Our Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017!

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It’s that time again: time to get organized and figure out what to give the loved ones on your list. We’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas from our favorite sponsors; ones that we’ve personally tested and are excited to recommend (along with some deals!).

Be warned – you might just find something here that’s a good fit for you as well! :) Without further ado, here is our list of Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017!

Holiday Gift Guide on 100 Days of Real Food

The gift that keeps on giving (i.e. growing!)

Back to the Roots’ has a fun line of organic indoor gardening kits for everyone on your list. From mushroom kits, windowsill herb kits, tomato planters or table-top aquaponic ecosystems, these kits are great for teachers to enjoy at home or in their classrooms! So much better than another bag of cookies, don’t you think? ;) I have also gifted these to my kids, and Lisa has as well – her daughter LOVED watching how quickly her mushrooms grew. And what I love is that they are 100% guaranteed to grow – if the product doesn’t grow as described, Back to the Roots will replace it free of charge. Perfect for those of us who weren’t born with a green thumb (raise of hand).

All of their products are organic, non-GMO and made in the USA. The products can be grown year-round (indoors), and come with everything you need to get started – just add water, give it some sun and watch it grow!

Morrocco Method Dry Shampoo

Full disclosure: I don’t wash my hair every day. No, instead I wash it every-other; pretty much always have. And after many conversations with friends, I’ve realized that I’m not alone. So when I first heard the term “dry shampoo,” I thought – hmm – a bit of an oxymoron, but I’m intrigued. Unfortunately, the conventional version left me disappointed, as the chemical-laden aerosol sprays left me looking more like I was fighting a bad case of the flakes instead of having *clean* hair. Yuck! Then Morrocco Method sent me a bottle of their Dry Shampoo to try.

I was immediately drawn to their ingredients. The main ingredient, bentonite clay, helps absorb excess oils; I’ve used it in the past as a face mask and knew it works well. Aloe vera, charcoal, arrowroot and turmeric are also ingredients that you’ll find within – no random large-word chemicals you aren’t familiar with. The best news is, it really works! You simply flip your hair over (this is how I do it) and sprinkle some on. Rub it in with your fingertips, and brush your hair with Morrocco Method’s boar brush (my favorite) and voila – your secret is safe! No wash that day, but no one can tell. This is a gift to grab for yourself (it’s okay!) ;) and also for anyone else on your list who doesn’t want to wash daily.

>>Use code 100DRY for 15% off

Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo with coupon

A holiday gift idea for real foodies

A few years ago I was turned on to Chosen Foods’ Avocado Oil, and I have never looked back. Sure, I love my olive oil and use it often, but this is another alternative that is wonderful for cooking. What I love is the high smoke point – 500 degrees, to be exact. So if you’ve ever noticed that your oil is burning when you roast vegetables in the oven or cook something at a high temp on the stovetop, avocado oil is just the answer to the problem. As far as taste, it has a very mild, versatile flavor that I feel enhances the taste of other foods. Fun facts about Chosen Foods’ Avocado Oil: it’s gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan AND has 15 avocados in every bottle – Holy Guacamole!
This is a super fun gift for all real foodies.

Avocado Oil with Zoodles

For anyone wanting a toxin-free home

Started by three women who are super passionate about helping people avoid toxins in their daily lives, Branch Basics is offering a brand new formula that is truly safe and works. Their new concentrate replaces every cleaner in your home: removes grease and food stains, cleans all countertops and floors, washes dishes, makes jewelry sparkle, removes eye makeup and can wash your produce, body and baby. Seriously – I feel like a salesperson for them rattling all of this off, but this is one product that I truly love and use all the time.

Used at full strength, one 32 oz bottle does 192 loads of laundry. And yep, we parents are no strangers to laundry, right?! Empty spray bottles and a foamer bottle, labeled for different uses, make diluting and using the concentrate really easy. Also, their Oxygen Boost is great for whitening and brightening clothes, removing tough stains and making tile grout look new again! Their Starter Kit is the perfect holiday gift idea to let your recipient get started with their new, toxin-free cleaning regime.

Branch Basics product display

Super snacks for real foodies

I can’t think of a holiday that doesn’t include some food gift. I mean, everyone likes to eat, so chances are they’ll use it. A perfect stocking stuffer to add to the mix is from one of my family’s favorite snack companies, Made in Nature. For a limited time, they are offering a Holiday Snack Box which is packed with 5 of their most popular Supersnacks. What I love about Made in Nature is that their products are just that – made in nature and void of other fillers/nonsense ingredients. Who has time for that?! These are perfect for stockings, super to gift to the postal service person, dog walker or teacher, and also so good for those busy shopping days when you’re out and about longer than planned. Stash them in your bag for a healthy pick-me-up. Here’s what’s included in the pack:

  • Cranberry Pistachio Figgy Pops, 4.2 oz
  • Mocha Almond Nut Butter Filled Figgy Pops, 3.8 oz
  • Italian Espresso Coconut Chips, 3 oz (looooove these)
  • Dried Mangoes, 3 oz (my kids will fight over these)
  • Maple Balsamic Nut Fusions, 4 oz

>> Our gift to you: use code “holiday” at checkout to get free shipping on the Holiday Snack Box

For the foodie who has everything

For the person who believes that cinnamon is the spice of life or the one who has not yet tasted freshly ground cinnamon, which makes SUCH a difference in taste, we have just the thing. A beautifully designed cinnamon grater made in the UK combined with fresh cinnamon sticks  (Ceylon cinnamon and Saigon cinnamon, both harvested in 2017) make a uniquely wonderful gift that the recipient will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Lisa has one of the graters and has said that she “cannot believe the difference” in taste. Choose from a beautiful hand-made oak grater or a sleek black plastic grater; each comes with fresh cinnamon sticks, and individual sticks can be purchased in the future, as well.

Cinnamon Grater displayed with sticks

The gift of experience: travel

Over the last few years, I’ve become a fan of a slightly different approach to gifting, but one that I’m extremely fond of: the gift of experiences, and in this case, the gift of travel. With 4 kids, I’m sure that you can appreciate the fact that we have more puzzles, coloring books, art supplies, toy cars and balls than needed since each child has been fortunate enough to get one or another at various times. I’ve also realized that what we value so much more is time together … so why not give a gift to bring everyone together?

The Family Backpack has come up with some holiday gift ideas that combine material presents with the gift of travel. Because if you are giving the gift of travel, it is still fun to have something to open to help paint the picture of what’s to come. These presents are great for kids, and you can give the list to grandparents or aunts and uncles as well. You can also set up an account with websites like iSow that create platforms to raise money for special events or trips. Asking family members to contribute towards the larger gift of an upcoming trip is another way to give the gift of travel to your children and teach them about saving up for a goal (love this idea).

Family BackPack Holiday Gift Guide

What are your holiday gift ideas for this season? Please share with us in the comments!

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