Produce Storage Cheat Sheet (+ Announcement!)

Do you ever wonder how long certain fruits (or vegetables) might last sitting out on your kitchen counter? Or wonder if maybe you should refrigerate them instead? Of course it always depends on exactly how fresh the produce is when you buy it, but, to help solve some of those kitchen mysteries, I am excited to share this handy dandy produce storage guide* (just below) with you today! Please print, pass on, and enjoy. :)

Announcement: Real Food On The Road!

I also want to take a moment to share some super fun news with you. The cross-country family RV trip that my husband and I have been plotting for YEARS is finally coming to fruition—tomorrow! Neither of us has ever stepped foot in an RV before, so I really hope this dream of ours turns out to be everything we’ve ever imagined and does not at all remind us of the Griswolds. :)

We start by flying out to our old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon (where we briefly lived after college), and then we’ll head south in a rental car to San Francisco, which is where we’ll be picking up our “home away from home” from El Monte RV. From there we plan to hit Yosemite, Big Sur, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Utah, Yellowstone, Glacier, and (a place I’ve wanted to visit for well over a decade)…Banff! Then we’ll head on over to Seattle where we’ll return the RV and fly home.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and to be able to share it with my kids! I must admit though that the food situation is going to be interesting. First of all, we’ll be spending all this time in a TINY kitchen with no fancy appliances. Secondly, we must leave behind our freezer stash of local pastured meat and homemade whole grain goodies (like muffins). And thirdly, I have no idea where we’ll be shopping for all our food (goodbye Earth Fare…sniff sniff). We certainly can’t bring much more than snacks from home. But not to worry. I will for sure be sharing some of our experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on the blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram. And no matter what happens, I’ve been looking forward to this adventure for so long—I can’t wait! :) (Oh and PS – I’ll also have several guest bloggers posting about some great topics on the site while we are gone.)

Produce Storage Cheat Sheet

Okay, here’s the produce storage sheet I promised …hopefully it will help you keep fruits and veggies fresh and prevent any unnecessary waste in your kitchen. Download your free printable version here.

Produce Storage Cheat Sheet from 100 Days of #RealFood

*Thank you to Renee Boyer and Julie McKinney at the Virginia Cooperative Extension for the inspiration for this chart!

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  1. Thank you for the helpful Cheat Sheet. Your adventure sounds like so much fun! That is something we definitely want to do as a family some day. I’m looking forward to keeping up with how things are going for you (especially on the food front). Have a blast!

  2. There is a Nutter’s in Canmore that has a fairly good selection of whole foods. And the Safeway in Banff carries some organic produce and other products. The Wild Flour Cafe in Banff is also a great place. Have fun! The Rockies are so beautiful!

  3. I’m going to be following this closely. I’m starting to plan a year long RV adventure my family will hopefully be taking of the 48 continuous states (one state about every week) in five years. We are a family of five (kids are three ravinous males) so wholesome food prep is a big part of the plan. This really exciting. Congrats :)

  4. All the way up to Banff?? You’ll get to see just how expensive real food is for us in Canada! :)
    Bison is usually a good meat to pick up as it’s nearly guaranteed to be naturally raised in southern Alberta. (Think bison burgers.) There’s a weekend farmer’s market in Millarville if you’re driving up along Cowboy Trail (highway 22). Community Natural Foods & Planet Organic in Calgary are your closest alternatives to Whole Foods in Alberta. But I don’t think you’ll find either of those stores near Banff or even in Canmore.
    However… the Canadian Rockies are beautiful! :) Have a good trip.

  5. While you’re in the Portland area, check out New Seasons Market! It’s like a smaller, less pricey Whole Foods and very focused on local stuff. I miss them like crazy now that we’re in the Midwest!

  6. Have fun!! I would LOVE to do this with my family someday. The problem for us is that we’d want a driver for the RV so we could just enjoy the trip and not stress about driving such a huge vehicle hundreds of miles. :) You’ll have such a great adventure and I’m sure the kids will remember it their whole lives! (And I have no doubt you’ll figure out the food situation.) ;) Enjoy! Looking forward to updates!

  7. Great post, thanks! And what an awesome trip! When you are in Yellowstone, come on up to Bozeman and visit the Community Food Co-op for awesome local food (affordable too!) Montana is chick full of farmers markets, grocery stores with loyally sourced food, and real food serving restaurants!

  8. We live about an hour from Yosemite, and are only a few minutes from 120 (the main highway you’d take to get into the park). If you have some time on your way to Yosemite, you should check out Jessop Farms. It is a pick your own blueberry farm. It is getting a little late in the season, but I’m sure you’d still have fun. Try to get there early because it gets pretty hot out there. We go around 9 or 10 in the morning and it’s still pleasant. They aren’t organic blueberries, but it is still a really fun experience. (It is pretty hard to find organic, local produce out here)
    I also know a GREAT strawberry stand in our little home town. Let me know if you want their address. :)

  9. That sounds like an amazing trip! I live near Yosemite and if you head into Sonora at all we have local grass fed meats and pastures eggs and a farmers market on Saturdays. Also in Jamestown which is close to Yosemite we have a store alles here’s the scoop and they have pastured eggs, and greed shed beef and bacon for sale. Vegas has whole foods, mothers and trader joes so I’m sure you will find good food there. San Fran will everything you need too! Good luck and happy travels!

  10. Great to know with our CSA box in full swing! Should be tons of Farmer’s Markets to shop this time of year. We live in the SF area and went to Yellowstone a few years ago, took a 3 week road trip last year to Utah with stops in LA, Vegas and Montana (tho we didn’t get to Glacier), and this summer will camp in Yosemite and Big Sur! So many gorgeous areas!

  11. Thanks for the produce storage cheat sheet! I printed and am hanging up inside a cupboard for safe keeping. :)
    Enjoy your road trip and when you get to Vegas (where we live), shop at Trader Joe’s or Sprouts. We love TJ’s and shop there for 99% of our “real food”. Also, if you can, eat at Giada’s (opened June 3rd inside The Cromwell) it is excellent w/pastas made fresh daily right there and they did a beautiful job with the restaurant design. Bon Apetit!

    Save travels!

  12. My parents did the RV thing for a while & swore by the book “Next Exit.” It tells you every food/gas/shopping/camp option off of nearly every exit on the major (and some minor) highways. Tells you which campgrounds have hook-ups, etc. Granted, they didn’t have 3 or 4g networks & Internet while on the road, but it might still be worth checking out. I think the book is more helpful & easier to use than their website or app. Most large truck stops carry it & you can order online. Have a great trip! Banff is on my travel bucket list too :)

  13. If you are around Davis, CA, you should check out the farmer’s market- Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Best farmer’s market ever. People come just to hang around, and you can find great restaurants with local foods. It is worth it. They also have great public pools you can visit, so you can spend a day there.

  14. Hi! Your list says 1-3 days (or so) for asparagus. If you take the band off, trim the stems a little and put them in a glass of water (like a bouquet of asparagus!) they will last over a week!! :)

      1. I found the same is true for broccoli. After chopping the ends off and keeping it in fresh water in the refrigerator, it’s stayed fresh for almost 2 weeks.

      2. I’ve revived limp broccoli this way. Trim the stems and place them stems down in a bowl of ice water in the fridge.

  15. I am so excited for you! I’ve always dreamed of traveling all over the US, taking pictures and writing a book. Until I can fulfill that dream, I will live vicariously through yours.

    Happy travels!

  16. You probably already know there are great farmers markets in San Francisco. I also recommend Rainbow Grocery to stock up the RV. Rainbow Grocery sells lots of food items in bulk and many local food items, too.

  17. We are heading out for a three week driving trip in August, hitting Timpanogos Cave by Provo, Dinosaur National Monument, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, and Jasper. Food is my #1 concern for the trip, after getting lodging booked. We’ll have a refrigerator in our room for 70% of the time. I would really appreciate it if you could post all the good places (grocery stores as well as restaurants) you find along the way on your trip!! Have a wonderful trip!!!

  18. I can’t wait to see your posts once you start your journey…we RV all the time and I’m looking forward to the new ideas that I’m sure will be headed our way! Have a GREAT vacation!!

  19. When you’re in SF, a trip to the Farmer’s Market in the Ferry Building is a MUST for anyone who loves food! Artisan cheese and sausages, amazing Blue Bottle coffee, and tons of fresh fruits and veggies! Also towards Big Sur in the Santa Cruz area there are lots of “you pick” orchards and farms-

  20. We live in Montana and go to Glacier every year. There are some great Natural Markets in the Kalispell area, a wonderful farmer’s market every Saturday, and several great restaurants that use locally raised products. You will have a great time!!

  21. Wow, we are doing the exact same thing, leaving on Saturday! We pick up the RV from the Bay Area and head to Yellowstone, Utah, Grand Canyon, and Disneyland. (We too have never driven one before and have been referring to it as the Griswold Family Vacation.) But the number one thing that has been on my mind is food! How are we going to eat the way we are used to on the road, in a teeny kitchen, with unknown produce and meat sources? I decided to bring my Vitamix – in a pinch, we can have smoothies for dinner! I would love to hear of any food plans you have for the trip. Have fun!

  22. They may be tiny and a little hard to find but there are lots of hidden gems of natural food stores in Wyoming & Montana. If the lil town of Libby, MT (on Highway 2) has a natural food market then you know others do too.
    Good luck! What a beautiful adventure!

  23. I’m excited for you and your family to be in my neck of the woods-SE Idaho. There are some local Farmer’s Markets on the weekends and some local co-ops here. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  24. There are so many great places to get produce out in CA! If you’re down in Carmel, you’ll have to check out the Earthbound Farms food stand. It’s wonderful and they have an amazing garden to have a picnic!! Have a wonderful trip!

  25. I’m a California girl. Stores to check out are … Fresh N Easy, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

    One thing to think about…. I don’t know how big your RV is but some parks do have a size limit on what you can drive in the parks. Maybe consider parking the RV and rent a car for the day.

  26. What a wonderful opportunity to travel! I LOVE Big Sur, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite! The amount of fresh fruits and veggies available on the west coast is amazing. Half the reason I love going west (we live in PA) is for the amount of fresh foods. Have a safe trip!

  27. When you are in Vegas, you can stock up on farm fresh eggs at McKee ranch. You can see the chickens roaming free around the place. I have purchased all my eggs from them for the past couple of years. Here’s their website:
    The public is welcome to roam the grounds, pet and feed the horses, goats, etc. It’s a hidden gem amongst the chaos here!

  28. Here in Cali and Oregon lots of Co Op and local natural food stores, farmers markets and farm to table restaurants. And there’s always Whole Foods and Chipotle!

  29. We too are heading out on an RV trip this summer (not until 6/26) with our two girls. We’ll leave from IN and head to Seattle and back with many of the same stops along the way. Funny I just spent last night looking at your site trying to figure out what I can have in the motorhome ready for quick easy food to pull out after a day of site seeing. Luckily for me, we leave from home so I can prep lots and throw it in the freezer. I’d love to hear where you find to shop along the way.

  30. Wen you’re in Seattle be sure to check out PCC (Puget Consumers Co-op). Our local chain of natural markets. Enjoy your trip!