Simple 20-Minute Kale & Egg Frittata

Here is a quick, simple recipe for kale egg frittata using ingredients you probably have on hand. It's ready and done in 20 minutes flat!
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I’ve got a super quick recipe for kale and egg frittata that you probably already have the ingredients for on hand. The other night I suddenly remembered at 4:45 that my daughter had to leave for gymnastics at 5:15. I had to hustle and have dinner ready super early if she was going to eat anything before she left. So, I quickly modified my original (and more extravagant frittata) plan, and had this one ready and done in 20 minutes flat! I threw some green beans in the steamer and had some homemade whole-wheat biscuits on hand ready to complete the meal. It would be great with a side of bacon as well.

I hope this helps save you on your next busy weeknight!

Simple 20 Minute Kale Egg Frittata on 100 Days of Real Food

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Simple 20 Minute Kale Egg Frittata on 100 Days of Real Food

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  1. I make something similar. I make homemade sausage, cook it with onions and green peppers if have then scramble the eggs and pour it over and pop it into the oven.
    I too understand trying to get family to eat healthy. My husband and I have been married also 14 years. He did not grow up eating healthy or very much veggies. So one night I took one of his favorite foods pizza and made a healthier version with zucchini. He loved it. Then I was able to cook zucchini another way which he also enjoyed and now I can make all kinds of things with zucchini. Start with something they all like(example spaghetti) grate some carrots into it and begin that way. And like was suggested have the children help and they are more likely to try it.

  2. Diedre Birkmeyer

    This looks great. I get so discouraged!! I have been trying to switch to a whole foods diet for my whole family (3 boys..8,7,2, and spouse). I have all the cookbooks, resources etc. My boys will not eat any veggies, limited fruit, love donuts which they get at church, and on Sat. They only eat very limited meals–mac and cheese only Annies, peanut butter and jelly, only a few raw carrots, and chocolate chips. I still try and make dinners which no one eats..spouse will not eat beans, fish, shrimp, kale, spinach, no root veggies, and I end up with all this food and try to eat it up myself. I just give up.

    1. Sometimes it’s so hard to get ours families to eat healthy foods! I understand your frustration. Your boys are still little so there is hope. Just keep trying to add new foods. Have them help you in the kitchen. Sometimes kids will eat what they have cooded. As for your husband take his already favorite foods and re-make them into a healthier version. I hope you don’t give up. It really is worth it!

    2. Do you have the space for a vegetable garden? My husband did not grow up eating many fresh vegetables and once we started gardening, he was willing to try everything we grow! He discovered that he loves zucchini and had just never tried it before! He still doesn’t like everything but is more willing to try new veggies. I’ve heard mothers say a similar approach works with their kids.

      Or take them to the farmer’s market or grocery store with you and giving them each a couple of dollars to pick out any type of produce they want. Giving them the control may make them more willing to try new things. And remember, you’re doing a great job!

    3. Lindsay Untherbergus

      Don’t give up! Old habits take a long time to change! One of the most flavorful ways to cook veggies is by roasting them- you can season them however you like and they come out delicious every time. If you family won’t try roasted veggies by themselves, try mixing them with pasta! Also, if you want them to stop eating mac and cheese, maybe slowly decrease the amount you buy.. until you don’t buy them at all anymore!