Daddy Daughter Cooking Date Night

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Coming up with ways to hang out with your kids (aside from driving them to/from activities, running errands, helping them with homework, and the like) isn’t always easy, but it’s SO nice when it happens! When you’re doing something other than hounding them to finish their chores, it reminds you … hey, I really like you! You are fun to hang out with! :)

I think it’s especially tough for parents to find this time when they don’t have a shared interest with their child. I could take my girls shopping or to a nail salon or to a girly movie all day long, but it’s safe to say my husband would take a hard pass on all those activities (haha).

So, I’m excited to share a creative way dads and daughters CAN hang out together, and do something productive in the process (bonus)—by cooking a Blue Apron dinner! Blue Apron is a longtime sponsor of ours—don’t miss the Special Deal they are offering down below!—so we tried this idea out the other night at our house, and just check out these two…

Blue Apron Daddy Daughter Date Night on 100 Days of Real Food

The tween (almost teen) actually emerged from her bedroom … what a wonder! And hung out with her dad! Plus, they made dinner on a night when I had to be gone with our other daughter for several hours at her sports practice. Now, that is a win-win if I’ve ever seen one.

What I love about Blue Apron meals, aside from the fact that they get people in the kitchen actually cooking, is that their kits come with all the ingredients and instructions you need so it’s super easy to hand it off to anyone in your family. While it’s not always perfectly real food, I’m usually the one who cooks dinner and therefore knows what’s going on with ingredients, recipes, etc. But that is not the case with Blue Apron. Absolutely anyone can take on the responsibility! Bring it on.

Lisa Leake with Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food

Special Deal

I asked Blue Apron for a deal so you can try this at home…

  • The first 50 people to sign up here will get $80 off over their first four weeks.

Whether you’ve got a dad and daughter, or mother and son, or even have a special someone in your life (just in time for Valentine’s Day) that you’d love to spend some quality time with … I think you’d be surprised how fun this is! And don’t forget about the yummy food you’d be making in the process.

Dad and Daughter cooking Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food

How Blue Apron Works:

    • Blue Apron allows you to skip meal planning and grocery shopping.
    • Get quality ingredients delivered right to your door in a refrigerated box.
    • Each week you can choose from 11 meals, including plant-forward, vegetarian, carb-conscious, Mediterranean, diabetes-friendly, and WW™ approved.
    • Choose from a 2 Person Plan or a 4 Person Plan.
    • Meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less and only the necessary ingredients are sent.
    • It’s a fun way to try different ingredients and new spices/flavorings!


The first 50 people to sign up here will get $80 off over their first 4 weeks of Blue Apron! Valid for first-time meal plan subscribers only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Finished dinner from Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food

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  1. We LOVE using Blue Apron as it really takes the guessing game out of “What should we make for dinner tonight?” And, after discovering 100 Days of Real Food, I’ve been able to dive into reading the ingredients of the Blue Apron meals. Like you mentioned in this article, Blue Apron not a “perfect” real food option, but Blue Apron is 100% Non-GMO & their eggs are Pasture-Raised!

    On a side note- I’m so thankful to have found 100 Days of Real Food! :) Thanks for this article, Lisa!

  2. My husband and daughter do same type of cooking date except we make it much more cost effective. Blue Apron and other companies like it are so expensive and not really worth the splurge in my opinion. My husband and daughter look through a cookbook together,decide on a recipe and then go to the store to get the ingredients. If time is really a factor you could always go online, order what you need and then pick up or a lot of stores have free delivery. I know Blue Apron is a sponsor so it is probably a lot cheaper for you since I’m sure you get a hefty discount.