Our Response to Kraft’s Letter: It’s Time to Surrender Your Artificial Dyes

FYI – Today I am appearing on the Dr. Oz Show along with Vani (aka Food Babe) to discuss our petition – be sure to tune in!

It’s been a little over one week since we started a petition to remove artificial food dyes from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. We have over 228,000 signatures, and counting, and while we heard from Kraft right after the petition launched, it was not the response we were hoping for.

We thought it would be important to share their response and exact letter with you, so you can understand exactly what we are up against.

Below you’ll see Kraft’s letter to us along with our specific response and reaction in bold.

From Kraft: Hi Lisa and Vani,

Thanks for contacting us. The safety and quality of our products is our highest priority and we take consumer concerns very seriously. We carefully follow the laws and regulations in the countries where our products are sold. So in the U.S., we only use colors that are approved and deemed safe for food use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our Response: When Kraft found out the safety of artificial food dyes was in question in Europe – why didn’t they make the “safety” of U.S. citizens their highest priority, too? Food is food – whether in our country or someone else’s – why not make all Kraft products standardized to the highest safety regulation across the board? Kraft was able to reformulate their products without artificial dyes in the U.K. without noticeably changing the color or taste – we even taste tested it ourselves just to prove this point. We know it can be done; Kraft doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

To further prove this point – Kraft stated this fact themselves by reformulating Lunchables in the UK without “compromising quality, taste and food safety.”

“Kraft Foods UK has no products aimed at children that contain the ingredients highlighted in the FSA [Southampton] study. . . . [W]ith our recent Lunchables reformulation in the UK, we reduced fat and salt, as well as removed artificial colours and flavours. Without compromising quality, taste and food safety, we will continue to see where we can make changes and still meet consumer expectations.”—Kraft Foods UK (Quote Taken from AllergyKids Foundation)

Because Kraft has not willingly and proactively reformulated their products in the US, it’s obvious to us that Kraft’s highest priority is their bottom line. We are asking Kraft, a multi-billion dollar company, to be the leader in the US Food Industry by voluntarily removing artificial dyes and owning up to the statements they make about safety and quality of their products.

From Kraft: We expanded our line of KRAFT Mac & Cheese (KMC) offerings. We know some people prefer foods without certain ingredients — we now offer a multitude of products without added colors, as well as products with natural food colors including:

  • KMC Organic White Cheddar
  • KMC Organic Cheddar
  • KMC White Cheddar
  • KMC Alfredo
  • KMC Deluxe Original Cheddar
  • KMC Deluxe Four Cheese
  • KMC Deluxe Sharp Cheddar
  • KMC Homestyle Creamy Parmesan Alfredo
  • KMC Homestyle Sharp Cheddar and Bacon
  • KMC Homestyle Classic Cheddar
  • KMC Homestyle Hearty Four Cheese
  • KMC Homestyle Bowl Southwest Tortilla
  • KMC Homestyle Bowl Creamy Broccoli with White Cheddar
  • KMC Cup Alfredo

Our Response: Who prefers food with artificial color? We are not sure many consumers do since it adds no benefit or nutritional value to the foods it’s in and is simply a cheap, cosmetic additive. And what about all the kids that reach for the boxes with cartoon characters? Do you really think they are going to pick out the Organic/Homestyle version over Spongebob? The above options of Macaroni and Cheese without artificial dyes are not targeted toward children, and the versions that are specifically designed for children do contain Yellow #5 and Yellow #6. Children are the ones that are most at risk for complications when consuming artificial dyes. In Europe, a food company is required to use a warning label when using artificial food dyes stating, “May cause adverse effects in activity and attention in children” on the package.

But meanwhile back in the US, Kraft features children regularly in commercials and goes as far as holding essay contests specifically for children to promote the introduction and creation of new product lines containing artificial food dyes – products like “Cheddar Explosion,” “Extreme Cheese Explosion,” and “Grilled Cheese Explosion.”

Since artificial dyes provide no value but do pose risks, we believe it is up to Kraft to voluntarily change their product and stop exploiting the FDA laws to their financial advantage. The 30 or so Kraft varieties that do still contain artificial dyes in the US are unfair to the children lured by these products, unfair to the less fortunate who buy these products because they are cheaper, and unfair to the uneducated consumer that is unaware of these potentially harmful ingredients.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Products Targeted at Children - 100 Days of Real Food

Even the FDA admits we should be concerned, stating the following on their website:

“Exposure to food and food components, including AFC [Artificial Food Colors] and preservatives, may be associated with behavioral changes, not necessarily related to hyperactivity, in certain susceptible children with ADHD and other problem behaviors, and possibly in susceptible children from the general population.”

Yellow #5 and #6 both have not been retested since their approval – do we have confidence in the FDA to keep up to date on health risks considering there were 91 artificial dyes (allowed in food, drugs, cosmetics, and/or medical devices) that were at one point approved by the FDA that are now no longer authorized or have been restricted?

Also what about all the big restaurant chains like Applebee’s, IHOP, Perkins, Denny’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bob Evans and Steak n’ Shake offering “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese” in kids meals and on menus across the country? These children do not get a choice between mac & cheese with or without dyes – instead they are solely offered the riskier option.

Kraft Mac and Cheese on kids menus - 100 Days of Real Food

From Kraft: We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you.

Our Response: Sharing this information with us does not address our petition nor does it address our concerns for the health of Americans. We request that Kraft listen to the (228k+) people signing our petition and the families who have reached out to us directly in concern.

We’ve received numerous letters from parents and people who have had dramatic improvements in the health of their families after removing artificial dyes. Here are just a few excerpts from these hundreds of letters – we hope this finally convinces Kraft to act and remove artificial dyes:

“Artificial dyes caused him to have tantrums that nobody could believe – after eating anything containing dye – absolutely any and everything could set him off into a tantrum and he would scream in such a state of rage that he was unreachable for approx. 50-60 minutes at a time.” – Tracy


“My son had very bad eczema along with hyper activity when he was younger. After years of expensive medicine and creams for his skin we decided to stop eating foods with dyes in them. The results were astounding. I had a much more manageable child with beautiful skin.” – Renee


“My 5 year old son, has horrible reactions to artificial dyes. We’ve always been very cautious about what we eat, we don’t buy products that contain artificial ANYTHING, but we used to let him partake in treats at parties that contain artificial colorings, until we realized the random violent outbursts he was having came only after consuming artificial dyes. Normally, he is a very sweet soul, but the day after Halloween, when we had allowed him to eat skittles, he had a violent outburst in class where he threw a chair. A CHAIR. His teachers were shocked, so were we.” – Emily


“We struggled for over 2 years, trying various strategies to stop the tantrums, teach him to self-soothe and calm himself when overstimulated, and help him sleep through the night again. Nothing worked until we eliminated artificial food dyes from his diet when he was 4 1/2 years old. We saw dramatic results just 5 days after eliminating them. He started sleeping through the night consistently for the first time since he was a baby, and his intense and long-lasting tantrums also disappeared.” – Jennifer


“My 5 old daughter is hypersensitive to food dyes which we didn’t discover until we took them away. Her behavior was off the charts fighting, screaming, and just plain unhappy. We removed artificial food from her diet, she became a different child. She is happy and compliant. But if she has any thing containing food dye, she losses her mind and will begin to scream, fight, hit the halls. Finally at the age of 5 she is able to tell me when she has a headache and its alway after having something containing artificial food dye at school. This can’t be just a coincidence!! I mean every time my daughter has artificial food dye she is in pain!” – Kelli


“My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with eczema when she was 3 months old. We have been to many Doctors and have had way too many prescriptions. The triggers for this condition are many. The major ones that we have found that bother her are artificial dyes. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to keep all of them out of our homes. It is something that we need to be mindful of everyday if she wants to stay healthy. I truly believe that all dyes should be banned for our food supply today. Not only our food supply but also from medications, whether over-the-counter or prescription.” – Kerry


“One of my sons is allergic to artificial food dye…to the point of it being life-threatening. His breathing becomes labored, he becomes lethargic and we must have (dye-free) Benadryl and an EPI Pen Jr. on hand at all times. Fortunately, we try to eat very naturally so we were able to identify the issue fairly quickly. However, it’s very difficult to protect him from artificial food dye in public, i.e. visiting friends/family, church, schools, etc. It would be a relief to this momma if artificial food dye were out of U.S. food products. ” – Jen


“My son has Aspergers, a form of autism. Food dyes significantly affect his behavior sometimes leading to explosive tantrums. Red dye #40 causes aggression and self injury. Blue #2 and yellow #5 affect his communication and emotional state. Basically, he becomes nasty and grumpy. Unable to tell us how he is really feeling, this behavior leads to tantrums. Food dye is not allowed in my house. Why do I care if other children eat it? Because until people are fully educated on the side effects of the poison they feed their children they are not able to make rational choices.” – Michele


“My son is adversely affected by artificial colors. Several months ago we removed all foods with artificial colors and flavorings from his diet to see if his behavior would improve. We were amazed to find that by removing these from his diet he has a better attention span and is less fidgety. If there is ever a time when he does eat something with these dyes in it, after about 20 minutes I can tell.” – Christie


“My 2 year old daughter breaks out in hives from artificial food dyes.” – Katie


“We were having a hard time with his behavioral outbursts when I read an article on how food dyes can often effect kids with ADHD. I decided for the heck of it to remove them from our home. We already eat pretty healthy, but Mac and Cheese was one thing that my son loved and was willing to eat. I switched to the organic brand Annie’s and also now read every thing I buy. If it contains any food coloring at all, we don’t buy it. Within a month my son completely changed. His erratic behavior was gone and he was able to focus a lot more on tasks. His stimming (self stimulating behaviors that you see with Autism) also decreased significantly. ” – Lori

We hope you join us and demand this change by signing this petition now and sharing it with as many people as you know. Together we can make our voices heard!

With Much Love,

Lisa with 100DaysofRealFood.com and Vani with FoodBabe.com


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  1. Dear Lisa and Vani,
    I read your full post and watched the show online. You two did a wonderful job on the show! I am also soooo impressed with all you are doing to carry this information nationwide and make changes to help us all! I appreciate your sacrifices to spread the word. I too want all dyes and fakeness out of all of our foods too! thank you for taking the challenge head on!!! I love both of your sites and have been subscribing now for awhile. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I love sharing your posts and spreading the word on how to take steps to make changes in what we eat.
    I too wish to testify that my son would have horrible tantrums and head banging and yelling etc and once I cut back they are very rare occurrence! Thank you soooo much again!!!
    Sherra Kinder
    McDonald, TN

  2. Good for you!!! I’m so glad you are standing up to big companies regarding artificial ingredients. Did you see that big dairy has petitioned the FDA to add aspartame to milk (in schools too) without being required to disclose it as an ingredient? This makes me incredibly frustrated – if you want to avoid artificial ingredients but it’s not labeled, it will only make it that much more difficult to do so. Just doesn’t make a bit of sense! Same holds true for genetically modified salmon. Thank you for your hard work and for speaking out on the behalf of others with big concerns

  3. Less sugar naturally

    At the very least, by putting yourself out there and caring, you’ve reached and educated people today who just had their aha moment. That the FDA and big food manufacturers do not have our interest in mind. Even if just a few families go less processed as a result of this, it will have been worth it :)

  4. I just started following you… I’m trying the best I can to cut out processed foods! It’s a process but I’m learning a lot and slowly making changes (:

  5. I didn’t get to watch you on Dr. Oz today because there was a college basketball game on instead. While I agree we need to go after Kraft for adding this garbage into our children’s food, we also need to go after the FDA as well. Since I’ve subscribed to yours and the Food Babe’s website, I’ve become so much more educated on what is actually in our so-called food and have really changed the way I eat, cook for me and my son and the way I grocery shop. I don’t know when was the last time I bought a Kraft product, but I have plenty of friends who feed the mac and cheese and other products to their children simply because they don’t know any better. If I try and talk to them about what they are eating, they look at me like I am nuts or “one of those” and think it’s (or I am) funny. The FDA has considered so many of these chemicals and man-made “ingredients” that go into the so-called food supply safe when indeed they are not. We all need to go back to eating food that truly is REAL. Grown from a garden, or purchased from a farmer’s market or bought from a real farm that treats their animals humanely. And if we feel we must east processed food, read the ingredients. There shouldn’t be anything that is unpronounceable or even questionable. I thank you and Vani so much for helping me think twice about what I feed my son and myself.

  6. Make an impact where it hurts. Have all the petitioners stop buying the product for a mo. That should hurt their pocketbook. Then see if they will comply. Then you need to start on FDA and other companies. We have way to much junk in our food that Europe has already eliminated.

  7. I was so excited to watch you on Dr. Oz today. I have been following your blog, since it’s inception. It came at a very good time for me, as I was trying to overhaul my families eating habits at the time. Your site has provided so much support and education for me. As a fellow Charlottean, I felt a sense of pride as I watched the two of you on the Oz show today. Not only are you making an impact on a local level, but a national level as well. I hope that today’s show might encourage Kraft to do the right thing. But one thing is for sure, you have educated millions of people to read the label and think twice about what they are feeding their kids. What an impact!!! Thank you.

  8. ok how about this. all the people who are saying they dont want to buy this anymore should go and find out all of the foods that have artificial colors and flavors. Im sure you think Nutri-Grain bars are better. newsflash they are just as bad as if not worse than Kraft. Go fight the FDA if you really care instead of attacking 1 of the 1000’s that just happens to have them. think about the children of the people who work there! their dad or mom takes care of them with the money they make and by not buying their product and making a dent in their profits they they other people who work for them and their children are taking a blow too. I hope your happy with yourselves.

    1. It’s not fun or popular to take a stance such as this. The choice of Kraft Mac and Cheese was strategic…obviously there are countless other food companies that manufacture products containing artificial dyes as well as countless (OK approximately 5,000) other food additives. Baby steps. The FDA is heavily lobbied and I feel “fighting” the FDA would get us nowhere, unfortunately, as much as I wish FDA reform would happen. We do not wish to tarnish Kraft’s name nor have we called for boycotting their products. Eliminating artificial food dyes is eminent, and Kraft has the opportunity to be a leader in the industry by voluntarily doing so first. They already have the products formulated! Will they step up?

    2. Yes, it is certainly better that we compromise the health and well being of our children so that no one will lose their job. Did it occur to you that the Kraft employees could be making food without unnecessary additives and dyes?

    3. To ‘Friends of Kraft’.

      There is never a reason, never an excuse, never a justification to put poison in food and then sell it for consumption.

      Do you realize that if a private party did this to another private party, they would be in prison. It is a criminal act that you want to justify.

      Making safe food does not cause employees to lose their jobs.
      It causes employes to make safe food.

      To the reply questioning why the government is regulating our food?
      Think moldy peanuts, further contaminated with rat poop and other vermin… made into thousands of products that made thousands sick. Think applesauce with thick layers of mold on top and the companies who cause that mold to be scraped off, the sauce underneath repackaged for brand names in your supermarket, schools and other institutions. Just two of so many examples. The government needs to regulate our food because manufacturers do not police themselves. You would do well to educate yourselves before dissing those posting here who know and who care enough. They should be very happy with themselves. They have taken the first step, taken on a high profile offender, they are going to make a difference and you will benefit from their efforts. How does that make you feel?

  9. Personally, I do not buy such junk for my kids but I am so glad to see someone who has stepped up and fighting against Kraft (and hopefully other companies). We need to demand a change and make it very clear to these companies that food is supposed to be real and not artificial. We should not accept all the junk that is put into the food that is sold at the supermarkets, only for these big corporations to get rich off of us.
    It’s mind boggling to me and I often wonder, do these people not have children of their own? Do they not have a conscience?

  10. Simply put – KRAFT products, any and all, are off my shopping list for good. Not that they were ever a priority but their asinine response is more than enough. Vote with your dollars people. There is no giant too big to fall.

  11. I tried to post this before and I don’t think it posted, but sorry if it posted somewhere else and it is a duplicate post. I have been getting migraines since 12 due to dyes. I get the for other reasons to, but can eliminate many if I don’t have dyes. My son has never had dyes since I don’t. He had a drink with a dye in it around Christmas time. He broke out in hives that eventually hindered his breathing and ended up in the ER for a day and now has to have an EPI pen on him at all times- we don’t know for sure it was that and won’t ever know but narrowed it down to that since we gave hi all his food the rest of the day. He is 7 and never had anything with that sort of dye that we know of. So thank you for all you do. Dyes are very dangerous for many people. Patty

  12. Thank you for trying to help keep us informed on things like the dyes in Kraft foods that we may not know about otherwise. I will not be buying any Kraft products until there is a change. Any company that feels it’s ok for one country and not for another is not ok with me. A persons health shouldn’t depend on the country they live in. If they know it can be better they should make it better. Great job on the Dr. Oz show today too! Thanks for all you do to help keep us informed.

  13. I will no longer be buying Kraft products. My families health is more important and Kraft should realize this. Why give my money to a company that doesn’t care about the health of my family?

  14. You can count on us to NO LONGER BUY KRAFT PRODUCTS until there is a change. Thank you so much for bringing this into the light. We deserve change!

  15. I think this campaign would be more effective and cause more long term change if it were directed toward the FDA. Why should Kraft be blamed if they are simply following the rules and making a product that sells? They are a public company, not only do they have the obligation to keep their customers safe but they also have an obligation to their shareholders to make a profit. The profits with which their shareholders will use to do things like buy the food that they choose to eat- be it Kraft or not. You don’t have to eat Kraft food or feed it to your kids. If you really want sustainable change I think you need to target the way food is labeled/regulated in this country so consumers have the information readily at their hands to make informed decisions- whatever decision that may be.

    1. I totally agree! I feel like these are just a bunch of people with time on their hands and nothing to do so they look for problems to fight against and complain about.

    2. It appears to me that the FDA is who you should be petitioning.
      I’m no fan of Kraft, but they’re just trying to make some money and keep their company alive.
      The real question is why the government is regulating our food.

    3. This is the comment I came here to make. I agree with what you’re trying to do, but I think going after Kraft is foolish, and to be honest it seems a little petty. I honestly don’t understand why you are so focused on them, when change is needed at the highest levels instead.

  16. I for am so glad that someone can go out there and fight for our behalf. I would like all American products to be made from whole foods, and no added, broken down, hi-bread, processed foods and/or chemicals. I have had to deal with kids that had reactions to all these artificial, chemically induced products for way to long. The health and well-being of our children and their future is really more important than a corporations profit. If that’s the case it’s time for us to boycott these products and support those who are more interested in our health and well-being instead of someone’s pocket and profit. I’m done with corporations bottom-line profit.

  17. You both presented the problem of synthetic dyes very well! Congratulations! Do you think Dr. Oz was truly surprised at the negatives of these dyes? I hope he wasn’t.

    Moms just like the two of you have been promoting the same message since 1976 via the support group, the Feingold Association. http://www.feingold.org We needed support from others, we needed to know which products to buy, etc. Our children were having such behavioral and learning problems and avoiding these dyes changed their lives. Dr. Feingold traveled the world seeking changes in our food supply and he hoped it would take only a decade. Nearly 40 years later, are we getting closer? I sure hope so. Thank you again.

  18. I have stopped buying Kraft Mac n Cheese products a while ago, as you can get the Whole Foods Brand or Annies Natural Mac n Cheese products for the same price or less and tastes much better and do not have unhealthy fillers in them.
    As big of a conglomerate as KRAFT is, this is disgraceful that they worry about their bottom line more than the good of the consumers. This will now prevent me from steering clear of all KRAFT products.

  19. So ridiculous. The responses are almost as infuriating as the product itself. I would not let this go. Just shared this page on Facebook and commented both on the Kraft Foods page and the Kraft Mac N Cheese page. We are not letting this go.

  20. Until Kraft decides to do the right thing, I will not be buying any products produced by Kraft. It may take all of us to take action into our own hands and stop buying all Kraft products. Maybe this will put a fire under their butts to conform to our wishes and health needs. Boycotting all Kraft products will definitely hit them where it hurts – the bottom line profits. What does everyone else think?

  21. Leanna Stupperich

    I’d like to know where exactly the Kraft products without dyes are marketed. They certainly can’t be found in our area! With 4 dye sensitive kids, we won’t be purchasing any of their products any time soon! I fail to see what Kraft’s problem is – all they have to do is switch to the same formulas they are already using in the UK…Crazy!

  22. Love your work! We all need to hold these companies responsible for the ingredients in their products. Unfortunately, the people most likely to use convenient processed foods and often the least likely to care what is in them.

  23. Tobey Schollmeyer

    Thank you for doing what you do. I hope your efforts open the eyes of (more) consumers. People are learning that they (the processed food manufacturers) dont care about our health only their money! I appreciate all of your efforts!

  24. Kraft aims to sell cheap food because there is a huge US market for cheap food. Ingredients unfortunately aren’t the highest priority of many consumers who are struggling. And with the immense national debt, I don’t think the government would want to allocate any more dollars to great regulation of food, especially when it’ll mean financially affecting the companies that fund a lot of government initiatives, even if there are potential human health hazards.

    Kraft should be more ethical in their choice of ingredients. Bottom line, no matter if it’s the US or UK, and especially when marketing to children. However, consumers should make more responsible purchases, even if it means paying more for products, to tell these companies “we don’t want your junkie food”. Once the demand for the better products is high enough, they will go down in price and companies will look for ways to make more options for less money to meet the demand.

    Kraft changed for the UK, they will change for the US if we demand better products. Until then, the business will meet the demand. Just like cartels keep dealing the drugs no matter the risk. Take away the demand, and the supply will soon diminish.

  25. There are many companies out there that conform to the strictest guidelines or laws of all the countries where they operate. What a great policy. If only large companies like Kraft would follow such policies, we would all be better off.

  26. Kraft? More like KRAPP!
    Everyone share this article with everyone you know.
    Not only are they more concerned with making money and covering their own than the health and safety of children, they are TOTAL JERKS in their responses. “We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you” God, what snotty fatcat brats. It makes me want to go to every supermarket, knock all their products off the shelf and then stomp on them.

    Disgusting company with disgusting values.

  27. Money talks- if we all quit buying what I see as their poison(honestly, even without the dye, that stuff just is a far cry from real food) they will quit selling it.

    Thank you for all your hard work! In the past 2 years through going allergy free, chemical free, etc- I have found that it isn’t difficult and that it might be cheaper to do without the junk in a lot of cases-

    Keep going! Your voice makes a huge difference!

  28. We removed foods with artificial dyes from our son’s diet many years ago due to his mild hyperactivity and noticed a dramatic positive change in his behavior. The only reason I knew about the effect of artificial food color additives was through a book written, by a nurse, whom made it a point to discover why her child was exhibiting behavioral problems when he ate certain foods with red, yellow, and orange dyes contained in them. When they eliminated those artificially flavored foods in his food, his behavior underwent a major positive change. Needless to say, our son was no longer eating foods with those colors in them. Kraft ought to know better since the studies and results have been present for many years, and they have been made aware of them and the effects on children with behavior problems. Shame on Kraft. It has been a very long time since I have purchased anything by Kraft containing those dyes. How dare they continue to say that they are following the guidelines when it has been proven to be harmful to children. Shame, shame, shame on Kraft.

  29. Keep up the good work. We have found alternative mac n cheeses or make our own. We can not use Kraft as it gives my daughter migraines.

  30. You both did a wonderful job on Dr. Oz. Thank you both for your courage and Lisa, you have inspired me for the past month 2 months to drasticallyy eliminate processed foods with my family. One month after being on your plan my 10 year old son has admitted that is bowel movements are moving much better and my 6 year old son has not had any stomach pain that he commonly complained of in the past. Thank you again.

  31. Keep up the good work. It’s so sad, really, that so many people don’t know or care to take the time to know what they are feeding their children. If you only watch mainstream TV and read mainstream magazines, you wouldn’t even know there was something to be concerned about! I suppose we were all there at one point in our journey to eating real food. Thankyou for doing this hard work and stepping out to get the word out and educate the uneducated consumers! I think maybe it’s hard for some parents to even fathom that what you’re saying is true, or to acknowledge and accept that they’ve bought into the lies for so long. Unfortunately, many people still believe that the FDA, our government, and all those big fuzzy nice companies out there like Kraft, have our children’s best interests at heart. Keep asking the hard questions, pushing back and not letting Kraft provide blow-off answers!

  32. I am very disappointed in Kraft. I would have hoped they would want to continue having the american people buy their product but I guess they misunderstand the impact that women and children have on the sale of their product.

  33. I am an avid reader of your blog and you have been such an inspiration and source of information that has helped my family change our diets and ways of thinking for the better. However, this petition-which I happily signed- has prompted me to seek out extra information and read up on the issue. I truly believe that these dyes need to be eradicated from our food supply. But one point of concern I have which prompted many more hours of research on my part was your use of secondary sources such as allergykids. I would love to see more use of primary sources so I can take what I see here “to the bank.” and feel much more confident when I am spreading the information I read here. (because I absolutely love what you do and the insight and inspiration you provide)

    1. Sadly, I do not think either woman has much of a scientific background and when confronted with questions for more data, primary sources, etc. they tend to angrily resist. I believe in this as well, but would also love to see true scientific data and primary sources, since I have found that most regular people can not comprehend the data from these studies, therefore many just make up the results as fits their agenda.Maybe the ladies can find someone is another field to team up with, that can help them legitimize their battle for dye- free food.

  34. I applaud your efforts and thank you for taking this on. It is one of the reasons I became a Wildtree rep – to share all natural and organic products and provide healthy options for all.

      1. Brittany I have been eating this stuff for 30 years and Im fine. Im healthy, i graduated HS, joined the Marines, have a job blah blah. The dye in mac in cheeses should be the least of you peoples concerns. Focus your energy on something like global warming or cancer research. Or how about stoping gang violence or your neighbored sex offender.

      2. Yikes, Eric! It appears that long-term consumption of these artificial ingredients also causes deficits in intellectual ability. If you’re a product of 30 years of consumption of this trash, I’ll be even more vigilant in keeping all artificial dye-containing foods away from my family.

      3. And that is your defense? Joining the Marines proves nothing regarding a healthy lifestyle! And by the way graduating high school also proves nothing. There are many intellectually delayed individuals that graduate. Keeping our kids healthy is the basis of this. Oh and you mentioned cancer research…FOOD COLORING ADDITIVES CAUSE CANCER. Hmm, I think that this DOES fall under cancer research. And as for stopping gang violence, go ahead and go for it Marine. I am sure you could…ooh rah.

    1. Eric, you gotta stop drinkin’ the fluoride, too. Seems to be interfering with your thought processes. And, learn to SPELL, dips#oot. Thanks for your att’n.

    2. I posted this on your Facebook, but wanted to share it here too…

      WAY TO GO!!!! We need more folks like you fighting the much needed fight against Big Food and against “fake,” unhealthy ingredients. Your great work will (hopefully) get these companies to think a bit more when they formulate their products, and will also helps raise awareness among consumers…so they can stop buying these types of products. That is the best way to get them to listen. It would be fantastic if the FDA would take notice and make some much-needed changes. However, sadly, that is likely harder given they are a government agency, which tend to be super slow to change or respond. Again, keep up the great work!

      If you need ANY help or support, please do let us know. This is something about which we are hugely passionate as well and we would love nothing more than to join you in some way (other than just signing your petition, which we did do).

  35. I love all the health conscious information you provide, thank you! Kraft’s response does not surprise me. I get the point that if you can get one big company to change the others will follow but targeting Mac & Cheese is a non-issue for me. The boxed “meal” is crap even if the artificial colors are removed. Powered cheese; gross! If my kids are going to eat cheese I feed them REAL cheese not boxed nastiness. Maybe the focus should be towards something with some nutritional value to it.

  36. *sigh* I am not the least bit surprised by this non-response. It seems like no matter how risky, dangerous, or unhealthy a product is, all a US company has to do is say, “People choose to buy this product. We can’t take away their CHOICE! They prefer it!” Never mind the fact that there are many people who aren’t actively making the choice – they may not know about how dangerous it is, they may not have another option, they may not be able to afford another option. And they might be kids who are influenced and manipulated by advertisement — never standing a chance.

  37. Thank you for bringing this fight to so many people’s attention. When you first posted about the petition I read your post to my husband. He got a sad look on his face and said, “Does this mean we can’t have Kraft Macaroni and cheese anymore.” I had to laugh a little. I can’t believe how stupid it is that if they are already doing it in the UK that they can just make the change across the board. My husband has even started looking at the backs of other foods to see what else has artificial colors in it. We were shocked to find them in Doritos and dill pickles. I don’t see what the point is. So what if it isn’t bright yellow, and if it really needs to be more colorful why can’t you just use turmeric or the other natural food coloring ingredients.

  38. I think it is terrific to stand up for what one believes is wrong. Just to look at the petition/responses above in a different light, however, I would like to point out that a PARENT has the right to choose the food for his/her child. In doing so, I don’t care what my child wants because of what she sees on a box. Spongebob, brighter colors… so my child picks that box in the aisle— I just put it back, say no, and move on. Since when is everything the company’s fault? If the consumers don’t like it or think it is fit for consumption, don’t buy it!

    1. The product shouldn’t be offered at all. Period. Lead paint shouldn’t be an option, much less the easiest option to obtain, because it’s dangerous and there are better safer alternatives. Same thing with this – products marketed at children can be made with better, safer ingredients so why is it that the products made with the dangerous ingredients are so much more readily available?

  39. I lucked out and when we last ran out of Kraft I forgot to pick up more. Thankfully I read your blog post and did not pick up any more. I have started making the mac and cheese you have on your page and I love it along with my family so I have no intentions of ever buying Kraft again. It would be nice though to have the dyes removed since it is offered in restaurants and there is no choices there! Already signed the petition but I will share this for my friends and family to sign as well.

  40. I sadly didn’t expect much else, but I was hopeful. It will take the FDA to change these laws, and the FDA seems to have its head in the ground.

  41. Thank you for staying on this! Iam sure the folks at Kraft are scratching their heads and saying “Why don’t you pretty little woman go do something else? ” Or that is the tone I get from their letter! If most people switched to real foods, these products would be forced to change….not out of concern for our health, but out of concern for their bottom line.
    Thanks again!

  42. Sigh. I hate to bring it up, but since Kraft clearly isn’t hearing anything that doesn’t have $$ behind it, is it time to have a public boycott? (I know it’s an over-used tactic, but there seems to be nothing happening here!)

  43. THANK YOU for starting this petition!! I just signed it and will tell others about it. I hope Kraft will listen and make changes! My kids and I just watched you on Dr. Oz and I have been following your blog for some time now. Your earlier posts about food dyes inspired my 12 year old son to write his 7th grade persuasive essay on the dangers of artificial food dyes. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

  44. sheila anderson

    I completely agree all artificial dyes shold be removed from our foods,they are bad chemicals and are proven to provoke bad behavior and health issues. Kraft thinks they are too big to have to change their ways and I really think they don’t care. Once I complained about their commercials for the temptations pudding desserts and they didnt really care what the consumer thinks.

  45. My son’s lips and face swell from artificial colors, and so we read labels VERY carefully. Kraft M&C is only the tip of the iceberg, and it’s obvious artificial-foodness makes it easy to avoid. (YUCK!) It’s not so easy with everything else. Keep up the good work and go after more than just Kraft! My personal crusade right now is agains our local grocery, Publix (a store that even runs Greenwise stores with organic and all natural!), bakery. The ONLY treat I could find to by my son the other day was plain cake donuts. Even the sugar cookies (WHITE sugar cookies) were artificially colored. You expect a bakery to be like cooking at home! I have to admit, they, however, gave me a better response than Kraft gave you…

  46. I saw you on Dr. Oz today! Thank you for being a champion of real food. It is a shame that money is more important to these companies than the health value of their product.

  47. Genevieve Fields

    As an Australian living in the US, the behaviour of food manufacturers here is scary. BUt why don’t the supermarkets take a stand on behalf of the public?
    A few years ago, Australian supermarket chain Aldi decided to not stock products containing artificial food dyes. They have gone up against the big supermarkets and are slowly gaining market share.

    1. Wondering if that includes the ALDI Stores here in the US? Trying to find any info on the Aldi US site. thanks for this heads up!

  48. I think your petition target should shift to the FDA rather than to individual companies.

    If the FDA tells me I need to conduct only certain tests in order to assure the sterility of certain medical device, I will comply. If costumers asks “we” go beyond that, I may fight back stating I am complying with FDA. End of story.

  49. Lisa & Vani,
    Thank you both for all that you’re doing to make people more aware of the contents of our foods. I pray this petition starts a movement with Kraft Foods then all food manufacturers here in the US.

    I just watched you both on the Dr. Oz Show, you both looked fabulous and did a great job! I hope this subject is looked into more deeply by many more news organizations so that even more people are made aware of these high-risk and completely unnecessary additives in our foods.

  50. Great response!! I’m signing right now! You’ve got the support, don’t give up the fight. First Kraft, then who knows?

  51. Bottom line is what big business listens too. My family has stopped buying commercial food. We have educated ourselves to the point of understanding that no one is going to take an interest in our health, except us! If it is in a box, container, or package it is all about money. Be an advocate for your family. Stay at home and eat fresh!

  52. “So in the U.S., we only use colors that are approved and deemed safe for food use by the Food and Drug Administration.”

    All that “safe” means is that no one died from it. The FDA is a joke and complying with their standards is like someone who gets a college degree by the skin of their teeth. They may be a college graduate, but that doesn’t mean they are capable of doing the job. Standards can be changed when new information emerges, and there are definitely enough testimonials to show that there is something wrong with food additives and they are making us SICK. No wonder people are saying that the new generation of kids is worse than the last – they are being exposed to a lot more chemicals!

  53. There are a few things going on here with KRAFT. The first thing being their fear of losing profits because they’ve changed the product. Remember that $$ rules just about everything in the US. And it’s a fallacy to assume that because you are concerned with this that most other people are.

    A lot of people think worrying about this stuff is stupid (you’d really be surprised) and might even start buying more of the “bad” version just out of spite. Many people are also under the false believe that “everything is ok in moderation.” This drives me nuts because, well, toxicity is bad even in moderation.

    So then KRAFT puts out the “healthier” version and they kill two birds with one stone. They put out a version for people who do care about such things so they get their money. And they also get to take up more shelf space. The more shelf space they get, the more they push out competitors, (There is a great documentary on beer that describes this tactic quite well) the more money for them.

  54. I would love to see a petition to remove food dyes from all products, not just mac and cheese. Being gluten free, we do not eat Kraft mac and cheese, but I still signed because it’s a step in the right direction.

  55. Wouldn’t Kraft Macaroni & Cheese be considered “Processed Food”? I am surprised that people that are concerned with eating only healthy unprocessed food, would even consider eating food out of a box. Especially this product. Just my thought…

  56. Even if some adults don’t care or even if they prefer the artificial stuff, who is hurt by these products? The children, but not only them. All of society is hurt by poison in the food supply. Whether it be more cancer, eczema, or learning disabilities, we are all hurt by children not being allowed to be as healthy and productive as possible.

    The FDA need to start working for us and not for major corporations.


  57. Well. Think about this. Whether Kraft changes it or not, you will most certainly be dead in 40-50 years anyhow. Why worry about the food you eat? Worry more so about where your soul is going. silly people!

  58. Because of your info I have tried to stay away from Kraft but they are one of the only food corps that completely label gluten (not just wheat).

    However, my kids are never allowed Mac and cheese in a restaurant. Lol. It’s either Kraft or doesn’t offer a veggie side. Sometimes it’s the highest calorie meal offered on a menu.

  59. We cannot give up. The response from Kraft was the most generic, uncaring, robotic response. It shows us that they really don’t care. Their profits are more important to them. I will NEVER buy Kraft again and will empty my pantry of anything lingering. We as a nation we NEED to continue to demand removable of these artificial ingredients and put pressure on the FDA to make it happen. Its the only way we ever want to see a change.

  60. Lisa, thanks once again for all that you do. Your blog is awesome! Our family has made many changes in our diet thanks to you. We now make your homemade macaroni and cheese recipe 99% of the time instead of pre-packaged.

    Regarding Kraft, it would be interesting to go to different grocery stores and see how many of these “alternate” products are on the shelves. I bet there are some grocery stores where there is only the one product and it’s the one with artificial colors. Also, it is interesting to me about how much they spend on marketing and branding for all of these different product lines. You’d think they could save on marketing and packaging by only having one recipe without artificial dies for the regular flavor of mac and cheese (and use it in the US and Europe).

    Although I understand why you and Food Babe are targeting one company (the awareness has been great)! I still wish you would also petition the FDA. I know there have been other unsuccessful FDA petitions, but maybe if you and Food Babe led the effort, you’d be successful since there seems to be so many more followers and so much more awareness now?

  61. Until we hit them where it hurts (the bottom line), I have little faith in our food system. Buy local, make mac and cheese from scratch if you have the time, etc. etc.

  62. So after reading your response my new question is… why does there need to be 30+ varieties of macaroni and cheese offered by ONE brand? This is ridiculous. You would think that offering ONE formula would save them money because they’re buying fewer ingredients in larger quantities. Its obvious to me that while they may be following “the law” they do NOT have consumers best interests in mind.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! More choices to consumers mean more chances at people buying Kraft. And, the organic versions are more expensive so in the end they make more money. Some marketing guru made a lot of money for that decision, I bet! I used to work for a food & beverage company. It blew my mind how many variations of each snack was produced to expand the product line, to take up more shelf space, to reach more consumers and to, ultimately, make more money.

  63. They sound like all they care about is being within the laws. That’s the only reason their mac n cheese in the UK is different! They don’t care about us or our health.

  64. Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

    I signed the petition. Thanks for helping spread awareness for this important issue. It kills me to see so many artificial dyes in all the foods that are specifically marketed to children.

  65. I am 37 and when I was in college I tried the Kraft “blue box” mac and cheese. After about half a bowl I had to run to the toilet. Then I backed off and would have one bite… wait 30 minutes, and then run to the bathroom. I have 2 boys (7&13) They have never in their life eaten a box of instant macaroni and cheese, especially anything from Kraft or any one of the companies that are listed on your site.

  66. Cheryl Zandbergen

    I don’t know how any organization can ignore 228k+ people!
    Keep on fighting – even if Kraft never changes its position your message is reaching far and wide. You are changing lives.

    1. What we DO know is that there are a lot more people NOT buying that crap. When they start to notice it financially, they will change. But not one second before that!

  67. I hate that this is even a stance we have to take as consumers. “Please don’t poison us or target our impressionable, sweet children who respond to bright colors and cartoons.”

    I will continue to sign petitions of this nature, and I will continue to help in any way that I can. I would hate for Kraft to go out of business (for all the American citizens they surely employ) BUTI feel like they need to have the fear of the consumer put into them, they need to understand that we aren’t just an idiotic mass of morons who fling their money around willy nilly. There needs to be some real change, here in the US.

  68. I agree with removing the dyes but I think the conversation took an unnecessary agitative tone after Kraft’s first response. You get more flies with honey than with splenda…

    1. Cheryl Zandbergen

      I’m sorry, I appreciate your opinion but I AM agitated with their response, as I am sure many others are. I think that in order to make change of this magnitude you have to show passion, be blunt and to the point and provide valid arguments, as the ladies have done. (Unless of course you have the power to change regulations).