Duralex Glass Cups for Kids!

Since my oldest daughter is entering 1st grade this fall I’ve decided it’s time to do away with all our sippy cups. Plus, I’ve been getting rid of plastic in other areas of our kitchen so it seemed like the right time to upgrade the kids’ items as well. I wasn’t quite ready to start letting our daughters use the “adult” glass cups though since we keep them in a cabinet they can’t reach, and they seem rather “breakable” anyway. So I was thrilled when I learned about these kid-friendly glass tumblers that are extremely durable and chip resistant. They are the perfect solution!

I put these stackable glass cups in a big drawer that my daughters can reach, and they LOVE getting out their own cups and filling them up with water all by themselves. My four-year-old is graduating from sippy cups a little early, but she is probably the most excited. The first night she used one I think she told me a dozen times that her cup was “breakable” just like mommy’s. And since the glass is durable and tempered I don’t worry too much about it actually breaking. Although I was sure to tell them if they did accidentally break a glass not to move an inch until I came to the rescue! So far these cups seem pretty kid-proof though.

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  1. We are moving from plastic to glass tumblers. With two active boys this looks like the perfect way to start.

  2. Upgrading to glass would be another way to get my “big boy” drink from a big boy cup, not a plastic sippy cup.

  3. Ohhh! I was thinking of doing the same thing and I have twin boys who are turning 4 soon. They love to drink out of everyone else’s cups but don’t have a good size cup of their own…especially not glass. These sound great! Pick me! Pick me!

  4. I need these! I’ve scared my son about drinking out of plastic (he’s a worry wart, and I casually mentioned something about it, so now he wants to get rid of all of our plastic)…so he would LOVE these.

  5. I follow on fb. My son would love these glasses! He won’t use a sippy cup, but loves to drink out of Mommy’s glasses. :)

  6. I would love to have these because I am trying to go to all glass, but it it so expensive to do all at once! :)

  7. I am jut tired of the ill stacking plastic cups in my kitchen, and also like the idea of my kids using adult type things at younger ages so they learn manners and little better.

  8. Stephanie Furr

    I have an 18 month old granddaughter and I want to start her off on a path to a healthy life. I just wish I knew that’s things when I raised my children.

  9. I would love to get rid of our plastic cups. The kids LOVE to have fancy dinner with glass glasses and the table all set up. These are a great idea so we could have fancy dinner every day. :-)

  10. I would love these glasses for my four year old daughter. We hardly have any and what we do have are glass. :)

  11. We completed the 10 day challenge and are beginning 100 days! Also trying to get rid of plastic…would love these!

  12. I am still working on setting up my kitchen. Right now I only have hand me down cups that really need to be retired.

  13. I would love these glass for our family. I have 6 10 and under and could use the help with unbreakables!