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Today I’m excited to share some background and my thoughts on our longtime partner, ButcherBox! It’s a great concept for anyone looking for a high-quality source for meat products, and what’s even better is how it’s delivered (frozen) right to your door! Make sure you don’t miss the special deal we have for you to try it down below!

100Daysofrealfood.com review of ButcherBox

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What is ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is an organic, grass-fed meat delivery service. They deliver high-quality, hormone- and antibiotic-free cuts direct to your door; including 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork. They also have bacon, which is uncured, free of sugar and nitrates, non-GMO verified, hormone free, made from pasture-raised heritage breed pigs AND, for anyone who needs it, is Whole30 approved.

The deliveries are monthly, but you can skip as needed, or cancel anytime. There are five different boxes to choose from, so you can find the perfect combo of meats for you or your family. Hard to beat the convenience and the fact that it can be personalized!

ButcherBox on 100 Days of Real Food - delivery box, insulated bag, package of frozen meat, bowl of water on counter with package of meat

Who should try ButcherBox?

  • Anyone wanting quality beef, chicken, and/or pork.
  • Those wanting to simplify their shopping.
  • Anyone who values the environment. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef is a humane way to raise animals and it’s also better for the planet!
  • Anyone who cares about price … ButcherBox works out to $6/meal.

Yes, prices are sometimes lower at Whole Foods or Costco, but not everyone has a store nearby, nor is it always both grass-fed and grass-finished (which is important). Plus there’s that time factor that all busy families are dealing with these days!

Special offer to try ButcherBox

ButcherBox on 100 Days of Real Food - special deal: 2 steaks + bacon for freeSo now after hearing about ButcherBox I know you’ll want to try it yourself, so we asked them to offer you a special deal today! Get $15 off and free bacon with your first order, click here for details.


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  1. I really wanted to like Butcher Box. The first box I got was great! The second was missing an item and had lower-quality items (ground beef, etc) but they agreed to credit $35 to my account. That was enough for me to give them another chance.

    I ordered 2 gift boxes for Christmas gifts, and was scheduled to receive a box on my account around the same time. One gift box (the mixed family box) was fine. The second gift box (steak sampler) was missing 4 of the 10 promised steaks, but had a 12 ox package of bacon (the reason I ordered the steak box was because the recipients do not eat pork!). My box was missing a “Bottom of the Round Roast”.

    Customer service was not at all helpful. I had requested that they reship the 4 missing steaks, but they said they could not do that. They offered to refund $18 (the box was $135) which didn’t seem adequate when 40% of the steaks had not been shipped. When I was elevated to a supervisor, all she could add was a $20 credit toward my next shipment.

    They also offered a $16 credit toward my next shipment for the missing roast in my box. That did not seem like much, plus I have no intention of ordering another box from them. 3 problem boxes out of 6 and added to that the total indifference of customer service is my limit. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges.

    They could have kept me as a customer if they had made the gift box right, but they basically told me they were sorry I felt like that but there was nothing they could do.

    Not a happy camper. BEWARE!

  2. I tried this service for 6 months. At first it seemed great, but as the months past, the variety got worse and worse. Twice the order came with open packaging alone the seams. I decided to cancel the subscription when our last order can with only “party chicken wings and ground meat”. I never once received tri-tip or pork loin. Nor did I receive any chicken with the skin on it. Even though I requested it. For the money it just wasn’t worth it. We found a local Butcher who carries Grass Fed and finished meats. Plus a much better variety.

  3. I can’t comment on the quality of the products, as I never actually received my box. The money came out of my account the day I placed the order, and almost 2 weeks later, I still don’t even have a tracking number. The customer service folks can’t tell me when it will ship, say they can’t cancel the order and can’t refund my money.

    Be careful when ordering and make sure you know your rights with 30 days of disputing a credit card charge.

  4. I tried butcher box after reading this blog. I had wanted to try it but the free items were the deciding factor. My first box arrived last week, completely thawed and well over 60 degrees. I called customer service and they wanted to replace it instantly. My replacement box arrived today again with the box falling apart-dry ice melted- and the meat at a questionable temperature. Butcher Box has agreed to refund my money and cancel my future shipments. I wish I could have tried the meat. The customer service agents stated that they may be opening a shipping plant in a nearby state, (I am in the mid-west) but until then I won’t be ordering again.

    1. When I looked into Butcher Box a couple of months ago, I read a LOT of reviews where people had similar experiences to you. Thawed, too-warm meat, leaking packages, etc. It sounds like customer service does a good job of trying to remedy issues to the customer’s satisfaction, but what a hassle (and yuck). It seemed to be an issue often enough that it put me off of trying it for now. Hopefully they’ll get their shipping issues figured out, because it’s a great concept.

    2. I’ve actually had a bad experience with them. Their top sirloin has been fatty and just not good at all. What I can get from Costco or trader joes that’s grass fed and finished from a local farm is significantly better.  I signed up during a bacon for life offer and they will not honor it. I have a screenshot with date and time metadata on it and they are not budging. They also have forgotten things in each of the three custom boxes I received so far. They resolve to make it up by sending bacon in the next box but they’ve forgotten that all three times too…  they also told me they have only one shipping period no matter what which obviously is not true bc they’re resending boxes to people. At this point they owe me 6 packs of bacon. I wonder how many I have to get to before that warrants a shipment outside of the normal cycle.

  5. I have a question about grass finished beef vs. organic grain finished beef.

    We do raise our own grass fed cows,steers, bulls. Our pasture is not certified organic,but we do not fertilize. We do feed our steers that we intend to butcher organic hay in winter with organic grain.
    We have both fed off a pure grass feed steer and an organic grain feed off steer. We do prefer the organic grain finished steer over the pure grass fed steer. As it was much more filled out and a healthier weight at butcher time and did taste better. But I just wanted your opinion on this?
    These are the ingredients in the organic grain we use:

    Organic Livestock Pellets Non-Soy – 15% Protein #5046

    Ingredients: Organic corn, organic wheat millrun, organic peas, organic wheat, organic beans, organic sesame meal, organic stabilized rice bran, limestone, Redmond conditioner(clay), Redmond salt, organic kelp meal, diatomaceous earth, Zeolite, mineral & vitamin premix

    Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein min 15%, crude fat min 2.7%, crude fiber max 4%, ash max 7.2%

    I would love your opinion on this as i read all your posts and have gone real food in my family for over a year now and am loving it!!!! Thank you for all you do and your family’s support:)

    Corie A.

  6. Hey, Lisa, your blogs are so amazing. I found it very interesting to read. Butcherbox review is my favorite.
    I have also started writing by getting inspired by you.
    have a look pls.

  7. I found butcher box a few months ago and we LOVE it! We don’t live near any natural food stores and have very limited resources at the farmers market so it’s PERFECT for us!