Easiest Mexican Chicken Recipe Ever

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If you can rip open a bag and open a can, you're halfway there! This is a go-to for us because it's easy to tweak and we often have the ingredients on hand.
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We all have go-to recipes we turn to on busy nights when we don’t have time to cook. Or nights when we just don’t feel like cooking. This Easy Mexican Chicken is one of ours.

The Easiest Mexican Chicken Recipe Ever on 100 Days of Real Food

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My husband and I came up with this recipe back when we were dating. Yeah, that’ll take us back 16 years ago – yikes! It was a go-to for us because we always had most ingredients on hand, and it was always one that we could tweak with minor changes. It’s basic upon basic, I know. I mean, if you can rip open a bag and open a can, you’re halfway there! So we came up with these silly names for it to make it sound fancier than it really is – El Pollo was one and Chicken Especial was another. Ah, the dating days …

Back then, we used whatever canned chicken we could find. I had yet to learn about the importance of organic, real food and did not even realize until last year there is now an organic canned chicken option from Valley Fresh! Part of what makes it a better product is that it has minimal ingredients – three to be exact: chicken, water (or broth), and sea salt. You won’t find any unwanted preservatives or artificial ingredients. Lisa created a chicken salad recipe with it, and you can substitute it in most recipes that call for shredded or chunks of chicken.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll try this recipe, and I’d love to hear what you did with it. Did you make nachos out of it? Serve it atop a bed of greens? Make some tasty burritos out if it? Comment below and let me know if you love this classic as much as my hubs and I do.

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    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      15 oz black beans; same for tomatoes (though I sometimes use the larger – think it’s 28 oz – can to get more tomatoes in). HTH!

  1. Quick and easy. I used fresh chicken and ran it through a food processor. Added garlic, salt and pepper with maybe triple the cumin. I like it spicy! I also added cilantro and lime juice. Put it in a flat out wrap with guacamole, Spinanch, and low fat sour cream with 2% mexican cheese. Next time I make it I won’t drain the tomatoes and I may add some organic tomato paste.

  2. 5 stars
    I just made something similar last night, but added some cream cheese. It was delicious! Put in in a corn tortilla and baked it to get it crispy.

  3. Delicious! I made it tonight and used leftover chicken from Lisa’s crockpot chicken recipe. Served it with rice on tortillas with a little cheese and sour cream. Thanks for a quick and easy weeknight meal that tastes great!

  4. I really appreciate this recipe. I work really hard to have ingredients on hand to make quick meals. Sometimes it’s just not possible to keep up or replace used items in the freezer in a timely manner. I love the idea of having canned chicken to throw something together fast.