How to Make an Apple Sandwich

In case you’ve seen these apple sandwiches around, but have no idea how to make them…this is for you!

First, you’ll need…

The Supplies

Required Supplies:

  • An apple (of course!)
  • Some nut or seed butter like peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower seed butter
  • Large knife, small table knife, and cutting board
  • Small round cookie cutter (I got mine in a set from Sur la Table)

Optional Supplies: 

  • Raisins
  • Lemon – to keep apple from turning brown
  • Toothpicks – helps hold sandwich together in a lunchbox that likely gets tossed all around!
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1. Cut off the top of the apple and then make the first thin slice (a.k.a. the top of the sandwich).
2. Make another slice, which will become the bottom of the sandwich. If you started cutting near the top of the apple you can get four slices (2 sandwiches) out of one apple.
3. Cut out the core with a small round cookie cutter. You can also use a table knife and go around in a circular motion, but it’s not nearly as pretty. :)
4. Add some nut or seed butter (like peanut butter).
5. If desired, add some raisins as well.
6. Put on the top of the sandwich.
7. If you don’t trust your child to keep their lunchbox in one position all day long then secure with wooden toothpicks (plastic ones can break in apple). Also be sure to instruct your child to remove the toothpicks before taking a bite. :)
8. Squirt with lemon juice to help keep apple from turning brown. You can also mix lemon with a little water so it doesn’t taste so “lemony” or like “cleaner” as my daughter once told me.
And voila…there’s lunch! This apple sandwich is paired with a whole-wheat zucchini muffin, frozen peas (that defrost by lunchtime), and cheddar cheese cubes.

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  1. I make turkey Swiss sandwiched with apple slices for potlucks and weekends. Devoured. Apple skidded slices with curried chicken salad, no ghost, are a huge hit.

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