Budget Day 27: Take-out

take out

Just a quick post today because we still have SOOO much left to do to prepare for our Halloween party tonight! Since we are super busy with all of that I decided not to make […]

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Recipe: Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Recipe - Sweet Potatoes and Apples from 100 Days of Real Food.jpg

I tried to think of a more creative name for this dish, but I guess the title just has to remain as simple as the recipe itself. This side item is the best combination of […]

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Budget Day 23: Trader Joe’s


I finally tried to do some “real food” budget shopping at Trader Joe’s. I was unfortunately short on time, but once I started shopping I realized it didn’t matter because it is one SMALL store. […]

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Budget Day 21: Week 3 and Halloween


Finally…we had our matzo ball soup tonight. It was long awaited since it was originally on my plan for Wednesday of last week. Oh well, better late than never! My whole family loves this soup […]

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Budget Day 19: Slim Pickings


I am just being honest here…it feels like we have absolutely NO food in our house. We are somehow still surviving and managing to find things to eat, but man is it desolate. It usually […]

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Budget Day 12: A Real Happy Meal

happy meal

I discovered what should truly be called a “Happy Meal” at Earthfare last night. The only thing is I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this one out! Not only […]

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Don’t judge food by the cover

wheat sticks

It drives me crazy every time I see a “tricky” looking package that misleads consumers into thinking one thing or another. There is no question that the terminology on food packages these days can be […]

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Recipe: Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets from 100 Days of Real Food

Even before we started eating real food I always thought that homemade chicken nuggets tasted much better than what you can get at most restaurants and grocery stores. And the best part is…you can freeze […]

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