Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

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My husband used to think he didn’t like strawberry ice cream, and come to find out it’s because he’d never had “real” strawberry ice cream before … only the bright pink stuff out of a box. But once I made him the real deal his mind was forever changed, and I promise you’ll be “won over” by this simple recipe as well.
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It’s honestly hard to beat the taste and consistency of fresh homemade ice cream no matter what flavor you make it.  And with the high tech ice cream makers these days it’s fairly easy to make it at home yourself, and it doesn’t take long either … no cranks, ice or salt necessary. :) We have a Cuisinart ice cream maker and love it.

What do you plan to make with your fresh strawberries this season? Please feel free to share strawberry recipes/links in the comments below.

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  1. I made this using the cuisinart and put it in the freezer when it was done. It is hard as a rock! You can’t even get a spoon into it. Is this normal?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      I usually have to let it soften a bit though rarely have enough left over to freeze. :)

    2. I had the same exact experience. It’s not about it being too frozen and needing to thaw, it’s that it’s now practically just ice. So even when it does thaw, it’s still crunchy like ice. I followed the recipe exactly. Bummed. :(

  2. Most ice cream recipes call for a 2 to 1 ratio of cream to milk, and that might be why you’re not finding this recipe to be “creamy”. Try tweaking the ratio & see if that helps. I make homemade ice cream almost daily in the summer, and I use more milk for lower fat options & more cream for a treat.

  3. I plowed ahead of the directions and just tossed it all into the blender. It came out like our smoothies do so its sitting in the freezer. 30min should give us a normal texture. I also made ours with a homemade heavy crea, bc I had none.

  4. I apologize if this was asked before, as I didn’t read all 9 pages of comments. This was not creamy after freezing, instead hard and difficult to scoop. Any advice?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi. Sorry, we’ve not tried this one in a blender. I know Vitamix offer specific guidance on their website, though.

  5. Just ordered the ice cream maker! Can’t wait to try this recipe and the maple pecan! Has anyone tried to use frozen strawberries? Thaw them out first?

  6. 5 stars
    I made this recipe with fresh strawberries last night and my husband loved it. My son didn’t but he doesn’t like strawberries. I’m going to try to add mango instead of strawberries next time. This is the 5th recipe of yours that I’ve tried and they have all been winners so far.

  7. I bought an ice cream maker after seeing this recipe. Made it tonight. Amazing! My 6 year old son told me that he feels like he’s never had ice cream before it was so good. Thanks!

  8. I made this yesterday in my Cuisinart, It seemed nice and creamy when it was made but I needed it for late that night at a party so I put it in an airtight bowl and the freezer. When it was time to eat it it was very icy not creamy at all. I’ve seen other people post the same problem. Is this something that has to be eaten right away or can it be frozen and eaten later?

      1. Thanks Amy,
        Do you have any suggestions on how to keep it creamy or what I may have done wrong? I followed the recipe exactly. I would like to attempt it again since it was very easy but would like to be able to freeze it and enjoy later too!! :) Thanks for your help with this amazing site!!

      2. I have found putting on 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder really helps keep the creamy texture. Try it. It really works!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Betsie. We’ve not tried it but please let us know how it turns out if you do. :)

  9. I tried this recipe with full fat milk and heavey whipping cream in cuisinart ice cream mmaker.I had to substitute honey instead of maple syrup. And after like 25 mins of churning , the ice cream didnt get thick. So i had to transfer it to air tight bowl and freeze it. It is not creamy , but just icy. :( What did i do wrong? (yes i did freeze the bowl overnight)

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi there. I’ve had it turn out icy once, too. I began chilling all my ingredients, including the fruit, before adding it to the bowl and it seemed to do the trick. ~Amy

  10. I have a cuisinart ice cream maker also. I’ve noticed that I always have to put the ice cream mixture in the freezer for at least 4 hours (overnight is best) THEN put the mixture into the frozen ice cream bowl. Then the ice cream will be thick and creamy.

    If you put the mixture imediately into the cuisinart w/o this first step, your ice cream will not harden.

    I can’t wait to try this recipes by the way. :)

  11. 4 stars
    Tried this recipe twice with fresh strawberries and low fat milk. Both times the taste was great and it was very creamy once the ice cream was done. But after freezing it, it turned out very icy. I use the kitchen aid ice cream maker. Bowl was in the freezer, and all ingredients were cold. Any ideas why is turning out icy? Thanks !

  12. I just got the ice cream machine for Mother’s Day and used this recipe exactly and it did not turn out at all….icy at best. The bowl was completely frozen. Anyone else have this happen? So disappointing because I was so excited.

  13. Loucrecia Hollingsworth

    I have seen people make smaller amounts of ice cream without a machine. I wonder if anyone’s tried this. You would put the mixture in a ziplock bag (I would recommend freezer or storage since the plastic is thicker). Then place that bag over into a larger ziplock bag. Put the ice cream salt in the larger bag with ice. Zip & shake till frozen. So I guess it would depend on how much the mixture ends up amounting to. It seems like it would fit. My family just doesn’t seem to be able to keep a good ice cream machine. Besides, some of them would require you to maybe double or tripple the recipe (depending on size of freezer). I can’t wait to try it!

  14. Hi there, Can you please explain the reasoning for using maple syrup in place of sugar? Is there not a preservative-free sugar available?

  15. Guess what I just got for Christmas!?! A Cuisinart ice cream maker!!! So thrilled!!! Do you have a chocolate or vanilla recipe that you like?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Angie. Lisa has not shared one yet. She might have some new ice cream recipes coming up in her cookbook. We will have to wait and see. It will be out later in 2014. ~Amy

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Katie. If it is the cream that upsets your stomach, then maybe so. However, most ice creams you buy in the grocery store are full of additives that can cause gastric upset, so it is hard to say for sure. ~Amy

  16. Hi! Is there any alternative to the heavy cream? We have two family members with a dairy allergy so I know I can use almond or coconut milk to replace the whole milk, just not sure about the cream. Thanks!

  17. 5 stars
    We used this recipe today to try out our new ice cream maker for the first time and the ice cream was DELICIOUS! I followed the recipe exactly as written and everybody loved it! Thanks again for sharing! :)

  18. Does anyone know what cup measurement equals 14 strawberries?? I brought home 25 lbs of strawberries yesterday and after eating about 2 lbs, 2 pies, 1 gallon of strawberry mint ice cream(with sugar),22 jars of jam, 3 gallon bags of whole frozen strawberries, I still have at least 3 or 4 cups of strawberry mash left!! Thinking of using this recipe to make freezer pops, but need to know a conversion!!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Crystal, that would depend on the size of the strawberries and if they are halved when you measure them. I can’t guess. :)

  19. Oh my, super super good! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Love that there is just a little maple syrup needed to sweeten it.

  20. 5 stars
    Has anyone experimented with items other than strawberries using this basic recipe? The strawberry ice cream is fantastic!

  21. Maybe this is a dumb question, but in general does using maple syrup as sweetener add a maple taste? I raelly dislike maple flavor but if the flavor is not strong I am hoping I can make it an option in my cooking/baking! Thanks ;)

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Katie. I have not found there to be a distinct taste of maple or honey when they are used in any of the recipes. Try this one and let us know your thoughts. ~Amy

  22. I will try your recipe. All of my ice cream flavors turn out well, expect strawberry. Actually, the strawberry is great when churned but dries out within a day in the freezer. I like the idea of using maple syrup instead of sugar.

  23. Yum, made it as soon as I read it. Strawberry ice cream is my kids’ favorite, awesome doing it organic at home.

    1. Are you able to get yours creamy in the Vitamix? I have only had mine for about three weeks. So still learning it. I made this tonight and it came out icy…but yummy!!! Thoughts?

  24. We make jam. Jars and jars and jars of it! We haven’t bought jellies/jams for over two years now since I started canning. :)

  25. I see all these yummy homemade ice cream recipes all the time. I guess I need to invest in an ice cream maker so I can join in the fun..although I can’t bare the thought of having another appliance. such a dilemma..

  26. Just finished making this and it is DELICIOUS! My strawberries weren’t very sweet so I added a little sugar in addition to the maple syrup. It was the first recipe I made in my new Cuisinart ice cream machine and I couldn’t be happier! My husband loves it too. The texture was perfect. I’m excited to try out different flavors! I have some really sweet mangos that would be a great addition.

  27. 5 stars
    Mine was a little bit icy too. When I used frozen strawberries too but it still tasted AMAZING I made it without an ice cream maker the way Kendra said worked amazingly. My kids loved it and both agreed it tasted a lot better than the store bought strawberry ice cream. Thanks for all your recipes

  28. I JUST opened a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker last night for my birthday and am SO EXCITED to try making our own ice cream/sorbets at home. I knew I could find some recipes from you because of course all the ones in the booklet had sugar and/or brown sugar etc in them. I can’t wait!

  29. How has everyone’s ice cream turned out in the end? I followed the recipe almost exactly (except I used frozen strawberries that I blended) and the outcome of mine was a little icy. Did anyone else have sort of ‘icy’ ice cream? Could this have been caused by the water content of the strawberries?

    I have the same ice cream maker as Lisa, and also ran into the problem where the paddle seemed to stop churning the ice cream about 8 minutes into the process. I froze the bowl overnight and all of my ingredients were cold when I put them in, so I can’t seem to figure out what I did wrong. The ice cream does taste good though, so I have no complaints there!

    1. 4 stars
      The reason it turned out Icy is because you used frozen strawberry. Unfortunately after trail and error. You have to use fresh fruit. I do not know why, but every time I have tried to use a frozen fruit it just does not turn out. My worst one was using frozen Blueberry’s, never again.

      1. I’m wondering, if I thaw the frozen fruit before I put it in the ice cream mix, will it still turn out icy?

  30. You don’t necessarily need an ice cream maker to make ice cream either – just combine single serving ingredients into a mason jar – screw on the lid tight and then put in a ziploc gallon bag with ice and salt – wrap in a towel and shake until you get ice cream. We used to do that as kids!

  31. Lisa

    I made this strawberry ice cream today. We also have the Cuisinart ice cream maker. I did double the ingredients though to create double batch, which worked like a dream.

    We’re looking forward to having this ice cream tonight for desert.
    I’ll take some photos and post them up this week.

    Thanks for a simple yet delicious recipe.



  32. I used evaporated goat’s milk instead of the whipped cream and goat milk instead of the cow’s milk because I love goat’s milk. It was delicious! It will not be as creamy and will change the flavor slightly but if you love goat milk as I do then you will love it.

  33. I was just wondering if you’ve tried making plain chocolate perhaps with using unsweetened cocoa? Or if you have a recipe for this! Just got this ice cream maker for my birthday after reading your yummy recipes! Can’t wait to try it!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Amy. Lisa had previously commented that she has made chocolate ice cream before with unsweetened cocoa and maple syrup but that she didn’t record the exact measurements. You could just try experimenting a little. Let us know how it goes. Jill

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Angie. I think the best way to pick them is to smell them. And, if they have a white/green shoulder, they’re not usually ripe. Jill

  34. I can’t wait to try this!! Just got home from Bed Bath & Beyond where I bought an ice cream maker, food processor, blender and popsicle makers. Looking forward to trying many of your recipes. Love your website! Keep up the good work!

  35. I tried this recipe today. It turned out super good but all I had on hand was fat free milk, still super good but next time I will just cut down on the milk because it came out the sides :/

    Can you substitute the maple syrup for the sugar, is that the case?


    3/4 cup whole milk
    1/3 cup granulated sugar
    4 cups lowfat vanilla yogurt
    18 ounces frozen mixed fruit/I used pineapple
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla, almond, or lemon extract


    In a medium mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to combine the milk and granulated sugar until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 to 2 minutes on low speed. Stir in the yogurt, berry purée and extract. Turn the machine on; pour the mixture into freezer bowl, and let mix until thickened, about 20 to 25 minutes. The frozen yogurt will have a soft, creamy texture. If a firmer consistency is desired, transfer the frozen yogurt to an airtight container and place in freezer for about 2 hours. Remove from freezer about 15 minutes before serving.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Shelly. You could probably substitute maple syrup for the sugar. The substitution ratio is usually 3/4 cup maple syrup for every cup of white sugar. You may also need to decrease the amount of liquid to compensate for the maple syrup being a liquid. It’s always an experiment when making substitutions, so, it may take a few tries to get it right. Our team would also recommend whole milk plain yogurt as opposed to the low fat vanilla version. Good luck.

  36. Just a tip b/c I just bought this ice cream maker – Costco has it right now with an instant rebate and it is $24! I just went to buy a 2nd bowl and it is cheaper to go back to costco and buy a whole other machine!

  37. ooooh Jenny I really like the individual cups idea!

    I got a Ninja Food Prep thing and made it just great by whirring the heck out of all the ingredients! I found it great freshly made but then became rock solid after a few hours. Freezing it in individual cups will solve the problem of thawing, refreezing, thawing, refreezing.

  38. This is so good! I made it with the higher amount of syrup and it was great! The second time I substituted frozen peaches for the strawberries and it was enjoyed at least as much. When fresh peaches arrive it will be even better! My only struggle has been scooping it out of the container. It gets really hard in the freezer, probably from all of the fruit. Trying freezing individual portions in Dixie cups straight out of the machine when it’s still soft. The cups will still need to sit out for about 30 min to soften up before eating but hopefully this will work.

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      We’ve put leftover ice cream in a freezer-safe tupperware and it was fine. You have to let it thaw a bit before you eat it leftover though.

  39. I was looking for a completely different post when i went to your site tonight but the second i read this post i dropped everything and started a batch of ice cream. We only had 1/2 cup of whippkng cream but i have the natural verion of coffee creamer (four ingredients, nothing artificial) so i used a half a cup of that and excluded the sweetener since my creamer has sugar and vanilla. I used 1/2 cup raw milk and the organic strawberries we had left in the fridge. It was SO quick and easy and was delicious!

    I already have plans to serve this dessert for our next BBQ. There were only three of us eating it tonight so i put the leftovers in a freeze pop holder that you’ve mentioned before. I’m excited to see how that tastes tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring my family to eat real food! We’ve never been healthier!

  40. I LOVE my ice cream maker too. It is so nice to not have to bother with rock salt and ice. I will have to try this with coconut milk, I like to use coconut milk when I am making ice cream for all the healthy fats. My favorite berry ice cream is that is dairy free is:
    1 can coconut milk
    2 C almond milk
    3/4 C honey or maple syrup
    2 C berries chopped or crushed
    I like to blend the first three ingredients and part of the berries, blend them and then add fresh berries to the top so that they don’t get icy.

  41. Very tasty! I tried doubling the recipe in my Cuisinart ice cream maker and it didn’t thicken at all. Have you ever tried doubling the recipe?

  42. Hey Lisa,

    I tried this recipe and it was delicious striaght out of the ice cream maker. However, we froze the leftovers and when we went back to have some more, the ice cream was frozen solid. It took about 20 minutes for it to thaw on the counter but it was still pretty hard (not creamy at all). I’ve made homemade ice cream before and never had a problem with it being “scoopable” after sitting in the freezer. Any ideas? I’m thinking maybe the water content of the crushed strawberries had something to do with it. What do you think? Thanks!

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      I too have frozen fresh ice cream and figured out it needs to be thawed a bit first before eating it again, but I haven’t tried it yet with this exact recipe…I bet you are right about the strawberries making a difference.

    2. This is exactly my issue with my homemade strawberry ice cream (and gelato). All other flavors do not “dry out” the subsequent days. Would love to find the solution. Thanks!

  43. Help! I tried this recipe in my Kitchenaid stand mixer with ice cream attachment. I also used 2% milk. It turned out great at first but then quickly became more of a ice consistency, not soft at all. Where did I go wrong?

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      Have you successfully made ice cream in your mixer before? I have only done it in my ice cream machine so I am not sure I can offer much advice…maybe it was overdone?

    2. We (my soon-to-be-3 year old) just made this icecream. We’ve not eaten it yet as it is in the freezer firming up a bit more. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer w/ ice cream attachment. Worked fine as usual.

      To Noelle, who also used the Kitchen Aid– in my opinion, it is the 2% milk that “turns icy” since it has more water content in it. Whole milk doesn’t do this nearly as much. It has nothing to do with the mixer.

  44. Hi Lisa, this ice cream looks fabulous!! I have been busy shooting your recipes and I am so happy you are in the Easy LunchBoxes book with me :) xo

  45. Huge hit!!! We made it with honey instead of maple syrup since my daughter and I are honey fanatics! Thank you do much for this recipe!

  46. I’m so excited to try this! I think it will be the first recipe I try in my new Cuisinart ice cream maker (which I decided my 4 year old should give me for my birthday tomorrow). :) Love your blog!

  47. Is there a rule of thumb to convert this to the 4 qt style ice cream maker? I’m thinking somewhere like… 4 cups heavy cream, 4 cups milk, some amount of maple syrup proportional, and a bunch of strawberries?

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      I’ve only tried my ice cream maker so I am not sure, but you could certainly experiment with it!

  48. We have the same ice cream maker and love the deliciousness it churns out. We’ll be trying the strawberry recipe!

  49. I recently found a great variation of Strawberry ice cream on Pinterest. All it required was a handful of strawberries(sliced and frozen), one banana (sliced and frozen), 1-2 T coconut milk, and 1 t vanilla. Throw them all in the food processor and viola! I loved it!

  50. We have had our Cuisinart ice cream maker for 10 years and it is still going, even after a little abuse. We look forward to trying your ice cream in a month or two when strawberries are finally in season here.

  51. We made this tonight. Added a little extra maple syrup and a little bit of pure vanilla. Used all organic ingredients. Yum! Everyone from 2-31 loved it and it was sooo simple to make! :)


  52. Yummy, I made the maple ice cream last night and put the chocolate sauce on it, it was super good! 5.5 pounds down today!

    1. Do you have a “real food” recipe for choc chip mint? If so, would you mind sharing? that’s my favorite flavor!!

      1. We just add chocolate chips and mint extract to the ice cream. We use dark chocolate chips. Today we made rhubarb and blueberrie ice creams for my daughter’s birthday. She didn’t want cake.

    1. I just bought mine too!! and I feel the same way about taking pride in something you made…especially since I have 2 small children, boys, and I want to teach them things other than sports and trucks!! My 5 y/o loves making his own meals!

  53. my son and i are both lactose intolerant and I’m allergic to coconut….we can use lactose free whole milk but i’ve never seen lactose free cream…any ideas?

  54. My ice cream maker is the old pain-in-the-rear kind so I haven’t gotten it out yet this year, but I have been enjoying the old-fashioned dessert called fool. It’s super-easy.

    To make strawberry fool: chop up about a cup of strawberries pretty finely, or smoosh them up, and add a little sweetener to pull out the juice- I use a teaspoon or two of sugar, but maple syrup would probably work also. Let them sit at room temperature until the juice is drawn out of the berries and the sugar is dissolved, then chill it down. When you’re ready to serve dessert, whip a half-cup or so of heavy cream (I like to add a little liqueur or orange zest to it) until it’s fairly stiff, then fold in the cold berries and juice. Serve it in pretty little bowls or glasses. Yum!

  55. Thank you so much for mentioning what maker you use. I have been in the market for one for a while but was having a hard time making a decision.

    This ice cream sounds amazing!

  56. Whole milk is best for ice cream. You could use 2% in a pinch but the butterfat content will be off making the ice cream softer and less creamy tasting. Plus, this post recommends full fat dairy. I am jealous that you have FRESH strawberries already, ours aren’t ready until the middle of June. I always use the recipe from the Cuisinart recipe book that has you macerate the berries in lemon juice and sugar. I’ll have to try maple syrup instead of sugar next time. Also, if anyone is planning to buy a Cusinart Ice Cream maker, William’s-sonoma has their free extra freezer bowl deal going(usually every spring), plus free shipping. It is really handy to have the second bowl, so you can always have one in the freezer or make 2 batches if need be.

  57. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing!!! My husband and I bought the same ice cream maker and he asks me to make ice cream for him almost every night. I finally had to stop keeping the freezer bowl in the freezer to make it harder to have every night. So easy and yummy! I will never go back to store bought ice cream again:).

  58. I have the same ice cream maker LOVE it- so simple. My step-daughter was jsut saying how we need to make more homemade ice cream, this will be our next batch.

    I do have a question.. which variation of milk did you use? Skim, 1%, 2%, whole? Recipes I have used in the past called for whole milk but I also see a poster said they use coconut milk and it works well. Just curious!

  59. I do have a hand-crank ice cream maker. Excellent workout by the way. I just couldn’t justify spending money on something I could get for free and with sentimental value. (We used to make ice cream with my gramps on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day.) I was thinking about either strawberry or lemon on Sunday. Maybe chocolate.

    What I usually make with strawberries is angel food cake. And freezing them if I have enough.

  60. Since the recipe calls for equal amounts of milk and cream, is there a reason you can’t use half and half? I look forward to using my ice-cream maker (same as yours) a lot this summer.

  61. We just used our new Cuisinart ice cream maker for the first time (hazelnut ice milk used in homemade ice cream sandwiches – now that we’ve tried it out we’ll post about it next time!).

    We will definitely try out this recipe once strawberries show up up here in Mass.

  62. We picked 4 GALLONS of strawberries over the weekend. They are delicious! I made mostly real food with them.
    – 6 cups of no sugar added strawberry jam (5dollardinners.com)
    – pb&j smoothies, that I froze in kid size portions
    – 24 whole wheat muffins, off this site
    – 24 whole wheat rolls, from artisan breads
    – 1.5 gallons hulled,frozen strawberries

    Not quite real food,but still tasty
    – bisquick strawberry shortcake
    – bisquick strawberry cobbler

    It has been a fun week finding new recipes to do with all these strawberries!

  63. This recipe sounds fabulous! Question: I try to stay away from dairy, with the exception of yogurt. I’m sure I can use my almond milk in place of the milk. Anyone know of a substitution for heavy cream? Or I suppose I could make the ice cream with frozen bananas and just add the strawberries to that…

    1. There is a Soy Milk Creamer at Trader Joe’s that might do the trick. I have not tried it. The ingredients list won’t make you happy, but you may want to check it out. Ripe bananas would be an awesome addition as well. They would bring so much sweetness that you may not need the maple syrup!

    2. I have made this twice with non-dairy substitutions. I used almond milk once for the milk and coconut milk the other time. Both times, I used “coconut milk coffee creamer” from Whole Foods for the heavy cream. It came out great both times. It is a little more like a sorbet than a true rich ice cream, but it was still delicious!

      1. You can actually make your own cream the same way you make your homemade milk. I think for a heavy cream substitute I would use cashew’s the flavor is a little richer.

        if the ratio for cashew milk is 1 part cashew to 4 parts water make the cream by having it 2parts cashew to 4 parts water.

        I hope this makes sense.

  64. Absolutely making this! We are getting strawberries in our organic bin this week…I know what I am doing with them. Have you tried this recipe with other fruits?

  65. I bought an ice cream maker a few summers ago and use it frequently. I LOVE the taste of fresh, REAL ice cream. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Strawberries are everywhere in the market and I can’t wait to try it.

  66. Yum! Strawberry ice cream was always my favorite flavor growing up and it’s been a while since I had it. We also have a Cusinart ice cream maker, but I’ve never used it! This recipe is so simple now I HAVE to try it :)

  67. I, too, thought I didn’t like strawberry ice cream until last year. I decided not to eat processed sugar, was thoroughly enjoying strawberries (from farmers market) and decided to try it. Delicious! I used honey instead of maple syrup. I plan to try your recipe too. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Thank you! I just purchased the same ice cream maker per your suggestion because I know we are going to want to eat this sweet treat this summer and we have been eating so “clean” — Strawberry is one flavor I was hoping to make, especially once we go picking! Thanks!!! perfect!

    1. I made the ice cream with our fresh picked strawberries tonight and it was PERFECT!!!! YUM!!! I have SO many strawberries to process, so I made another double batch of the ice cream mix (blended the cream, milk and berries/maple syrup together) and frozen in ice cube trays. Not sure what I will do with them exactly, but I figure I can add them to smoothies or just blend them up into ice cream in my VitaMix (this mix has not been added to an ice cream machine). Maybe if I let them defrost, I can still add to the ice cream machine. At least I was able to freeze some cream too this way since I had to buy a half gallon of the cream from the grass-fed local farm. THANKS! We loved this!!