“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

Earlier this month on Facebook I asked the following question:

Have any of you (or someone you know) been able to stop taking some prescription meds after making a change to your diet? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

I was definitely expecting to hear some great success stories, but was completely taken aback by almost 800 comments sharing amazing and – in some cases – truly unbelievable transformations. I just had to recap some of the really amazing feedback here in an effort to inspire and help others. But as I’ve stated on our Terms of Use page, “This information on this blog is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Never dismiss any advice your health physician gives. The authors shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages bla bla bla.” So now that our arses are covered please read these stories below and be inspired. And in all seriousness, it is advised that you not stop taking any of medications unless under the guidance of your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t believe that it’s possible to improve your health through a change in diet (instead of immediately resorting to pharmaceuticals) then – GET A SECOND OPINION! Just my two cents :)

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Reader Feedback…

“I stopped anti-depressants for depression and anxiety that i’d been on for 3 years (post natally) after I cut out sugar and processed foods.”

“My husband had AWFUL eczema…topical and oral steroids to treat…couldn’t get is hands wet for more than a few minutes, had to use special soap, etc. 6 weeks on a gluten free diet and the eczema is 100% GONE.”

“My husband had to take Rx med for his acid reflux! We started eating clean 10 weeks ago and he has been off his medication for 4 weeks now!”

“I have a friend that does a Paleo diet and has not had to take meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

“My fibromyalgia pain is so much less since eating clean.”

“After going unprocessed and mostly organic as well as using food for medicine- I stopped three meds for migraines. My daughter no longer has eczema, son’s allergies and chronic sinusitis is gone and we’ve all lost weight!”

“Yes! My husband was on two allergy meds and an inhaler. He was using all three every day. His doctor was also telling him he needed to go on meds for cholesterol. He changed his diet and ditched all meds and lowered his cholesterol 76 points in only 4 months. Nothing short of amazing!”

“My daughters were able to stop their daily Miralax and I am off antidepressants for the first time in my adult life!”

“I have Crohn’s disease and am medication free after giving up dairy, coffee, and limiting fried/processed foods.”

“Pulled artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners, and petro based presertives and was able to remove stimulants for my ADHD son. http://www.feingold.org/

“After getting rid of processed food and soda, I was able to come off antidepressants.”

“I did away with my asthma meds after going paleo.”

“I had a RARE case of hives that were considered idiopathic. (No known cause) I had 12 vials of blood taken on me, and was on prednisone and Allegra every day for a year and a half. If I didn’t take the meds, my throat would start to swell and I would have to be taken to the ER to get a shot of adrenaline. Starting January 1 of this year, I started juicing and clean eating and boom… Hives went away. People might think it was a food allergy, but I had hundreds of pricks in my back with my allergist and nothing! So today my hives are gone and I am medicine free! I also got off my high blood pressure meds and reversed type 2 diabetes!!!”

“After cutting out processed foods I got to cut asthma medicines and steroids.”

“My husband was taken off his acid reflux medication once we went on a real food diet.”

“I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and after eating clean and cutting out processed crap, I was able to conceive AND lose weight! Prior to eating clean I took Metformin to get pregnant with my oldest two…awful stuff!”

“My son quit eating dairy and hasn’t needed a breathing treatment in quite some time and his ezcema is almost completely gone.”

“My husband took out aspartame and other artificial sweeteners from his diet and his cluster headaches/migraines ended.”

“After cutting out processed foods, I stopped taking Ambien for insomnia and the occasional round of Prednasone for bursitis. Funny how when you cut out things known to cause inflammation such as hydrogenated oils you don’t have problems like that anymore. What is most surprising was how quickly my healthcare provider would write that script without even asking about my diet and offering suggestions.”

“I suffer from stage 4 endometriosis. Have been on a number of pain prescriptions/ “natural” hormones for several yrs now…started clean eating about 8 weeks ago and stopped ALL prescriptions 2 weeks ago today. I am sleeping great and have been more active now than I ever was able to before!”

“My kids were on allergy and asthma meds for years… No longer the case. We also pretty much made my daughters ADD symptoms disappear.. Amazing stuff what real foods can do. Also cut a lot of gluten out as well.”

” I’m off thyroid meds and Heart palpitation meds. Two years ago I was forced by another disease Meniere’s onto a low sodium diet, the only way to do that is with real food. It was one of the best things that has happened to my body.”

“Eliminating aspartame from my diet, eliminated my migraines.”

“My daughter was on concerts for ADD. She went gluten free and stopped meds. Changed her life. No ADD symptoms for 2 years. She is 10”

“Yes! i am 18 years old and i have had asthma since i was 2 and would get very sick and be on tons of inhalers and steroids. Since eating clean and cutting out processed foods and food dyes I take no medicine at all and rarely get sick!”

“I started eating healthy (after eating terrible my whole life) at the age of 24 and I was able to get off my acid reflux medicine as well as medicine for IBS”

“Stopped taking Zoloft after almost 10 years! Eating clean and exercising. Never been happier!”

“My 5 year old daughter was constantly on antibiotics for various things in the winter. She also took Miralax daily for digestive issues and had really bad eczema. I took her off of gluten and dairy 5 months ago. She hasn’t been on a single antibiotic, her eczema has drastically improved, and she hasn’t needed any Miralax. We’ve noticed major improvement in her mood and behavior as well. I’m a believer!”

“After 14 years of Ulcerative Colitis and taking cortisone, prednisone and corticosteroids I was diagnosed with genetic allergies to beef and dairy as well as sensitivities to gluten. I completely removed them from my diet and added whole foods and non processed foods. I’ve now gone 15 months without taking any prescription medications at all! I have no symptoms at all of Ulcerative Colitis at all!”

“Yes! Husband quit taking two kinds of blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine (neither could be controlled very well, even with meds), and narcolepsy medicine. Turns out, ALL of those things were caused by diet. Switching to clean eating for 30 days cured ALL of those things!”

“Yes son who had been diagnosed with ADHD came off meds after finding intolerances to amines, salicylate & preservatives/colours. Made a huge difference.”

“I was on a host of anxiety medications for years and years. I also ate a lot of processed food and sugar, drank a lot of caffeine and energy drinks. After meeting my husband, who owns a local wellness business here in California, I was persuaded to eat real, unprocessed foods, exercise regularly, avoid my nasty caffeine habit and learn cognitive methods of coping instead of popping a pill and being a zombie. He was the first person who had natural, sustainable, holistic answers instead of pills and gimmicks. It’s why I am such a big believer in the unconventional methods he uses that WORK and change lives (and not just because I’m his wife). I have never felt better in my entire life. It’s like I’m actually ME again instead of a shell. I am such a big believer that we have the power to heal ourselves with food. It can be a potent healing agent or send us into a state of suffering, and it is ultimately our choice. We have no one to blame but ourselves if we know what foods can do to our bodies and mental state and still choose to consume them. I am proud and happy to say I have been med free for over 2 years now.”

All, I have to say is…wow! If you have a story you’d like to share please do so in the comments.

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    1. |

      I had horrific migraines for years. It got to the point where I was making regular trips to Urgent Care and the ER as the medication that I was prescribed didn’t always work if I didn’t take it on time. Some of these migraines would last more than a day. They were debilitating. I kept going back to the doctor who told me that all that could be done was to treat the symptoms. Two years ago I changed my diet and my lifestyle (diet and exercise)- Part of this lifestyle change involved (and still does) educating myself about the nutritional and health value of the food I eat and an attempt to avoid processed food wherever possible. Since then, I have lost 130 pounds, I have gone from a size 26 to a size 6, my cholesterol is well within the health range (it was very high prior to my weight loss), in fact, all of my “numbers” look great. And, best of all (and unexpectedly) my migraines have disappeared. Every once in a great while, I will start to feel like I’m going to get one – I take Advil, drink water and it goes away. Poof. Easy. That was not the case before. Honestly, I don’t know what did it – the new diet, the exercise, the increased water intake…I don’t know – but whatever it was, it was well worth it for the improved quality of life.

    2. Rachel |

      Since first reading your blog two years ago, my family and I have made many gradual changes in our diet and are now eating about 95% clean. We are now both on an exercise regiment. My husband has lost about 80 pounds and looks and feels great, and my 3-year-old is a happy, healthy boy!

      The only thing I still struggle with is my “need” for caffeine and sugar :( I am a 2 cup-a-day coffee drinker, with cream and sugar added (organic, non-GMO, but still…) Recently, I decided to stop taking my anti-depressants, which I have been taking since my son was 9 weeks old for PPD. We are trying to conceive again, and I do not want to be detoxing during pregnancy!

      I am having a really hard time without my meds, and was wondering what to do, but after reading other reader’s comments, I see the answer is before me! I’ve got to get off caffeine and sugar!

      Does anyone else have any other advice for me?

      • Annette |

        Hi Rachel, 2 years ago I found a nutritional system that helped permanently get rid of my caffeine and sugar cravings. I’d be happy to share with you if you’d like to learn more. :)

      • Martha |

        Congratulations on the changes you have made so far! For the continued anxiety, etc. symptoms, check out the book The Mood Cure, by Julia Ross. The book outlines the specific amino acids you need based on your symptoms (there are several “quizzes” you can take which help to determine what might give you relief). I have three friends who have had great success weaning themselves off anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines with the help of this book’s advice. Read the reviews of the book on Amazon for more inspiration. Best of luck to you.

    3. clint dye |

      I stopped blood pressure meds after changing diet and taking natural herbs and supplements

    4. |

      After discovering I had to watch my blood pressure because of having an episode where it was 210/110, I lowered my numbers to the normal range by making simple changes to my diet, watching stress, and other natural means. Only time I took blood pressure meds was in the beginning when I took one. The side effects from it were enough to make me search for other ways to get my body to heal.

    5. Alys |

      What do you recommend for the throw up bug?

    6. Geanna |

      Since getting off all steroids over two years ago and adding smoothies to my diet almost 8 months ago, I have felt a lot better. I noticed that when I don’t have my smoothies, my body doesn’t like that too well since it has nutrients that it needs. The steroids were constantly making me sick but since getting off them, I no longer get sick!

    7. Renee Laning |

      After stopping my excessive drinking of diet drinks with artificial sweeteners, I have been able to stop taking my anti-inflammatory prescription for arthritis in my knees and aching in all joints! It’s amazing and I am a true believer!

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