Essential Oils + A Beginner’s Guide

Essential Oils pack from Plant Therapy.

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Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Many people swear by essential oils as home remedies and claim they help keep their kids out of the doctor’s office. Though these claims are not backed by the FDA, it certainly sounds intriguing! So if you want to figure out how to incorporate them into your family’s routine, here are some good ways to start.

Content courtesy of our sponsor Plant Therapy

Top 5 Oils

  1. Lavender
    Lavender Population is known for being calming by reducing anxiety and acting as a stress reliever. It can also help with minor burns and reducing scarring and other skin issues including eczema and psoriasis.
  2. Lemon
    Lemon can be refreshing, energizing, and uplifting. It can also be added to your favorite household cleaner to help refresh and sanitize.
  3. Peppermint
    Peppermint is stimulating and can help enhance alertness and improve your energy. It can also relieve headaches, nausea, digestive problems, and congestion. Because of its menthol content, peppermint has a cooling effect which can also help reduce a fever and relieve pain.
  4. Tea Tree
    Tea Tree is often known for its ability to help combat acne and oily skin. You can also add a few drops to laundry to help keep things fresh.
  5. Frankincense
    Frankincense frereana is especially prized for its skin rejuvenating properties. It’s great for wrinkles, scars, dry skin and damaged skin, and can help heal a wound or cut. It can also calm and relax your body and uplift your mood.

Top 5 KidSafe Synergies

Plant Therapy also has a line of KidSafe Synergies, which are basically different blends. Here are their top 5 for summer:

  1. Germ Destroyer
    Move over hand sanitizer! A germ fighting oil is great to have on Essential Oils Giveaway and a Beginner's Guide (KidSafe Germ Destroyer) on 100 Days of #RealFoodhand to help your family fight any sickness you might come in contact with.
  2. Sneezy Stop
    Do you or your child suffer from allergies? These synergies have been known to alleviate symptoms caused from seasonal allergies.
  3. Ban The Bugs
    Beware summertime buggers! Your family can play outdoors more this summer with an all natural insect repellent using these synergies.
  4. Calming The Child
    These relaxing synergies are great to use during the day or before bed when you or your child are feeling overwhelmed or extra wound up.
  5. Nighty Night
    These two oils are perfect to help you or your little one sleep more soundly during the night. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I know we’ve all gotten to a point where we will try anything!

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  1. Paula Chandler

    My life is taking a turn for the better, after suffering a series of misfortunes, and suffering with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I have awaked, and am looking for the good things in life. Essential oils are healing, a part of natural, the thought of them makes me happy. I’d loveum!!

  2. I have a husband and 2 granddaughters with asthma and allergies. I’m very interested in learning more about plant therapy.

  3. I’d love to try Plant Therapy’s essential oils because it sounds like it would be a holistic way of potentially keeping my kids healthy!!!


  4. I would love the Mom’s essential oil roller ball kit! It sounds like the complete package for my per-menopausal self and my teenage children. I have hear wonderful things about essential oils and can’t wait to give them a try!

  5. I have been interested in essential oils for year, but haven’t taken the leap to buy a full set. Would love to see how they can impact my families health!

  6. I have personally seen the benefits of essential oils and other homeopathic remedies and they are amazing!

  7. Martha Miestchovich

    I have two auto-immune disorders, and am in constant pain. I am allergic to many medications, and only take herbal supplements in an effort to reduce my symptoms.
    I recently started making my own skin care products, and would like to learn about essential oils. Your site is such an inspiration to me and I appreciate all your posts!

  8. Sheryl Mulhall

    I am recovering from surgery chemo for breast cancer. Would like to try oils to help with my healing process and to help me be healthier all the way around. Have heard great thins about them but don’t have the money to invest right now. Thank you.

  9. I already use and love Plant Therapy! I’d like to try some of their hydrosols though, and more of the kid safe synergies.