Collard Greens

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collard greens in a bowl

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Here is yet another winter vegetable that I’ve never thought of fondly…collard greens. In all seriousness, I felt the same way about collard greens as I did about kale. I had never tried it before our switch to real food, and I certainly didn’t have any plans to run out and buy any.

However, once I started to understand the importance of eating locally grown foods that are in season, my views changed. So I set out to find a way to make collard greens into a tasty dish that didn’t take all day long to cook (it only takes about 25 – 30 min).

This recipe is also a perfect example of flavoring your meal with meat rather than having meat as the main course.

You could pair it with some baked sweet potatoes and whole-wheat biscuits to make one delicious, filling and healthy meal. I do want to preface this recipe though by saying that my children have been accepting of most of what I have posted so far, but as you can imagine this unfortunately is not one of them!

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  1. Can this be made with frozen bag greens?? Love greens but always a pain and time consuming to wash thoroughly and cut up. I usually make in the instant pot similar to this without bacon but this sounds amazing!!

    1. 100 Days Admin

      While we haven’t used them for this recipe, from what we’re seeing other food bloggers do, it looks like you can use frozen greens. If you give it a try, let us know how it turns out so other readers know! – Nicole

  2. 4 stars
    Before Food Network, I don’t think people in my region knew what collards were. I prefer Swiss Chard, which I know this recipe would work with. My mother used to make Wilted Lettuce, using leaf lettuce, cider vinegar, and bacon — no sweeteners.

  3. I thought I didn’t really like greens but maybe that’s because I’ve always had them out of a can. I made these for dinner tonight and they were fantastic. Even the husband liked them. Served it with your skillet cornbread and pinto beans. Glad to have a new vegetable side! Thanks :)

  4. 5 stars
    I tried collard greens for the first time tonight as part of week 5 mini-pledge. This recipe was SOOOO GOOOD!!! OMG – this is my new favorite food! I’m doubling the recipe next time though – I only got 3 servings out of it.

  5. Collards are as southern as it gets. My kids love them they are 12 and 6 with a dash of homemade pepper sauce on top. I cook mine much the way that Rebecca does.

  6. I have an amazing recipe for collard greens that my 14-year-old adopted daughter from China absolutely loves. If you ask her what her favorite American food is she will always tell you, “collard greens!”…and she’s only been in America for a year and a half:)

    2 lb bag of shredded collards
    2 (32 oz.) containers of organic, low sodium chicken broth
    2 packs of good bacon, chopped
    chopped onion
    minced garlic
    sprinkle of red pepper flakes
    2-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    sprinkle of salt

    in a big stock pot brown the bacon. add onion and saute. add garlic. add collards, broth, and the rest of the ingredients. cover and simmer at least 2 hours… the longer, the better.
    You can even add a couple packs of chopped ham for more of a meal. the chicken broth gives it a yummy soup-like quality.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration for better health! I frequent this blog and recipe file on a daily basis and have shared it with many people.

  7. My family has a recipe where we cook a big batch of greens on top of chicken on the bones in a dutch oven- when the chicken is done, the greens finish cooking in the chicken juice while someone shreds the chicken to add back in. The only seasoning I think we use is black pepper and a little soy sauce- it’s one of my favorite dishes from childhood!

  8. I Love Collard Greens, i don’t even cook in some liquid first,I just saute with some oil, onion and Garlic..yummy! I’ll have to try this recipe too!! Thanks Lisa.

  9. These are my newfound vegetable and favorite new recipe!!!! Thank you so much Lisa for posting this. I don’t like them sweet so I just omit the maple syrup and their fantastic.

  10. Why discard the center ribs? I know they’re tough and unappealing however, I chop them up very fine and cook them for 10 minutes first. You can’t tell it and I’m thinking it must add some more fiber to the mix.

    Waste not want not…

  11. Just tried this and it was very tasty. My husband and I live in the Caribbean and have never had collard greens in our life until now. A neighbor brought some over from his garden. Nice! Not bitter, like I thought..

  12. I make mine in the pressure cooker with a bit of bacon, and the zest and juice of an orange. Oh, and a touch of garlic. Wonderful stuff. Add cornbread and beans and you have a whole meal.

  13. My 20 month toddler loves collard greens. He first had them from my husband’s grandmother and gobbled them up. Maybe you need to start them young to enjoy greens. I’ve also skipped the bacon and used carmalized onions in their place with good results. Not bad at all.

  14. I saute them with garlic and a bit of shoyu or tamari, sometime throwing in garbonzos, cashews and a bit of cooked quinoa. Or I just saute them and have sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs on the side for breakfast. Delicious!

  15. I just made these tonight. My husband and I loved them! I had never had collard greens before and I was apprehensive about them but they turned out awesome! Thanks Lisa!

  16. We’re way up north but 2 of my 4 love collards! I had some great ones at a friend house once. She said all she did was sprinkle with water and & steam in the microwave. Haven’t been able to duplicate that one though so we cook them the way you do.

    1. I am so glad to hear someone actually be excited about collard greens! They were actually tastier than I expected with this recipe. Enjoy :)