Oven “Fried” Chicken

Here's a recipe you can feel good about making for your family. You'll be picking the crust off this oven fried chicken just like it's the real deal!
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I’m excited to share with you the best alternative to fried chicken I’ve ever had! Trust me, I know deep-fried food can taste good (and is a fun treat on occasion), but all the refined oil that gets absorbed during cooking is not good for you. So here’s an oven fried chicken recipe you can feel good about making for your family and, trust me, you’ll be picking the crust off this stuff just like it’s the real deal! Be sure to try this Parmesan Crusted Chicken too!

Crispy Oven Fried Chicken on baking sheet

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Crispy Oven Fried Chicken served with rice and salad

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  1. I need to use up some chicken tenders…how long would you think I should cook them? This looks yummy!!

    1. Search for “Misto” brand for the bottle sprayer and you can put your own oil in it.

      I used coconut oil spray and it came out great. It was crunchy and the breading was tasty. I will probably add some seasoning to the buttermilk marinade since hubby wanted more taste “embedded “ in the chicken. I think this shouldn’t be the problem if the pieces weren’t cut up too big. To me the seasoning was perfect.

  2. You can buy sunflower, avocado, or olive oil sprays. Or you could put the oil of your choice in a spray bottle and use that.

    1. I’ve purchased several oil spray bottles but NONE ‘spray’ the oil, they all just shoot out a solid stream! Does anyone have a recommendation for one that actually “sprays”?

      1. I was referring to a manual spray bottle to which you add your own oil. The finger pump types have not worked for me yet, with any kind of oil: olive, macadamia nut, Udo,… Is there one out there with a trigger that will actually ‘spray’ the oil? I don’t want a pressurized one with a propellant!

      2. Im not sure about a manual one, but the Olive Oil Spray at Trader Joe’s that Brittany mentioned doesn’t contain a propellant. The only ingredient is Olive Oil.

      3. Can you substitute bone in chicken drumsticks for the breasts? Would that be around the same cooking time? Thanks!

      4. Addison LaBonte

        Bone-in drumsticks would probably take slightly longer. I recommend a meat thermometer. Enjoy!

    1. It looks like the cooking spray is just for the pan. You could substitute it with any kind of fat/oil to help the chicken not to stick.

      1. You can mix in some olive oil Right into the Panko mixture and then I usually just spray the pan. Chicken will be crispy and golden- basically a homemade shake and bake

    2. No it says, to spray the chicken. I’m with you, is there a way to make this without using cooking spray. I hate to buy cooking spray for a one time use, not to mention the questionable ingredients. Also what brand of whole wheat Panko do you buy?

    3. Hi Glynis –

      Spraying the breadcrumb coating gives similar flavor, texture, and appearance to deep frying but with much less oil.

      We use an organic olive oil spray with no additives or propellant (other than I assume air or nitrogen as the only ingredient listed is olive oil). You can find this or similar avocado or coconut oil sprays on Amazon or in some grocery stores.

      You can also add your own oil in refillable oil spray bottles, but over time they often end up spraying a stream instead of a mist. – Jason