Produce Storage Cheat Sheet (+ Announcement!)

Do you ever wonder how long certain fruits (or vegetables) might last sitting out on your kitchen counter? Or wonder if maybe you should refrigerate them instead? Of course it always depends on exactly how fresh the produce is when you buy it, but, to help solve some of those kitchen mysteries, I am excited to share this handy dandy produce storage guide* (just below) with you today! Please print, pass on, and enjoy. :)

Announcement: Real Food On The Road!

I also want to take a moment to share some super fun news with you. The cross-country family RV trip that my husband and I have been plotting for YEARS is finally coming to fruition—tomorrow! Neither of us has ever stepped foot in an RV before, so I really hope this dream of ours turns out to be everything we’ve ever imagined and does not at all remind us of the Griswolds. :)

We start by flying out to our old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon (where we briefly lived after college), and then we’ll head south in a rental car to San Francisco, which is where we’ll be picking up our “home away from home” from El Monte RV. From there we plan to hit Yosemite, Big Sur, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Utah, Yellowstone, Glacier, and (a place I’ve wanted to visit for well over a decade)…Banff! Then we’ll head on over to Seattle where we’ll return the RV and fly home.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and to be able to share it with my kids! I must admit though that the food situation is going to be interesting. First of all, we’ll be spending all this time in a TINY kitchen with no fancy appliances. Secondly, we must leave behind our freezer stash of local pastured meat and homemade whole grain goodies (like muffins). And thirdly, I have no idea where we’ll be shopping for all our food (goodbye Earth Fare…sniff sniff). We certainly can’t bring much more than snacks from home. But not to worry. I will for sure be sharing some of our experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on the blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram. And no matter what happens, I’ve been looking forward to this adventure for so long—I can’t wait! :) (Oh and PS – I’ll also have several guest bloggers posting about some great topics on the site while we are gone.)

Produce Storage Cheat Sheet

Okay, here’s the produce storage sheet I promised …hopefully it will help you keep fruits and veggies fresh and prevent any unnecessary waste in your kitchen. Download your free printable version here.

Produce Storage Cheat Sheet from 100 Days of #RealFood

*Thank you to Renee Boyer and Julie McKinney at the Virginia Cooperative Extension for the inspiration for this chart!

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  1. We’ll I hope you enjoy my neck of the woods when you check out Glacier! I thoroughly enjoy your recipes!

  2. Hey! I just got back from Portland from my first time visit!
    And yes, my initial thought was that you might be pregnant Lisa :)~ :D
    I appreciate this. It looks like it will even work way down here in south Florida. Have a great trip!

  3. Also check out Puget Consumer Cooperative (P.C.C.) You will need to bring your own bags or pay .05/per bag in Seattle proper.

  4. If you have time, you should check out Central Market in Seattle. Driving is CRAZY in Seattle as well as LA. Camera lights so watch right turns and come to complete and full stops.

  5. You could extend the chart a bit for the citrus. Instead of throwing it out, juice it and freeze the juice.

  6. We stop at local food co-op’s on our road trips. They usually have a deli or soup bar. Much better than fast food.

  7. Portland is an amazing food town. We do all of our shopping at Trader Joes and New Seasons (local Whole Foods type of store), and occasionally Fred Meyer and Natural Grocer. You won’t have any problems finding good healthy food here, whether in a grocery store or restaurant!

  8. Lisa, We did a similar trip years ago with our kids and had a ball! We had leftover groceries so we stopped at a grocery store parking lot before turning in the RV and donated our groceries to a very appreciative family! Have a great time!

  9. Sweetheart, you are in for a treat. Portland is the real food capital of the world. There is great produce pretty much all over the Northwest. Growing up throughout the Nrothwest, I always preferred to shop at Fred Meyers, however they have steadily gone down hill since Kroger took over. But, they still have a fantastic organic and bulk section, especially at the bigger stores.

    If you travel through Spokane, Washington, which is highly likely, stop by Greenbluff. Just ask a local how to get there. Greenbluff is a bluff, literally, that is covered in farms, orchards, wineries, and cideries, and populated by some really interesting people. They have my favorite festivals, especially Halloween, and my brother owns an artisanal cidery named Twilight Ciders there. Please please please check them out! You will be more than pleasantly surprised!

  10. I know you probably aren’t, but I’m excited to see how you shop and find your preferred food items here out West! It will be great perspective, if nothing else! Have a WONDERFUL time, our friends did this last summer (funny, they we out East!) and it was a life changing experience for them all! Travel safe!!!

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  12. This is an awesome cheat sheet! Have a fantastic trip. I have always found it so hard to keep a good diet when we are traveling, so good luck!

  13. Thank you a million for the chart. Now I have no excuse for tossing wasted produce because we will eat it or freeze it before it goes bad!

  14. So I’m from Charlotte and I have lived in Utah for about 4 years now. You can safely plan a shopping trip in Salt Lake City, which you almost have to go through. There’s a Sprouts grocery store that is probably the closest thing to Earth Fare (I’ve shopped at the same one as Lisa in Charlotte) and there are also a lot of Whole Foods out here in the west, as well as some smaller Good Earth’s. They are VERY small, though, and cater to veterinarians carrying very little meat.
    Also one thing I’ve learned that might really make your trip: Everyone says Zion’s national park in southern Utah is WAY prettier than Yellowstone and some people have said it’s better than the Grand Canyon, though I’ve never been there. I worked at a hotel out here and that’s what all my guests have said. So maybe think about stopping there on your way from Vegas as it’s only a few hours north of there.
    Have fun and thank you for the cheat sheet!

  15. Have no fear, Portland is here! I am so excited you are headed to my hometown; I have been following your blog for a long time now! This is the perfect time to visit because you can find an amazing farmers market pretty much any day of the week out here! We also have Whole foods, market of choice, trader joes, New Seasons….so many healthy stores to choose from! Plus, get a good meal when you are downtown Portland. Everyone here is all about local, farm-to-table, all natural…there will be plenty of restaurants for you to choose from! Enjoy your amazing trip!

  16. Banff is amazing! We honeymooned in Lake Louise, so it will always be a special place for me. There’s a little pub in the basement of the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. They have a fancy, pricey restaurant upstairs, but the downstairs pub is budget friendly and mostly serves burgers and the like. They do offer specials every night that were so so good and miles above pub fare, and it’s all from the same kitchen that serves the fancy stuff. I think about that place all the time. It felt like our little secret.

  17. What a fabulous trip Lisa! Are you by chance picking up your RV in Dublin, CA? I live here and we have many tourists (including a lot of Europeans!) who pick up their RV at the El Monte RV in town and then continue on to Yosemite because it’s almost directly East from here, leaving the Bay Area on Interstate 580. Anyway, if you are, there is a Whole Foods in San Ramon, CA not too far up the freeway where you could stock up on real food, so to speak. :) There is also a Sprouts in Dublin.

    Good luck and have fun!

  18. We are in our RV now for the summer. Hit the Farmers’ Markets in the places you go…usually on Saturday mornings, and these days you can find Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s as well as locally owned health food stores just about everywhere.

  19. Kristin Wayment

    You could visit fans in various cities and help them do real food meal makeovers. It would be a great way to have a meal in a real kitchen every few days and would make great posts on your blog. If you go through Idaho Falls on your way to Yellowstone, we’d be your happy hosts.

  20. I love Banff! Be sure to visit Moraine Lake. In my opinion more beautiful than Lake Louise (stunning lake colours)…but of course high tea at the Fairmont at Lake Louise is always fun.

  21. Oh my gosh that is so exciting! When will you be going through Big Sur? I have a post coming out soon about places to see and things to do around Monterey, CA. I can also give you the scoop on where to get real food around here :)

  22. Hi there, just a heads up that there is a province-wide teachers strike effective mon June 16 in British Columbia. Just announced today. basically, school is out for summer. BANFF could be EXTRA BUSY as will other places in BC (like the Okanagan Valley, which is where I’m from and highly recommend you visit – we have awesome fruit and wine EVERYWHERE here :) ). In case you haven’t already, book your campsites ahead in banff/BC. Have a great trip!

  23. What an adventure! When you come through Utah, if you and the family need a place to park/want to use a big kitchen, you are welcome at our house! I am an avid reader who would love to support your trip! Also, I am happy to give you the low down on real food options through our state!

  24. Electric Skillet!!! Stainless Steel one an Amazon costs about 120 – it would be worth every penny!!!! So awesome you all get to do this!

  25. Supermarket brands use by date or best before date when purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables they are 1 week or less shelf life ? In the article it says 2 weeks stored in the fridge for Apples but apples only have less than 7 days shelf life on the packaging :/

  26. I have been retired and traveling in an RV for 4+ yrs and
    love the traveling. While you’re still home,
    pay attention to what kitchen things you touch
    daily. Take those. Beans and rice base is good
    to work w adding protein. WalMart, though I don’t
    care them, will always have parking for
    shopping at the super ones. Have fun and
    make good memories !

  27. After you cross the Bay Bridge leaving SF stop at Berkeley Bowl West to pick up snacks from the bulk bin and food to get you through the Yosemite leg of the trip. BB is family owned so I feel better about shopping there than WF.

  28. Utah is pretty cool, I hope you enjoy the city I love. If you venture to salt lake there are great “real food places”!

  29. I have been following you for a few years, how did I not know you lived in Portand for awhile! We have great food here! Your trip will be a blast, we RV camp every summer its awesome! If by chance you are in Multnomah Village in SW Portland Sasquatch Brewery has a menu with real food items on it! The beer is good too, not sure if you do beer or not! :) Have fun!

  30. Lisa, I’m excited to hear you’re coming to my neck of the woods, near Seattle washington. I think you will find it’s not that hard to find real food here; there are lots of farmer’s markets (look up Snohomish and/or King county farmer’s markets), co-ops, and PCC and Whole Foods stores in the area. I would also highly recommend Bill the Butcher. They have all pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, and eggs, and the taste is amazing. I couldn’t beleive how flavorfull their chicken was the first time I tried it! If you want a treat, stop by Theo Chocolate Factory and take the tour (samples included!). They have an impressive comittment to fair trade and high quality chocolate. You can also find their products in most area grocery stores. On the small chance you might go near Snohomish (a small town off Highway 2) as you cross the state, check out Grilla Bites, an organic food restaurant. Enjoy your trip!