Real Food Tips: 5 Reasons I Love My Hand Immersion Blender

If you don’t already own a hand immersion blender …you are really missing out! I wouldn’t call this my “most used” kitchen tool, but since cooking from scratch is obviously a requirement for eating real food this is quite possibly my “most practical” one. In fact, it’s one of the few kitchen tools I brought from home on our RV trip last summer – I honestly don’t know how I ever cooked (especially made soups) without it, and, for the price, you really get a lot for your money.

So, just for fun (read: this is not a sponsored post), here are the top 5 reasons I love my $35 hand immersion blender. And I’d love for you to chime in with your favorite uses in the comments below because I’m sure there are some I haven’t thought of, and it would be fun to try something new with it!

5 Reasons I Love My Hand Immersion Blender on 100 Days of #RealFood

  1. Pureeing Homemade Soups
    My first reason here alone is absolutely worth the purchase of a hand immersion blender. Gone are the days of transferring your freshly made hot soup in batches to your blender for pureeing. Not to mention the trouble if you have more soup than your blender will hold, requiring a third container, and then the safety issues of the steam popping the top off the blender when pureeing the hot soup – talk about a mess!
  2. Emulsifying Salad Dressings
    Sure, you can shake up salad dressing in a jar to get it to mix together nicely, but let’s face it – nothing does as good of a job as a high-speed blender. And the hand-held version is the perfect size to make something like this very quick and easy without a lot of clean up! Plus I’ve found that dressings stay emulsified longer when they’re made this way, too.
  3. Small Batch Sauces (and other homemade goodies)
    Sauces are not often made in huge portions so I love that you don’t have to get out (and clean) a big blender if you just need a little batch of homemade berry sauce or pesto or even whipped cream. Everyone could use a little batch of whipped cream on occasion. :)
  4. Easy Cleaning
    I love how the bottom half of the handheld blender just pops right off and goes into the silverware compartment of the dishwasher while the cup fits in the top rack. Again, why mess with washing the parts of a big blender if you don’t have to?
  5. Small Price and Size
    Many of us struggle with small budgets and little storage space in our kitchen. It’s safe to say this one is both affordable (especially when it comes to kitchen appliances) and takes up little room in the cupboards.

What other ways have you used your hand immersion blender?

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81 thoughts on “Real Food Tips: 5 Reasons I Love My Hand Immersion Blender”

  1. I love my handheld blender,too! I also make a lot of soups with it but that’s it. Thanks for the ideas! I need to try using it for other things too! I am happy that it is so easy to clean it! Sometimes I don’t even put it for washing in the dishwasher but straight clean it in the sink. It is great to have it! :)

  2. I use mine to make a small batch of smoothies for my kids. It’s perfect for a quick and healthy part of lunch! :)

  3. I love to use mine to make homemade popsicles. A little plain (organic) yogurt, mango (for sweet) and whatever veggie I can hide. We call them “green sparkle pops” My kids think the spinach/kale are sparkles hahahahahahahaha

  4. I received an immersion blender for Christmas and I honestly don’t know how I have managed in the kitchen without it! Amazing! I mostly using for blending soups and am so happy this blog helped me realize how much I needed this in my kitchen – it makes all the difference!

  5. I want to buy one of these blenders! I think that they are easy to maintain and to clean. I have two year old daughter and she loves pumpkin soups and I think that this blender will be perfect for my pumpkin soups! Regards! Brent Park Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  6. I use mine most for making refried beans after the dry beans have cooked all day in the crock pot–drain and put back in the crock pot, add some salsa or chopped tomatoes and a little bit of the bean liquid and blend. delish and super easy.

  7. Just a word of caution: I almost cut my finger off about a month ago using my immersion blender. I took my finger off the button, put my other finger in the blade to clear out the batter and it turned on. Since my accident, I’ve heard of other people doing the same thing. It seems to be a glitch with the machine. Make sure to unplug the blender if you’re going to stick anything inside!

    1. Angela, I also make soap. I have a recipe that calls for lye water, olive oil, coconut oil, & palm oil. This mixture is stirred until it traces.

      What kind of soap are you making? Doesn’t the blender mix it too quickly?

      1. I use olive oil, almond oil, and Shea or cocoa butter in my soaps. The immersion blender makes it trace in just a few minutes. You have to be prepared with your molds ready. Better than stirring forever! I’m going to write a blog post on it soon, so follow me so you don’t miss it.

      2. I make Shea butter soap mainly. It will trace within a few minutes, depending on the temperature of the oil mixture when you start. I usually cool it down first by setting it in a bowl of ice water. I need to write a how to blog on this !

  8. Makes perfect home-made mayonnaise every single time. I make my mayo with avocado oil from Costco, fresh eggs from a friend’s farm, and the guilt-free mayo comes out flawless and tasty with the immersion blender!!

  9. I use mine all the time too… Hummus and other bean dips are easy with it… Also the aforementioned smoothies, and soups

  10. I just got one for Christmas! I’ve used it several times making soups and sauces, but it seems to only be handy in the winter when I am making those things often. I saw that you can make smoothies with it (instead of making a lot of smoothie and mess in a blender), so I’m going to try that out in the summer. :)

  11. I love to use mine for everything you mentioned, but probably my favorite is making an avocado cream to go on enchiladas. It makes the avocado super smooth and delicious.

  12. I have one of these blenders, but I never use it because I didn’t know what to use it for. Thank you for sharing your experience and how you like it for certain tasks!

    1. Yes, I totally agree! These are some great suggestions beyond the rare times I need it for soup!!! THANKS!

  13. I use mine on roasted tomatoes to make fresh sauce. No need to remove seeds or skin then and comes out perfectly smooth. It’s the best to make soups creamy without the cream.

  14. Kathryn Ormondroyd

    I love mine and use it all the time. The best thing was I used it to make all my own baby food!!

  15. I have the exact one you have :) and make mayonnaise and salad dressings and also to cream some soups.

  16. We use ours (almost daily in warm months)to make smoothies! I used it for so many other things, too though. It is definitely my most used and favorite kitchen tool!!

  17. I just recently started using mine to mix up a new jar of natural peanut butter. I hate when I spill the oil trying to hand mix it so I tried it with the hand blender and it was so much faster without the mess.

    1. Try storing your natural peanut butter in the cabinet upside down. When you go to open it, it makes it so much easier to stir. :)

    2. I had that problem and started storing mine in the fridge and barely have any separation issues now. I use peanut butter maybe once a month (and that’s generous).

    3. The key is to store unopened peanut butter upside down. After opening jar, dump out some of the oil, then blend with hand blender until smooth smooth add remaining oil back in and blend again. Definitely have to give the immersion blender a try though.

    4. Mishi- me too! Love it for nut butters! I transfer all to a wide mouth mason jar, blend, then store on the fridge. I haven’t always stored my pb in the fridge thinking it would be hard to work with cold but it is surprisingly easy! Glad to see someone had the same thought as me with the nut spreads and oil :)

  18. Is it better then a food processor?
    And I sold my blender I had used 1x in the past 10 years… don’t make many “creamy” soups, but my mom has an immersion blender and uses it to thicken sauces for stews, roasts etc mostly takes sauce and veggies from crocklot and thickens them. .
    Not sure that I need kne but I want one! Ha

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Chris. It is easier and less clean up than a food processor but not as versatile. ;)

  19. I use mine to make individual smoothies in the plastic cup that came with my Cuisinart immersion blender (as shown in the picture above).

  20. Use mine for ‘mashed’ cauliflower and homemade mayonnaise (1 c olive oil and 1 egg in a jar, hand blender from bottom of jar to top and viola!)

  21. I use it to puree whole tomatoes right in the can if I am making pasta sauce. But I use it most often in a soup, such as a potato soup or butternut squash soup or a creamy vegetable soup.

  22. I first got one when making baby food for my first child. Now I’m on baby number 3 and it has been great to easily purée food for him. The nice part is once he gets to a point where I’ve introduced several foods to him I can just take part of our normal dinner or lunch out and blend it up for him with a little water or breast milk. It works great and is hardly any trouble to feed my baby real food.

  23. I have the exact one you show except mine is orange. I use it almost every day for smoothies, I use it in my soups and it works like a dream. I can’t remember the last time I used my blender but this stays out on the countertop :)

  24. What about an article on your favorite reasons for owning a food processor. I have one but seldom use it because it’s a bother to put together and then take apart to clean. A knife and cutting board is so much easier.

  25. In addition to most of the uses mentioned, I use it to make guacamole. My kids don’t like to eat the chunks of onion, but they’ll eat them if they are blended well.

  26. I also use mine to make hummus, from the Inspired Taste site…so yummy. Their tip to “whip” the tahini and lemon juice together before adding other ingredients sends it over the top. So creamy and smooth. I adore my immersion blender.

  27. I definitely agree! I also use mine for homemade mashed potatoes and applesauce – works great!

  28. I purchased one of these after getting hot soup all over my ceiling when using a blender–whoops! I was so hesitant because a lot of people told me they just don’t work as well as a blender, but I have not found that to be true at all. Less bulky dishes and smoothly pureed soup, its’ a win win! I need to try it with peanut butter though, what a good tip.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it. Mashed potatoes should never be purreeed. The starches break down turning them to a runny gluey mess. I learned this the hard way when using my immersion blender to mix potatoes for twice baked potatoes. I ruined the whole batch and had to start over. I now stick to my hand mixer for smoothness. Though I plan to buy a potato ricer in the future.

  29. I love the kitchen aid immersion blender that I just bought at Costco.
    So easy to make homemade mayo. Just add the ingredients and blend. No more pouring oil slowly and hoping it works.

  30. I find the Emerson blender to be a quicker way to blend large batches of soup than a blender. Much easier cleanup too.

  31. I had a glass jar regular blender for years and it finally died. So I bought a new plastic jar blender on sale. I used it twice before it blew a hole OUT the SIDE of the jar!!! Finally broke down and used my immersion blender I already owned to make a smoothie. It worked great! I just use a paper towel to cover the jar so it doesn’t explode everywhere. I’ll never go back to a jar blender. Especially a plastic jar.

  32. I never get why people prefer one of these things above a blender. Sure, I can see why it would be easy if you only need a tiny bit of sauce.
    But even if I made more soup than my blender could hold I’d rather use an extra container and still use my trusty old blender. It takes ages before you have blended your whole soup with the immersion blender, especially if you make a lot. It splatters everywhere and you usually end up with forgotten chucks of veggies that should have been blended anyways.

  33. I replaced our (broken) standard blender with an immersion blender. It’s been great! It does everything the full-size blender did, while being more versatile (soup!) and much easier to clean. :)

  34. I’ve discovered that my eclectic hand mixer (you know, the one with the two beater attachments) came with an immersion attachment as well. So I’ve been able to use that instead of buying another appliance. Something to consider/look into as well.

    1. Hi Fontaine,
      When my hand mixer died a couple of months ago, I was looking at hand mixers as well as immersion blenders, because I wanted to be able to puree soups without having to use my blender. And I thought that I could get away with just buying a hand mixer with an immersion attachment. But then I read the reviews of a hand mixer, and a buyer pointed out that the immersion attachment was for blending only (basically a stick that moves really fast) and not at all the same as the immersion blender, which has blades that cut food. I’m not saying that that’s your situation, but it might be.

  35. I love to use it to mix up the tahini we buy, right in the container. Same with the peanut butter as someone mentioned above!

  36. I love mine as well – one of the best things I’ve purchased for my kitchen. I bought one because of your blog, I have used it to make your tomato bisque countless times (it is my most favorite soup in the entire world) and also to partially puree other soups to get that creaminess.
    I am soup obsessed, in case you can’t tell.
    i also use it for the slow cooker refried beans (also your recipe – they’re amazing by the way!!)
    To anyone on the fence, go for it!!

  37. I also love mine! I’ve had it for at least 12 years, so maybe mine is designed differently, but how do you prevent it from splattering everywhere when you use it?

    1. The key is to make sure you hold it straight instead of on an angle. And also make sure the blender is touching the bottom of your pot or bowl :)

    2. I also find it helps to keep the blade portion completely submerged in the pureeing liquid. I make tomato soup in a my 2 quart pot instead of my Dutch oven. For small amounts of liquid, I also tip pans sideways wile pureeing.

  38. I LOVE my immersion blender too! I purchased mine when I started making my own homemade marinara sauce after reading how sugar is often added to the canned stuff I was buying. By using mom’s homegrown canned tomatoes, garlic, spices and a little olive oil we have marinara sauce in no time with our immersion blender! Easy clean up too :)

  39. I love using it to mix peanut butter… Right in the jar! No oil spilling out, no transferring it to another bowl! And it mixes it so so well!

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