The Only Halloween Candy I’ll Buy (Plus Other Alternatives)

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I am actually not even handing out candy this year, but if I were going to there’s only one type of candy I’d be spending my money on.

Check out my recent Charlotte Today Show clip below to see…

  • The “cleanest” Halloween candy on the market.
  • What I am going to hand out this year.
  • Other fun alternatives to candy.
  • What my daughters would choose out of all these ideas.

Plus for those who know us you better watch out because my 8-year-old now thinks she is “famous” after her 5 (silent) minutes on TV during this clip. The girls were just going to the studio to watch me do this segment, but at the last minute (to their delight) they were invited to join us on stage. :)

Oh and PS – I know the mention of handing out “bouillon cubes” seems really random, but the host (Colleen) was joking about giving those out earlier in the show! Definitely don’t hand those out – ha!

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153 comments to The Only Halloween Candy I’ll Buy (Plus Other Alternatives)

  • Love all these great ideas. Have been following (ahem…most) of the real food rules for about 2 months and was inspired to create some non-candy printable tags for my Etsy shop here: I did some pencil topers with halloween jokes, glow stick tags and vampire fang tags. An easy way to make the non-candy treats a little cuter and more fun!!

  • Allie

    Love these ideas! We are very lucky that no one comes to our house for Halloween so there’s no pressure for us to keep candy in the house. Plus, because of where we live there’s nowhere to go trick-or-treating so if we want to go get candy we have to put the kids in the car and drive to a plan to go house to house.

  • LS

    The video does not play & I can not find it on you tube????

  • Cas Rifkin

    My cousin has a huge bowl of pennies and the can get one handful which means the small children get less than the larger kids. House was never egged so I guess it was okay. They said the kids liked it.

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