Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza

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This is such a fun way to spend time with the family on the weekends or if your kids have friends over. I show you exactly what you need to do if you want to have a Make Your Own Pizza Night at your house with my Homemade Whole-wheat Pizza recipe—it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!
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Whole-Wheat Pizza from 100 Days of Real Food

I got this recipe from a friend of a friend and it turned out great! Making the dough ourselves took a little extra time, but my daughters loved helping me and once it was done everyone scarfed it down (including me).

Whole-Wheat Pizza with Pesto/Goat Cheese and Tomatoes/Mozzarella

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  1. Sunday is “Pizza Day” in our household thanks to this recipe. I have been making this crust each Sunday for a year and we just love getting creative with toppings and finding inspiration in the season, the garden and even leftovers. One of my favorites was our Thanksgiving Pizza made with a variety of leftovers. I was wondering if you have any tips for making multiple crusts in advance and freezing it. Freeze before rising? How long to allow for thawing/rising? We were given an Air Fryer for Christmas and I am thinking it might be fun to have dough on hand for mini-pizzas for lunch throughout the week. Thank you! Your book/recipes inspired our real food journey 2 years ago and our lives have been forever changed for the better!

  2. I used to make this a lot last year and recently made it again. The dough did not rise. I made it again today. The dough did not rise. Is it supposed to rise in the fridge?

    1. Hi Autumn, yes it is supposed to rise in the fridge. Could it be possible some of your ingredients are old? – Nicole

  3. Mike Williams

    In Week’s two menu, I see there is this pizza for a supper and then pizza for lunch the next day. I can’t imagine leftovers with this (even the picture shows only four slices). Was Lisa baking more than 1 pizza at a time? Or should I really be having leftovers from this one meal? Like enough for another meal?

    I guess my basic question is: Are there hidden things going on her, or is my portion control out of calibration?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. I’ve made it several times and do indeed have leftovers to pack in the kid’s lunches. I do roll my dough out much thinner than Lisa’s, however. I also ALWAYS serve pizza with an enormous salad. :)

  4. Can you make this recipe in a bread machine? If so, do you know which order I would put them in? Thanks for your help!

  5. Would the King Arthur whole wheat pastry flour make a better crust or just stick with the regular? I’m still trying to figure things out and not sure what the difference in the two really is. Thanks!

      1. I have made several whole wheat flour pizzas but don’t care for the texture. Would it be feasible to use 1/2 regular flour and and 1/2 wheat?

        I have never heard of letting dough rise in the refrigerator. What is the advantage of doing so?

      2. 100 Days Admin

        It helps slow down the rise process which helps add flavor and be able to bake at a later time. You could try using half and half, it just doesn’t go with our real food rules. – Nicole

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Devon. We do not provide calorie counts on recipes. Our focus is just losing the processed stuff and adding in lots of wholesome real foods. ;)

  6. I have tried out this recipe twice with organic spaghetti sauce and every time it tastes super salty. I am not sure if it is the sauce or the dough or the cheese. Any suggestions?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Bella. It is likely the sauce you are using but you can always cut back on the salt in the dough.

    2. I noticed the recipe on the website calls for 2 tsp salt, but the recipe in the cookbook only has 1 tsp salt. I’m guessing 1 tsp is the right amount, so that’s probably why it was so salty.

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. That depends on how thin you roll out your dough. I often make small single serve pizzas to freeze and can get four from this recipe. :)

  7. I am making several items to freeze for easy summer lunches. I have made the 100 days received beans for burritos. We LOVE the WE pizza dough pizzas and I want to make a bunch of frozen ones to cook (like the frozen yucky store ones). Not sure how to do that. Should I cook the dough and then top with sauce etc and freeze? Any tips to bake the frozen ones? Any help is appreciated!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. I’ve recently made mini ones and frozen them for school lunches. This time, I slightly under-cooked the crusts and then added the toppings before freezing. They turned out great when I finished the cooking process just before packing them.

      1. How do you typically freeze yours? Do you wrap them in saran wrap then foil, foil only, or do you put them in some kind of a container? Started the make ahead challenge and I’m new to freezing meals. I appreciate the whole 100 days of food crew!!

      2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        Most recently, I’ve used small sandwich zipper bags, removing all the air before completely sealing. I save and reuse the bags for the next round.

  8. If you were making this dough and wanted to freeze it for mini lunch box pizzas, would you freeze the uncooked dough in little rolled out bases, or would you cook the dough and then cut it to the right size?

  9. HI! I just wanted to suggest making a video on how to make this dough. I think it would be a big hit! For people (including muself) who have never tried making dough of any kind before, having a visual of proper kneading technique, proper dough stickiness/dryness, etc. would be so insightful! I know YouTube exists for that, and I did watch a handful of videos tonight, but they are all so different from each other and it would just be so super awesome to have a special video that goes hand in hand with your specific recipe. Also, including detailed written instructions within the recipe itself on the freezing, thawing, (re)heating process would be great!! So many people asked about that.

    Love this blog so much. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  10. If I were to make this, let it rise, and then freeze it, how would I go about rolling it out and baking it? Would I need to let it sit for a certain amount of time or just enough so that its pliable enough for me to roll it out? Or should I roll it out and then freeze it? Also, would I need to bake it longer in this case?

  11. Has anyone noticed how exceptionally salty the dough is? I doubled this recipe for the school lunches and cooked one for my family. We had to throw it out. 2 tsp (or 4 if you double the recipe seems excessive).

    1. Did you use Diamond Kosher salt? (recipe just says kosher) The flaky salt is much less salty than other salts. Morton Kosher salt is much saltier (it is more of a granular shape, not flaky), and table salt even more so. This is because a teaspoon of the flaky Diamond Kosher weighs much less than the other types due to its shape leaving more air space.

      1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        I, personally, have used Morton’s simply because it is what was in my pantry. :)

  12. I’m wondering how long it should take for my dough to come together? I feel like it takes a long time in the food processor and I’m afraid I’m adding too much water. How long should I wait to add water to make it come together? Thanks!

  13. Hello, I am wondering what cooking oil spray you use. I am finding that most have soy lecithin in them – is that an ingredient you avoid?

  14. Love this recipe but last night my dough was hard and didn’t rise much. I am thinking maybe my water was too hot. Also, I was reading the comments and noticed that whole wheat flour should be stored in fridge/freezer. I use a lock and seal container now but store it in the cupboard. What type of container would be good to store it in the fridge? Should all my flour be stored in the fridge or just what I use to make dough? Also, my packets of yeast should that also go in the fridge?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. You can dramatically prolong the freshness of your flours and grains by refrigerating/freezing them. Whole grains can go rancid pretty quickly in your pantry. You can also freeze your yeast.

  15. 2 stars
    I thought the taste was okay (my mom didn’t like it), but the dough was too dense and didn’t cook all the way through. I made the dough the night before and let it rise in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Seems like maybe the dough was still too cold and stiff. Maybe I should have taken it out of the fridge and let it come to room temp before cooking. I may try it again, but not so sure this one is a winner.

  16. I made this for dinner tonight and both my husband and I were surprisingly impressed at how delicious it was! We have tried making pizza two times in the last few years, and it never turns out just right (the dough is always overcooked on the outside and undercooked in the middle). This pizza crust was just PERFECT! Looks like we will be saying goodbye to Papa Murphy’s and making healthier whole-wheat pizza at home. :) Thank you, Lisa! I love all of your recipes!!!

  17. I was really excited to try out this recipe but it was a complete disaster for me.

    I only had organic whole wheat flour so I used that. What exactly is white whole wheat flour?

    First I mixed up the 2 tsp of yeast in 1 cup of warm water per your instructions. I waited for 10 mins but nothing happened. I looked around on the internet and there was information on adding ‘food’ for the yeast to react so I added a 1/4 tsp sugar and finally the yeast started to foam. As this was mentioned as a ‘proofing’ test for the yeast, I opened up another packet, dissolved it in another cup of warm water and added it to the dry ingredients. After blending the dough, I stuck it in the fridge. I took it out after 3 hours and it had not risen at all.

    I then kneaded the bread for about 40 mins and rolled it into a dough. It did not turn out well, there was a bitter aftertaste and it was incredibly dense with a strange texture. Where did I go wrong?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Sana. Hmm. I’ve made this dough both in my stand mixer and by hand. I’ve never kneaded for more than 5 minutes. Also, if you use active dry yeast, you do not need to add a starter and be sure that your water is warm not hot. Hot water will kill the yeast. White whole wheat is still 100% whole wheat. It is just lighter in color and texture.

      1. Hi Amy, I definitely used warm water not hot, measured it at 22 deg C. I also did use active dry yeast, should it have foamed in the 1 cup of water without a starter then? Not sure why it didn’t, because once I added the sugar it instantly foamed.

      2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        Well, it doesn’t hurt to proof your yeast and clearly your yeast was alive. I am not sure what went wrong but again I’ve never found it necessary to knead at length.

  18. Hi Amy. Well it double in size while in a covered oiled bowl on the counter so I bagged it and it continued to rise in the fridge overnight. I will roll it out and see how it goes tonight.
    I did some research and found out that sugar/honey is not needed while proofing active yeast, just warm water. I will let you know how the 2 teaspoons of salt in your recipe tastes in the finished product.
    Thank you again!

  19. Hello I just made a batch of your whole wheat pizza dough. I made it in a food mixer with dough hook. I’m puzzled that there is no sugar added to the water for the active yeast to start to feed on. I am also wondering about the two teaspoons of kosher salt. That seems awfully salty.
    Did I read the ingredient list correctly?
    Presently it’s resting in a covered, oiled bowl to rise.
    I usually roll out and build my pizza on a wooden paddle and then transfer to a preheated pizza stone. Bake at 400f for 10 minutes.
    Am I on the right course here>
    Thank you

  20. I was wondering how well this dough freezes? I do not have a dough blade or hook but a good friend of mine does. Can I make a several batches and then freeze for later? Thanks!

      1. How do you recommend freezing? Partially bake plain crust and freeze? Or freeze raw dough? Any recommendations on thawing/baking?

      2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        Hi Karissa. You can do either but I bake my crust (a little undercooked) and then freeze. It works well for throwing together a quick school lunch.

  21. When making these for my boys lunch, can I prepare them the night before, store in the fridge and then pack them in their lunches to be eaten cold?

  22. Hi Liza, for christmas this year I got a pizza stone and used your whole wheat pizza dough recipe for the base. It was absolutely delicious and so simple to make! Anyway, my housemate went out and brought pizza dough and I was amazed to see so many ingredients! here is the list: wheat flour, water, semolina, iodised salt, wheat gluten, yeast, vegetable shortening (antioxident 307), food emulsifiers (472e,481,471), soy flour, mineral salt (516), enzyme (1100), vitamins (thiamin, folate)…..after reading your book i am not touching that stuff!

  23. So Trader Joes just discontinued their mini whole wheat pita bread which I have been using to make the mock lunchables (Thanks to your blog) So, I was wondering if I could make the dough, cook it and then freeze and bring it out for the kids lunches. Do you think this will work or will it be too soggy?

  24. My kids love this recipe for calzones, pizza and just about anything else like garlic knots, yum! Do you think I can freeze this dough? If so do I do it right after making it or let it rise a little first? I also just signed up for Unprocessed October, it gave be an excuse to finally get you cookbook! Can’t wait for it to arrive! :)

    1. It should freeze fine, just let it do its rise in the refrigerator first and then freeze. When ready to use thaw in refrigerator and shape and cook as usual.

    2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Amanda. Yes, you can totally freeze the dough. It is so handy to have some stored and ready to go! I do allow it to rise before freezing. ~Amy

  25. Can you make this dough in a bread maker? Just put in all the ingredients and use the dough setting ? If so, can i turn the bread maker on before i leave for work and allow the dough to sit in the bread maker while I’m at work to bake when I get home ?????? Or is leaving the dough out all day an issue ?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Jenny. We’ve not tried to make this in the bread machine. It would probably work and as long as a dough doesn’t have eggs, it should be fine being left for the day. ~Amy

  26. Let me tell you…I moved in with my boyfriend and his 2 kids a little over a year ago. I have never met such picky eaters in my life! They will ONLY eat frozen corn dogs and chicken nuggets (gasp!). Trying to cook and change the food around here has been somewhat of a nightmare. For her lunch at school, his daughter refuses to eat anything other than pizza lunchables EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I went out on a limb and tried the ol’ sneak-a-roo with this pizza dough instead. She immediately noticed the difference (duh!), but she loved it! She likes it way better than the store bought version. I’m so excited! I need to get your cookbook and try your other recipes! Thanks!

  27. This is what I’m looking for but where to start. I really need help to know how and where to start. I feel like my body is starving for GOOD GMO FREE PESTICIDE FREE MEATS AND VEGGIES. I’m pretty much in bed and feel LOST with all the good information and not knowing where and how to go about feeling good and able to get up and not feel like I’m sick all the time. Really need some tips for me and my daughter who has PCOS and doctors only comment on her weight, which is part of the PCOS COMPLICATIONS. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  28. I didn’t see in the instructions on when to add the salt. That seems to be missing so I just threw it on with the flour.

  29. Hi! Thanks for the recipe. I was wondering if you can make individual pizzas from the dough instead of making one pizza. That way each of my kids can make their own pizza how they like it.

  30. Hi Lisa.

    Thanks for yoru site. this recipe is great.

    I tried it and it is just superb.

    I have a very small site compared to yours about recipes, in particular Italian Recipes.
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  31. Made this but my dough too dense. Guessing I should’ve rolled it thinner? Still yummy but too thick!

  32. Outstanding and so easy! We made a second batch, topped it with melted butter, Parmesan, and garlic to make breadsticks…loved them! This pleased the entire family!

  33. Love this recipe! But, I’ve had some major problems with rolling it out – the dough is so stubborn. Any suggestions? Or is this typical because it’s whole wheat?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Julianne. You do have to work this dough pretty hard but it is worth it. I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing it while it is kneading, and sometimes add a couple extra tablespoons of water which helps. ~Amy

  34. Can I make the dough tonight and keep it (uncooked) in the fridge till tomorrow when I plan to cook. I read through a few pages of comments but no one asked this. Many Thanks, Sarah

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Sarah. Sorry. We are often unable to answer in real time. What did you do? How did it turn out? ~Amy

  35. I made this in the bread machine and it seemed to work well–I also used coconut oil in place of the evoo since I didn’t have any and it worked–soo excited!

  36. I love your recipes! I want to make this, but I’m confused about what kind of active dry yeast to buy. This may be a dumb question, but at the stores, the yeast I see has sorbitan monostearate in it. What kind of active dry yeast has only yeast as an ingredient? thanks!

      1. Should I let it rise and then freeze it? Or make and freeze it immediately? (I’m guessing the latter.)

  37. I made pizza tonight. I used your Alfredo sauce recipe on this crust recipe. I topped it with broccoli, mushrooms and onions and some left over chicken. Quite tasty

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Rachel. Trader Joe’s has full fat mozzarella that is really creamy. Whole Food’s 365 brand has a full fat mozzarella, too. I can not find one at my conventional grocery store, though. ~Amy

      1. Thanks, Amy! We looked at Whole Foods, but did not see the 365 Brand. I will look more closely next time, or check out Trader Joe’s. :)

  38. I just wanted to clarify freezing and baking instructions. If I freeze without baking at all, can I bake straight from the freezer or do I need to let it thaw first? If I can put it in frozen do the baking temperature or time change at all? Thanks!

  39. Just made this for dinner. Used 1 C whole wheat flour and 2 regular flour. I also added 3 T puréed cauliflower and 3T puréed carrots with diced green peppers to the pizza sauce. (I steam and purée veggies and freeze them in ice cube trays to add to sauces). It was a home run. Thanks for such an easy crust recipie with great directions.

  40. Since there are pages and pages of comments, and I am at work and do not have time to look at them all, forgive me if this has been asked? Could you use a pizza crust yeast and bake it immediately without letting it rise in the fridge for an hour? Has anyone tried that before?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Becky. We have not tried it without the rising time. If you do, let us know how it turns out for you. ~Amy

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Becky. The dough can be frozen. You will need to let it thaw over night and then warm on the counter before stretching. You can also cook the dough and freeze the crust or freeze the whole prepared pizza. ~Amy

      1. Hello Amy-

        When you say freeze the whole prepared pizza, do you cook the pizza and then freeze it? Or freeze the dough with toppings before it is baked? Thanks!

  41. This may have been asked already, but is there a particular brand of yeast that you recommend? Is there such a thing as organic yeast? Thanks!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Becky. There is not a particular brand we recommend. Lisa usually uses a dry active yeast and buys it at Earth Fare. ~Amy

  42. We had a build your own pizza night, using this crust recipe, and it was a hit. We use WW pastry flour and this time it tasted like pizza crust rather than bread. Thanks :)

  43. Can you use this recipe in a bread machine? If so is there a certain order for the ingredients to go into the machine? and would you use the white or whole wheat dough setting? Thank you.

    1. I make it in a bread machine. It works out great. I do find that the crust is a little thick for my taste. I’m not sure if this is due to the bread machine or the recipe. We usually halve the recipe for 1 large pizza with a thinner crust.

  44. Hi, I’m sorry if this question has already been asked but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. How much will this recipe will yield?
    Will I have enough dough for 2 people, 4 people? Thanks

  45. So, any options at places like Whole Foods for a mom of 2 who works full-time? Sadly, making pizza dough from scratch is just not realistic for me. What about using whole wheat pita bread instead?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Kareen. You could try that. I often make individual pizzas on whole wheat tortillas. I get them crispy in the oven before adding toppings so they do not get soggy when baking. Let us know how yours turn out! If you ever find the time, try this crust. It is yummy. :) ~Amy

    2. Hi Kareen, I am just trying this recipe now and saw your post from a few months ago. Hoping you see this – I was actually floored at how quick and easy this was. As I made it (hand kneaded the dough and it only took about 2 minutes), I was thinking, “why haven’t I always done this?” because it really was so easy and quick. I work too, so am sympathetic to the time balance, and just wanted to share my thoughts because it really was quick and easy.

    3. Im a single mom and I work full time too. You just need a bread machine to make great homemade breaf and pizza crust. I toss the ingredients into the bread machine when I come in from work. Then let it do its thing while we pit away shoes and backpacks and all that. My 2 yr old enjoys helping measure everything. Older kidd could put the ingredients in alone. Good family teamwork!!

  46. I’ve read through all the comments and don’t see the answer to my question so here goes. When I bake my pizza, the crust never seems to get all the way done, especially in the center of the pizza. I follow the directions exactly, all fresh ingredients. I even use a pizza stone and pre-heat it and still my cheese is golden brown and melty and the bottom crust is still a bit gooey. Any ideas? I love the taste, just want to perfect it for our weekly pizza night.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Elizabeth. Hmmm. I’m not sure. I know I have had some mixed results with my stone but I think I haven’t heated it properly. I’m a bit impatient. :) You could try baking the crust a little while on its own before adding the toppings? ~Amy

    2. I’ve had the same problem and I figured it out it was due to the toppings. If you use really juicy tomatoes and a moist fresh mozz, all that water causes the gooey dough. I solved it by blotting the mozz dry and using less of the cheese and the tomatoes. Hopefully this will help, but I also agree that baking the crust first for a few minutes might solve the problem.

    3. I have had perfectly evenly baked crust with this recipe when using a pizza pan that has the tiny holes all over on it. My pizza pan was less than $10 and I think that the little holes help release the steam or other moisture that can get trapped under the crust. This crust is better than any store bought I’ve found and so easy to make (and I am not a good cook and I have two toddlers at my feet then I cook.) Thanks for a new go-to recipe!

      1. I second the pizza pan with the holes. My pizzas come out perfectly now. No doughy centers. I think I bought mine at Marshalls/TJmaxx for $8. The pans also work well if you have to bake two pizzas at a time. Both pizzas cook evenly.
        Pizza pans with holes for president! :)

  47. What kind or brand of tomato sauce did you use? Most store-bought sauces have a lot of ingredients and don’t taste good.

  48. Hi Lisa, What is the reason you use white whole-wheat flour vs whole- wheat? I noticed King Aurthur makes both kinds.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Alex. Lisa actually uses both types. She likes the light taste and texture of the white whole wheat for many recipes. ~Amy

  49. I’ve read through several pages of the comments looking for information on the freezing process and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so forgive me if this is redundant…

    I want to freeze the dough in balls like you suggest, but I’m unclear on whether to let the dough rise first, then freeze, or freeze first, and then let it rise in the fridge as it thaws the night before I want to make the pizza???

    Also, when you freeze the pizza already assembled (rolled out with sauce and toppings) I imagine the dough is not cooked, right? Cause then you would just bake the whole shebang all at once.

    And if the dough is rolled out, baked with no toppings and then frozen… once thawed and topped, how long would you recommend putting it in the oven to warm it up & melt the cheese/warm the toppings to avoid over baking the dough?

    I’m just trying to figure out the best way to go about freezing that’ll work for us and our schedules and tastes.

    Thank you!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Danielle. You let the dough rise first before freezing and it may rise a little more during the thaw. We usually freeze the pizza whole, assembled, and uncooked. If you do cook the pizza doughs and freeze, I would thaw them and then heat just long enough to be hot through with the cheese melted. : ) Hope I answered them all. ~Amy

    1. Katie – The Trader Joes crust is really tasty but sadly it is not whole wheat. It is just “wheat” which is a mixture of wholewheat and white flours.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Patty. As with store-bought breads, it can be really difficult to find a pre-made dough without a very lengthy ingredient list. ~Amy

    2. do you have a great harvest bread company or breadsmith near you? Both of mine will make upon special request – its only $2 per crust…and no EXTRA indgredients – flour, salt, yeast etc.\
      Its been a lifesaver on busy weeknights. I usually buy 4 or 5 at a time and then freeze.

    3. I buy my crust at whole foods. It has only 5 ingredients, and they use whole wheat flour! I find it in the prepared foods section.