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This isn't about giving up cheeseburgers for sprouts and tofu (although those are both suitable real food options). It's about using better-quality organic, fresh, whole, and humanely raised products.

Start by swapping out ingredients for higher-quality versions in the meals your family already loves. And even get them involved in the process . . . planning, shopping, cooking! Just remember, any small change toward real food is better than none.


Follow these simple steps to start eliminating processed food today.

Understand the impact processed food is having on your health. Learn the difference between processed food and real food and what simple changes you can make to your diet.

Start cutting out processed food by making the small changes that have the biggest impact. It's easier than you think!

Learn tips for getting your family on board . . . even the pickiest of eaters!

Expand upon your commitment with new, tasty recipes and ideas + move on to "clean up" other areas of your house.


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Todd and Dory E. testimonial

I have bought the three main books and cook weekly from them. Thankful for these books as they have helped me and my family so much.

Todd and Dory E.
Kirsten W. testimonial

The recipes are fantastic, healthy, and easy to follow!!!

Kirsten W.
Jackie F. testimonial

When my chicken nugget and pizza only son raves about the meals I make from 100 Days of Real Food, I know I have hit the jackpot. Easy recipes and ones I feel good about serving my boys.

Jackie F.

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How can you help me?

If you’re new here you should definitely check out the “Start Here”, Real Food Resources, and Recipe Index pages. Also subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch and be informed of new recipes, tips, and resources as they come available. I’ve also written three best-selling cookbooks, available anywhere books are sold and in many libraries, that are geared towards typical families trying to get healthy, delicious food on the table, fast.

What do you eat on a real food diet?

Delicious, nutritious food! Seriously, after about of month cutting out processed food, your palate changes and you can actually taste more flavor detail. Read about “The Rules” we followed on our 100 Days of Real Food pledge for specifics on what we did and did not eat. Now that our pledge is over, when at home I estimate that we eat 95%+ real food. We’ve since incorporated a once-a-week “special treat” and do believe moderation is key, especially considering our daughters participate in school celebrations, birthday parties, and other events that often involve junk food. We try to make the best choices from what is available and find balance is key.

What are the benefits of cutting out processed food?

We switched to real food because we thought it was the right thing to do for long-term health. What we did not expect was for our youngest daughter’s constipation and asthma to completely disappear. We were equally surprised by how much my HDL level increased (a.k.a. the “good” cholesterol that should be a high number), which jumped up by 50%! I also feel like I have more energy (no more afternoon slumps), and my husband and I both lost a couple of pounds without even trying. For more details check out this link: Our personal changes in health.

Why 100 Days of Real Food?

Back in 2010, I got the wake-up call of my life when, after reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, I realized many of the foods I was feeding my family were actually “foodlike substances.” We completely overhauled our diet and pledged to go 100 days without eating highly processed or refined foods. What I thought would be a short-term experiment turned out to have a huge impact on my family, leading me to share what we learned with others through my blog, cookbooks, and other resources.


I started my own Real Food journey almost 10 years ago when my entire family (including two young children) went 100 days without eating a single ounce of processed food. Since then, I've helped over 1 million people incorporate more Real Food and less processed food in their diet. The results have been inspiring.



I’m so excited to share all the info with you about the three cookbooks in my 100 Days of Real Food series. Each cookbook is unique and features its own content, from breaking down the science behind grains, to providing handy shopping lists for most major grocery stores, to a sample meal planner—plus, of course, simple and delicious recipes.

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