The Only Halloween Candy I’ll Buy (Plus Other Alternatives)

I am actually not even handing out candy this year, but if I were going to there’s only one type of candy I’d be spending my money on.

Check out my recent Charlotte Today Show clip below to see…

  • The “cleanest” Halloween candy on the market.
  • What I am going to hand out this year.
  • Other fun alternatives to candy.
  • What my daughters would choose out of all these ideas.

Plus for those who know us you better watch out because my 8-year-old now thinks she is “famous” after her 5 (silent) minutes on TV during this clip. The girls were just going to the studio to watch me do this segment, but at the last minute (to their delight) they were invited to join us on stage. :)

Oh and PS – I know the mention of handing out “bouillon cubes” seems really random, but the host (Colleen) was joking about giving those out earlier in the show! Definitely don’t hand those out – ha!

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  1. Love these ideas! Fortunately, it’s getting easier and easier these days to find healthier treats to hand out. The biggest challenge is finding treats that are not wrapped in plastic or come with straws. All the plastic waste that Halloween results in is a far greater danger to our health and well being than a little candy, or even a month’s worth of candy.

    I went with those little boxes of nerds, because at least the cardboard boxes are biodegradable. And I was able to order them online, packaged in cardboard, as well. So no plastic whatsoever.

    I know this is a “Real Food” blog and not a plastic-free blog, but I wish people who were focusing on health would also talk about trying to reduce plastic waste, since that kind of pollution has a direct and negative affect on our food and water supply. The two are inextricably linked.

  2. We plant Zombie Plants with the kids. The plants actually play dead when you touch them by closing their leaves and lowering their branches. Search “The Zombie Plant” to see a live one in action and to get your own growing kits. A great alternative to trick or treat candy.

  3. My cousin has a huge bowl of pennies and the can get one handful which means the small children get less than the larger kids. House was never egged so I guess it was okay. They said the kids liked it.

  4. Love these ideas! We are very lucky that no one comes to our house for Halloween so there’s no pressure for us to keep candy in the house. Plus, because of where we live there’s nowhere to go trick-or-treating so if we want to go get candy we have to put the kids in the car and drive to a plan to go house to house.

  5. Love all these great ideas. Have been following (ahem…most) of the real food rules for about 2 months and was inspired to create some non-candy printable tags for my Etsy shop here: I did some pencil topers with halloween jokes, glow stick tags and vampire fang tags. An easy way to make the non-candy treats a little cuter and more fun!!

  6. I was already planning on getting the little boxes of raisins this year for trick or treaters! I love the idea of the pencils and glow sticks as well! Thank you for the great ideas!

      1. The entitlement mentality of the world (regarding Kristen’s unnecessary comment)

        Linda, give whatever you want! The fact that you give anything shows you are a generous person because you don’t have to give out anything at all. I think raisins are a great idea!

  7. Thank you for the great ideas. I think that we are going to make popcorn balls (al natural of course) for our nieces and nephews this year (we don’t hand out candy).

    We started the switch Witch last year, although we allowed the kids to each pick 6 pieces of candy to keep. They got to take one in their lunch each day until they were gone. I personally don’t like the idea of just letting them eat candy one night, because I think that they over do it.

    Also, just a little thing, but a Huge step for my daughter (who loves sweets). We are on week 5 of real food. We talk about what is offered for snack at school and how they should make their choices, but we also don’t demand that they only choice real food. We are hoping that they will choose real over fake more and more as they learn about it. Well, yesterday my daughter (who loves sweets, right?) passed on a snack at school that had chocolate in it! What a huge success!!! We are so proud of the changes she is making!!! Thank you for your continued support!

  8. I love the idea to focus on non-junkfood treats for halloween, but you know what concerns me? Glow sticks, vampire teeth, spider-bling… it’s all plastic ‘junk’ that will end up in the trash within a few weeks. We don’t need more plastic waste on this planet! Plus, cheap plastic is often toxic plastic, too.

  9. I do a little bag of treats for the kids each year with raisins and a Halloween sticker and a couple of the things you showed in the video like the vampire teeth and spider ring or Halloween pencils etc. Everyone always seems to like it just have to have something a bit different for the babies/toddlers. And the good thing is if you do not give them all out, everything but the raisins or other food are fine to save for the next year.

  10. I love this! I recently bought the cookbook. I am slowly but surely making changes. As a grandmother of 9 and other of 5 I wish I had this site years ago. Two of my children are type I diabetics diagnosed as age 3. I really , obviously, try to stay away from sugary treats. This is a great page and I hope I can set an example for my adult children/grandchildren. Thank you Lisa!!

  11. Where are you able to find unreal candy? I absolutely LOVE it! But we can’t find it anywhere and their website has said since February that they are temporarily off the shelves!

    1. Tiffany, I have always found it at Target…specifically the Target’s with a grocery side. It isn’t usually out with the “Easter” section or “Halloween” section though. I usually find it on the candy isle in the grocery section.

    2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Tiffany. We don’t have any inside information, unfortunately, but it looks like they are coming back soon. :)

  12. What great ideas! My mom always gave out DARE pencils when I was in High School. I always told my mom our house was going to get egged or tp’d lol Never did tho!

  13. What great ideas! I can’t wait to get your cookbook:) My husband, 3 boys, and I love your Pumpkin Spelt Muffins recipe. Eating healthy is important to us and 100 Days of Real Food has great advice and recipes. Thanks for sharing your world by encouraging families to eat better.

  14. I think that these are great ideas, and certainly our children don’t need anymore candy. Water and juice is also a wonderful idea. My son will ask for that about 5 minutes into our trick-o-treat night. Keep up the good work fellow Charlotte mom!