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  1. Thank you for your work regarding food dyes – I am trying to come to some conclusion in term of ordering a cake for my grandson’s birthday which my daughter wants to represent as a soccer field with Green dye. She is suggesting using a particular bakery in their home town that says it uses FDA approved dyes, which as we know doesn’t necessarily mean something good. I see that you listed the FDA approved dyes and I looked at another site that says research shows no toxicity in the animals they experimented with…as a vegetarian, I find that part of the process unhealthy and unnecessary, as well…but given that, what is your opinion about using some of this green dye for the frosting? – The bakery says that it uses only a small amount of the FDA approved. I hate to support this in any way, but am trying to obtain some balance between what my daughter and family want and what my husband and I believe to be right. Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I nominated your blog for an Inspiring Blogger Award because you keep me going even when McDonald’s beckons. Pop over and check it out…or not, it’s entirely up to you. (Didn’t want to add a link and end up in your spam folder.)