Why Cut Processed Food

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  1. Processed foods are an illusion, often appearing to be healthy (with claims like low fat, low carb, vitamin fortified, no trans fat, contains omega-3s, etc.) when these foods are in fact the very thing making a lot of Americans unhealthy, sick, and fat.
  2. Coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer – four of the top ten chronic diseases that kill most of us – “can be traced directly to the industrialization of our food” according to Michael Pollan.
  3. Making smarter (and sometimes more expensive) food choices now may reduce your healthcare costs later in life.
  4. Why would one want to eat a processed food-like substance that is scientifically designed to never rot?
  5. The food industry has proven that it is not very good at seasoning our foods by adding way too much salt, sugar, and/or oil to almost everything.
  6. When you eat white bread and other foods made with white flour (which is a highly processed version of wheat) you are basically consuming empty calories with far less nutrition than the whole-wheat or whole grain alternatives.
  7. It is estimated that up to 90% of processed foods* in the supermarket contain either a corn or soy ingredient in the form of an additive under a variety of different names. Now how is that for eating variety?
  8. Cutting out processed foods could lead you to experience a variety of personal health benefits such as having more energy, losing weight, improving regularity, or just feeling healthier overall.
  9. Rather than counting calories, watching fat grams, or reducing carbs for “healthy eating,” simply eat whole foods that, as Michael Pollan puts it, are more the product of nature than “the product of industry.” It certainly is less complicated.
  10. It just makes plain old sense to fully understand what you are eating, be able to pronounce everything on the list of ingredients (if there is a list), and know exactly where that food comes from…don’t you think?

*Statistic courtesy of a food scientist interviewed on the documentary “Food, Inc”

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442 comments to Why Cut Processed Food

  • The best ideas in this post that i never see, i love this post and would gladly to follow. Thanks for this post!

  • Stacey

    Love the information. I am going to try to eat clean. There is so much to learn and so much information out there. It can be very overwhelming. Thanks for any help,

  • This is great! You have put it plain and simple. We need to know what we eat……I am going to share this on our FB page and my own page
    Thank you so much

  • Lauren

    Thanks for all this great info. I eat pretty clean–but have a candy addiction that was just “ruining” all of the good stuff I was trying to do for myself. I live an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Every week that was bad and full of candy I would just write off and say I was going to start next week!! Then I found your website and blog and something clicked. While today is day 1 no candy and 5 ingredients or less in anything that goes into my body, it really hasn’t been difficult. Not only that but my teeth feel so much better and not gritty from all the sugar. So glad I found your website/blog/recipes. I am looking forward to the book release next week!


  • Jackie T

    I have recently learned about the genetic mutation that does not allow you to convert folic acid into a usable form. Supposedly, fortified foods become toxic. I have been following this blog for a while, and am happy to have it for more inspiration as I continue to improve my eating habits (no more snack cakes and store bought cereals for me!).

  • Hi, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am also cheerful to
    share my know-how here with colleagues.

  • Steph H

    In this process of cutting out processed food, my family has become a bottomless pit! Anyone one else?

  • Thank you so much for all you do! You have taught me so much!

  • the government is letting corporations kill us USA with procssed food because they can make moor money this way because not using natural foods cost them moor. they can charge us moor to give us less healthy foods because our gov. says it ok under a suposed 2000 calorie diet putting the blame for over weight USA on us for not knowing how to eat right when they tell us this food is better for us. [DIET FOOD]!

  • Jennifer

    It’s only been one day of eating “real food”, which is all the more reason to shout about how great I feel. I have been a sugar fiend as far back as I can remember, so I was nervous about diving right into this. I woke to have oatmeal sweetened with a T of maple syrup…and it was just sweet enough to be satisfying for me. Yesterday I took a Paula Deen “goulash” recipe (it was really just beefaroni) http://asoutherngirl.com/paula-deens-goulash-the-best-ever/#sthash.0nBL9TSz.dpuf and real foodified it as well as cutting down on some of the salt in her recipe (it called for both salt and soy sauce AND Paula Deen’s House seasoning [read: more salt!]–I also left out the onion and garlic due to having an extreme intolerance to foods in that family. Even without the onion & garlic, it. Was. Awesome! I’m 100% convinced it was the less processed, higher quality ingredients I used and not the recipe that made this meal so fantastic.

    I also wanted something sweet later on (big surprise) and made the 5 minute brownies listed on this site. I only had not quite half the (organic) sugar the recipe called for on hand, so I just went with that. The brownies turned out pretty dry and much cakier (sp) than I prefer a brownie to be, but they were sweet enough…and I used bittersweet cocoa as well as bittersweet morsels to make them. I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate! Perhaps I’ll try the brownies substituting maple syrup next time. ;)

    Bottom line–I feel better–almost “lighter” (not meaning in lbs) and just good overall after just one day of real food cooking. My thinking (brain fog) is clearer and I just plain feel better “inside”. I’m a convert already! I hate to cook, but I’m pledging to continue with this, no question!

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