Using Spelt Pasta

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Recipe courtesy of Nature's Legacy
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vitaspelt spelt elbow pasta

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Thanks to one of our sponsors, Nature’s Legacy, I recently discovered how much I like spelt! The spelt grain is part of the wheat family and is available in both whole and white form (just like wheat). Spelt is more mild than wheat though and in my opinion, especially when it’s used in baked goods, the outcome is lighter and more cake-like – yes, please! I first tried spelt flour in a whole-grain pumpkin muffin recipe last year, and I am not going to lie…the texture is just divine, and this recipe still remains one of our favorites. And spelt products go beyond just flour, so be sure to look for whole-spelt pasta as well and try some using the pasta recipe below.

If you are new to cooking with spelt (like I was not too long ago!) here are some helpful facts…

  • Spelt is a true non-hybrid grain, it has not been hybridized or chemically altered by man (spelt is a natural cross between Emmer wheat and Goats grass).
  • Spelt has a deliciously light, nutty flavor and has been grown and eaten around the world for thousands of years.
  • Spelt flour can be easily substituted for wheat flour in baked goods.
  • The gluten in spelt breaks down in warm water and mixing (which makes it easier to digest) while the gluten in modern wheats is broken down only in acid and alcohol. It can be used by people with wheat intolerance, IBS or other inflammatory problems; but for best results suspend eating modern-day wheat for at least 3 weeks to be able to recognize a difference.
  • Spelt contains all eight essential amino acids, is about 60 percent higher in protein than common wheat, and contains B viatamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and fiber. Be sure to always choose whole-grain spelt.

More about Nature’s Legacy For Life…

Since 1979, Purity Foods (the creators of Nature’s Legacy and VitaSpelt) has been a worldwide supplier of certified organic food products. Their organic flour mill is one of the largest in the industry and they provide all-natural organic spelt products without any additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Find out more about spelt and the health benefits associated with it. To find Nature’s Legacy foods at a store near you, check out their store locator on their website.

Recipe Using Spelt Pasta

Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce commonly used there as a marinade and sauce for grilled meat. It is similar to pesto and a great use for extra herbs from your garden or the farmers’ market. It is light and zesty and therefore perfect to enjoy in the summertime. This versatile pasta could be used as a side dish next to grilled meat, or as a main dish along with some fresh vegetables or meats mixed into the pasta. There are two ways to prepare the chimichurri sauce, with everything chopped up and mixed together (much like a salsa) or by pureeing everything in a food processor. It is fun to experiment and try both techniques.

Chimi Pasta with Herbs

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  1. I love the hearty texture & earthy flavor of Spelt Pasta & have tried only the VitaSpelt brand for the last 6 years.

    I find its flavor really enhances tomato based sauces but is good in any pasta dish.

    Just sad I missed out on the giveaway!

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  3. My husband and I did a complete diet overhaul last fall when I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. Since the change we have felt so much better. I’m still learning about “new” real foods to try. I have never had spelt pasta. Would love to start incorporating it into our diet!

  4. I love finding new healthy things to feed my family. I giving them healthy choices, instead of junk good, which is what I consider regular pasta.

  5. I am trying to eat better and in the process getting the kids to eat REAL food. Since they looooove pasta, this would be a heaven sent solution. Thanks!!!