Video: Real Food on a Budget Tips

I was invited on the Charlotte Today Show to share my real food on a budget tips…here’s the clip below!

For a full list of these tips you can check out the full post here.

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  1. Great segment! Regarding the frozen banana part, I just wanted to add that peeling them first is not necessary. I throw the overripe bananas as is into freezer and then just let it defrost slightly, cut off one end, and squeeze the banana out. Great for smoothies or banana bread!

  2. I think it’s actually cheaper to eat real food than processed foods. It’s just often not both fast and cheap. I think that is the real hang up people have. Frozen chicken nuggets are not cheap, not really, but they are similar in price to a chicken breast but cook a lot faster, so people find them convenient. We find that eating real food isn’t expensive to do, but we rarely cook meat at home. Vegetables, beans, and grains are inexpensive, the most expensive things I buy are cheeses and milks. Thanks for posting your little TV segments on your website, I enjoy watching them.

  3. Great segment! Just before Christmas a friend told me about your blog/website – love it! Slowly making changes – this morning made my first BIG shopping trip to The Fresh Market (here in Destin, FL no Whole Foods or Earth Fare or Trader Joe’s) and spent $165:) Coincidentally, we are planning to move to Charlotte this summer – looking forward to having access to more variety.

  4. Great piece! Good advice. You personally were very poised. A very obviously kind spirit who values time and cares about everyone’s health. I shared :)

  5. I had to laugh at the closed captions– they put that you said you only eat “whole grapes” instead of “whole grains”! :) Great, simple, clear segment. Thanks, Lisa, for all the wonderful information.

  6. That’s great, Lisa! I love that your message is getting out and reaching more people. It goes to show with proper planning and organization we can incorporate healthy meal/snack options to our diets.