can see signing up for the MightyFix could be a $9 to $12 savings!

MightyFix Discount

  • Monthly program available to those in the lower 48 states – you can cancel any time.
  • 15% of your order goes back to your school!
  • Try out your first month for free if you’re a first time user (that’s right, free product)!!!
  • This offer is good until September 30th, so don’t delay!

Enter your email to get your first MightyFix for FREE (while supplies last):

And I also thought you’d like to know that this girl LOVED the Bee’s Wrap we got from MightyNest. She was super excited about this one for some reason! I guess it was just too much fun to wrap and unwrap (which she did over and over again with many things aside from just her sandwich, haha). I hope you enjoy your products from MightyNest just as much as we do! :)

Non-Toxic Products for Your Kitchen (Beeswax Sandwich Wrap) from Mighty Nest at 100 Days of #RealFood

[Note: With the September MightyFix you get two different sized Bee’s Wrap sheets that look like this…]

BeesWrap on 100 Days of #RealFood

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  1. how in the world do u wash the Bees Wrap? ugh
    if it can’t *get clean* in the d/w i won’t use it. just the ugly truth lol

  2. How do I get my Mightyfix first month for free? I put in my email and clicked on the “fix me up”, but it only put me on their email list,

  3. I love that companies are thinking more about our kiddos. If you like this idea and really are trying to avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins in your house check out a company called Norwex. They have been doing it for quite awhile. And stand behind their products.

  4. We bought some this summer and I have to admit I’m disappointed it as it seems the bags stain. We put carrots in them and the bags were stained orange inside and out. We’ve tried handwashing, dishwasher and washing machine. Nothing will get the orange color out. It looks awful on the outside. I love the idea of reusable bags but the staining makes my son not want to use them – “they are dirty, Mom!”. And I’m sad it ruined the cute designs. Just a warning to expect staining.

  5. I signed up for the Mighty Fix when it started and have never been disappointed! We’ve tried some great products, and it’s so fun to see what’s coming each month. I’d highly recommend it!