10 Packaged Products I DO Buy These Days

A lovely blog reader recently suggested I post about what packaged products and snacks I am buying these days. I’ve talked about this in years past, but, as we all know, new items are hitting the shelves every week. This post is NOT SPONSORED but just some of our favorite items we like to have on hand. I already make enough foods from scratch…so, trust me, I’m happy to have all the help I can get (when there is a decent packaged version available)!

What Packaged Foods I DO Buy on 100 Days of Real Food

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Packaged Snacks I Buy

Whole-Grain Pretzels

These are one of the only 100% whole-grain pretzels I’ve found. I have only seen these at Fresh Market or Amazon. They used to carry them at Earth Fare, but no more (boo). They do also now offer a “shells” pretzel stick version, but my kids don’t like them as much (with no explanation as to why, of course).

What Packaged Products I DO Buy These Days - Unique Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Wheat Pretzels

Whole Wheat Crackers

These Back to Nature crackers are a slightly better version of Triscuits—a 100% whole-grain cracker option with one of the shortest lists of ingredients.What Packaged Products I DO Buy - Back to Nature Harvest Whole Wheat Crackers

Popcorn Bags

When I first ordered these popcorn bags off Amazon I thought to myself…we really don’t need EIGHTEEN bags (but you know how it is ordering in bulk online). Little did I know, they were all gone within less than two weeks. I had no idea how much my kids (and their friends) would enjoy them and how convenient they’d be for on the go.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - LesserEvil Buddah Bowl Organic Popcorn


My kids tastes are changing CONSTANTLY when it comes to bars, but the current reigning favorite for my 13-year-old (with braces, mind you!) is the HealthWarrior Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bar and for my 11-year-old it’s any LARABAR that has chocolate in it (which has a little-refined sugar in the chocolate chips…but, what can I say).

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - Health Warrior bars and LARABAR

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

These toasted pumpkin seeds are another snack that’s individually wrapped and therefore good for travel or on the go. They’re also great as a salad topper if you want to switch things up. :)

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - Eden toasted pumpkin seeds

Applesauce Pouches

I can’t say how filling these applesauce pouches really are, but my kids sure do love them. They’re usually a better deal online, and I can also stock up that way because they do go quickly at my house.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - GoGo Squeez Applesauce pouches

Yogurts with Honey

There’s no question that the individual cups of yogurt are handy, but every single flavored one contains added, refined sugar (UGH)! So we’ve been digging these little plain ones by Fage that have honey on the side (because I think we can all agree plain yogurt is a little on the TART side by itself). These are not whole-milk and not organic (i.e. not perfect), but my oldest is a yogurt fanatic, and she finds these to be convenient/easy to grab for snacks. I do tell her to not use all the honey in the little pouch…if she can! We do also still buy the big containers of yogurt (organic and whole milk) too.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - Fage Honey Yogurt

Other Packaged Items I Buy


My favorite whole-wheat panko breadcrumbs were discontinued (by Ian’s – boohoo). Of course, I make breadcrumbs whenever I can, but it’s also nice to have some ready to go when you’re in a pinch. So, now that we have a Whole Foods close-by, I was happy to discover that the 365 brand is a very clean option.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - 365 Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs

Puff Cereal

I don’t buy this often, but this puffed rice cereal is a good whole-grain, CLEAN (i.e. no additives or sugar) option. Honestly if I let my girls pick any cereal from under the sun they’d go for Raisin Bran, so I do buy an organic version of that on occasion.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy - Arrowhead Mills Puffed Rice Cereal


The mayos that are available have changed SO much since we got started cutting out processed food. And thank goodness because I’ve long said I’m not really in the business of whipping up my own mayo from scratch whenever I need it. So I love the options now that are made with cleaner oils. And I mean REALLY made with cleaner oils (they don’t just say something like “with olive oil” on the front and still have the refined oil as the first ingredient). We like both the Chosen Foods brand as well as Primal Kitchen.

What Packaged Products I DO Buy on 100 Days of Real Food

I also do still buy almost the same exact Trader Joe’s list I shared a few years back…not much has changed there (except the pretzels, which I can no longer find)!

Since this post was a reader suggestion, I’d like to hear what you want me to write about next. Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. You also need to consider packaging waste in these items. How do you dispose of applesauce on the go when it’s gone.? How about buying a large container and freeze single servings in a reusable bag or jar?

  2. I find the Unique pretzels in a Stroehmans bread outlet in Camp Hill, PA. Also in the Grocery Outlet grocery store in New Cumberland PA, both stores across the river from Harrisburg PA. I think other local grocery carries them too. I originally found them in a small butcher-shop/mini store in Cape May NJ too.

  3. slkfox1330@hotmail.com

    I would love to hear about how you freeze items, what containers you use for freezing, and why! Thanks so much!

  4. You can get Fage whole milk yogurt in the individual cups with honey. I don’t always see it though. Bought some recently at Harris Teeter.

  5. We make our own yogurt, super simple with a yogurt maker and applesauce to fill reusable pouches (from Amazon of course). I always fill 8 or so and store so they are ready to go. The hard part is getting the kids to bring the pouches back home and not leave them in the car, or school desk, or garage, or bus, or top bunk, or Lego bin, or 1 of a zillion other places. I love me some mayo, gotta try one of your suggestions soon. I just haven’t been able to give up the frankenmayo.

  6. Thank you so much for the bar suggestion and mentioning your daughter has braces!! Good to know! Any other suggestions?? It’s hard sometimes to feed him lol!

  7. I would like to know if you purchase any packaged pastas and if so which kinds? I notice often I can find whole wheat or organic but I rarely find them combined, which is better if you had to choose one or the other?

  8. Would love some baby/toddler snack ideas. Many of the lists and suggestions seem more appropriate for older kids. Things you can substitute for Cheerios and puffs. Meals are easy but I need dry snacks for the diaper bag and to send to day care that don’t require teeth (or many teeth).

    1. The puffed rice cereal in this list might be a good option for older babies or toddlers. I also gave my kids puffed kamut cereal which are a bit fluffier. :)

  9. I would love some great popsicle recipes for the summer. I have made the fudge pops and we have been making them quite a bit. Me and my daughter love them. I made a “smoothie” with tropical frozen fruit banana and water to try and make some fruity flavor popsicles and it was a no go with the little one. I am especially looking for a “bomb pop” replacement for the 4th of july.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I sure wish someone would come up with a “perfect” single-serving yogurt for on-the-go – that’s one thing my family would love. I hadn’t thought to try the one you suggested. Great list!

    1. Try making your own yogurt. It’s super easy, it’s cheap and you can put whatever you want in it. There are lots of recipes online, and you don’t need a yogurt maker (although it does make it a bit easier, I bought one off Craigslist after I had made yogurt consistently for a month or 2.)

  11. I would love to see a post on Kosher real food options-
    specifically when it comes to packaged items that are good options I would be thrilled for some good ideas

  12. I agree with the above apple sauce comments. With a pressure cooker you can easily make your own apple sauce AND yogurt! Amazon sells some cute reuseable squeeze pouches too!

  13. Millaray Proctor

    My little one loves Shredded Wheat cereal (as a to go snack) and I buy that instead of crackers because you get a lot more for less money. Also, the only ingredient is whole wheat. Win!

  14. Vanessa Hadley

    I am trying to buy less food and make more from scratch. It is easier that I thought. No more shelves of boxes. Lol

  15. The GoGo Squeez packets aren’t recyclable in traditional curbside recycling, and therefore create a lot of garbage/waste and are horrible for the environment. I encourage people to make their own and then you control the contents. I purchased my own reusable, dishwasher safe pouches on Amazon and I put applesauce, yogurt, etc., in them.

    1. We make our own applesauce from organic Fuji apples and I will never go back to packaged applesauce! We store it in glass jars and my kids take it to school in little reusable containers. Less waste and so much better than store bought.