Duralex Glass Cups for Kids!

Since my oldest daughter is entering 1st grade this fall I’ve decided it’s time to do away with all our sippy cups. Plus, I’ve been getting rid of plastic in other areas of our kitchen so it seemed like the right time to upgrade the kids’ items as well. I wasn’t quite ready to start letting our daughters use the “adult” glass cups though since we keep them in a cabinet they can’t reach, and they seem rather “breakable” anyway. So I was thrilled when I learned about these kid-friendly glass tumblers that are extremely durable and chip resistant. They are the perfect solution!

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I put these stackable glass cups in a big drawer that my daughters can reach, and they LOVE getting out their own cups and filling them up with water all by themselves. My four-year-old is graduating from sippy cups a little early, but she is probably the most excited. The first night she used one I think she told me a dozen times that her cup was “breakable” just like mommy’s. And since the glass is durable and tempered I don’t worry too much about it actually breaking. Although I was sure to tell them if they did accidentally break a glass not to move an inch until I came to the rescue! So far these cups seem pretty kid-proof though.

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  1. These glasses are perfect for our morning OJ!
    I have glass cabinets and they would compliment my kitchen well.
    I follow you on FB – love your recipes.
    You have some great recipes and really helpful when I hit the wall trying to come up with different options for mealtime.
    I have a young athlete too so teaching him about real food vs. fast food options has been important.

  2. i too am phasing out plastic of all types in our home…including foods packaged in plastic…which is challenging but rewarding to know I am sending a message to companies who chose to overuse packaging.

  3. I would love to make the switch from plastic to glass for my family of 6, but have yet to find a glass that does not break the instant my children touch or drop it. The last glasses all had little cracks down the sides (I am assuming from everyday use) and had to be tossed. I would love to find something sturdy for my four children to use. Consider me, PLEASE!

  4. OH how I could use these!!! I am trying to get rid of all my plastic — especially for the kids! Would love, love, LOVE these!!! :-)

  5. I love my Duralex glasses, I have them in 2 sizes 8oz and 12oz. Picked them up real cheap at the Emile Henry factory sale last November.

  6. We got these cups as a wedding present 6 years ago and they are awesome. I had one that broke in the dishwasher, total fluke, but it didn’t break like regular glass. It crumbles when it breaks so it’s much safer to clean up. I called WS where we got them from about it breaking and they replaced it for me at no cost.

  7. I would love a set of these because my son has hemophilia-which means he has less than 1% blood clotting factor. We don’t allow glass, but plastic concerns me :(

  8. These glasses would be perfect for my boys. It is amazing at age 3 & 5 how they notice they have different plates, bowls, utensils than us. My hubby and I are making an effort to show them they can use our stuff if they can respect the items. These are the perfect size glasses to introduce to them and chip proof- what else could a mom ask for!

  9. I would love to have these as we have several small kids and I want very bad to get rid of the plastic (yuk) too. Seems like all the glass ones I find break easily. Hoping to win them!

  10. would love these! my kids have broken nearly every cup we own, and i’m desperately in need of more. cute too!

  11. I would love these tumblers, I’m trying to phase out plastics. They look like the sturdy kind I’m not going to break immediately (or the kids).
    I follow you on Facebook.

  12. These would be the perfect size for my growing kids! The ones they use now are too small and need replaced.