Super Easy White Gazpacho

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This easy-to-make cold soup recipe is a twist on traditional gazpacho (which is made with tomatoes).
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This easy-to-make cold soup recipe is a twist on traditional gazpacho (which is made with tomatoes). We happen to love this version, and it is the perfect dish for a hot summer day. Cucumbers are still in season here in the Carolinas, and you certainly can’t beat using fresh local ingredients!

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  1. I made a lot of tomato Gazpacho during the summer until I discovered my intolerance to nightshades. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Sounds wonderful.

  2. I really like this cold soup. I think next time I’ll use 1 tablespoon of lemon juice instead of vinegar.

  3. Francie Hubbard

    @Marjorie Hubbard, who has been asking me to make gazpacho, may be game to make this soup until we have a good number of tomatoes? What do you think, @Andy Hubbard?

  4. What would you recommend as a substitute for the yogurt to make this diary free. I already have a diary free sour creme option. Thanks!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Heather. You can find dairy free yogurts now both from almond and coconut milk. :) ~Amy

  5. I made this last night, and we did not like it. I like most of your recipes, but this turned out very sour and we ended up discarding most of it. Maybe it would be better without the sour cream and less vinegar?

  6. I made this today and it is so good! I have a plethora of garden fresh cucumbers and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on the freezability of this soup?

  7. I used cilantro instead of parsley b/c the parsley in the grocery store looked terrible. And I accidentally forgot the garlic! Next time I’d like to try with some cocktail shrimp in it too, maybe.

    This soup was a big hit with me and hubs. We ate it with a sandwich for lunch and on a hot summer day it really hit the spot! Our 10 month old baby tried it but wasn’t crazy about it- probably because of the texture of the blended cilantro. This one’s a keeper in our house!

  8. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but my hubby just took his first bite and said, “Yummy!” My three-year-old is also enjoying it, but he thinks it’s just yogurt (and I’m not going to tell him otherwise at this point). I think the problem for me was that I only had vanilla yogurt, which has made it too tangy. I’m betting that it’s a lot better with plain or Greek.

  9. Hi, I just found your website via Pinterest and I can’t stop looking! Sooo many great recipes in one place!
    As for the cold soup it looks a lot like what we call ” tarator ” in Bulgaria and is something like a must on the table for the summer. There are few differences, we use only yogurt ( if you could find a Bulgarian / Greek / Balkan style yogurt for best results), finely chopped dill, chopped walnuts or pecans, few drops of sunflower oil and a little bit of water to thin the soup.

  10. This sounds so good …. but more like tzatziki sauce (which happens to be my favorite dip) than gazpacho. I’ll be making some tomorrow, but will use cilantro instead of parsley and I think I’ll add a finely chopped jalapeno. Thanks for the recipe! (Greek/Mexican fusion – yeah baby!)

  11. This soup was delicious, I made it last night and even the hubby liked it! I did use Greek yogurt like the other poster had recommended, but the consistency was too thin, and I almost thought that it could’ve been a sauce, because of how liquidy it was. What can I add to make it thicker?

    Also, I realize this soup is a starter dish, but I’d like to add something more substantial, like croutons. But I’d hate to add croutons being they are on the unhealthy side.

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      You could try straining or draining the yogurt first to get rid of some of the liquid. Also, try making homemade croutons with whole-wheat bread!

  12. I just wanted to let you know that this was wonderful and refreshing in this hot-hot weather:) Simple ingredients, simple instructions, and nutritious just the way I like it! The only improvement I would make next time would be to use Greek yogurt which would give it a little more thickness. Good call on the small clove of garlic, being that it’s eaten raw, going crazy with garlic, as I normally would have, would have overpowered the soup. Oh, and I used white wine vinegar ILO white vinegar (I have only used white vinegar for laundry since I learned of the different manners it could be produced- petroleum being one).

    Thanks for another great real recipe! :)