Patriotic Fruit Kabobs with Honey Cream Dip

It's time to have fun with real food for the upcoming holiday weekend! This cute little idea would be great for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, or just any old time you're feeling patriotic. These Patriotic Fruit Kabobs are easy to put together and pair great with the Honey Cream Dip.
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You can make the kabobs as small as you want (for a snack for your little ones) or use bigger sticks to have enough to feed a crowd. Either way, they’re sure to gobble them up. Enjoy!

Snack Size Patriotic Kabobs
A smaller “snack size” version with alternating fruits!

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20 thoughts on “Patriotic Fruit Kabobs with Honey Cream Dip”

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  1. We can’t eat bananas (and I dislike them so no loss to me!)…so can you suggest a reasonable fruit substitute that could work? Preferably something lower sugar/lower carb (two of the three of us are eating keto). I wondered about apple chunks perhaps (not really a keto fruit, but I would probably just eat the berries). Thoughts?

    1. 100 Days Admin

      Hi Sandra, I think starfruit would be a good replacement, plus it keeps with the patriotic theme! – Nicole

    1. 100 Days Admin

      I would recommend preparing as close to the time you’ll be serving, as possible. Bananas tend to turn pretty quick once cut. – Nicole

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      No, the fruit would be very mushy and the bananas would turn black. These are meant to be enjoyed fresh. :)

      1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        Oh. :) Well, I’ve not tried freezing this but have frozen cream cheese before and the texture changed considerably.

  2. I love this idea! I will be doing it for the fourth! I want to do an angel cake trifle as well can you recommend a way to dye the cake blue without using artificial dyes?

  3. This recipe, as simple as it is….is a great little inspiration. I think from now on I am going to refer to it as the side dish that helped me declare my independence from processed foods! I went to a BBQ yesterday and that’s normally a day filled with the usual overindulgence. Chips and Salsa, nine layer dip, icecream cake, etc. I brought these little bad boys and to say they were a big hit is an understatement. I really couldn’t get over how quickly the kids gobbled them up. It actually made me feel guilty that I hadn’t provided these types of things before. Sure, I serve fruit, etc. but nothing like putting it on a kebob to make it fly off the plate. In fact, I took the watermelon that was sitting in the bowl and put it on a kebob too. Once repackaged, the guests couldn’t get enough. The honey butter was delcious too. So the inspiration came while I was shopping for the fruit, I thought why don’t I bring additional nutritious and filling sides as my anchor foods so I don’t start dipping into all the fritos. Simple concept I know, but one that I had never took the time to pursue. So I made a bunch of really healthy and delicious things. A huge salad with cranberries, walnuts, feta, etc. I looked up a homemade dressing on your site and landed on the mustard vinaigrette. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! and it looked gorgeous too! I brought some other things too and I think it’s the very first time I made it out of there without over doing it on things that just aren’t that good for you. I ate the good things and was full and satiated. Funny thing is….I woke up this morning and I swear I have more energy. I’m not as bloated as I normally am. The trick with me is to not focus on things you can’t have but to put all the energy into things you can. Tonight, it’s shrimp fajitas (with whole wheat tortilla’s of course.) I look forward to more days like yesterday and making it a “REAL” good Summer!

  4. Thanks for this!! Made it last night and the kids loved it! My daughter who is 8 actually washed cut and arranged the fruit, I did the dip. My kids and their friends devoured the doubled size.

  5. kentuckylady717

    Very pretty, delicious and healthy too…..a great Memorial dessert… daughter would love this…..will send this to her…..I am not a fruit eater but she is…..

  6. Great timing! I need to bring something to a gathering tomorrow night and my husband requested something I used to make, ‘before’. It was fruit with a cream cheese and marshmallow fluff dip. This will be a perfect real food replacement