Video: A Tour of My Real Food Freezer

Here is the final video in my kitchen tour series! In case you missed it I’ve already shared a tour of my fridge, pantry and kitchen (drawers, etc.). As you’ll see in this video we actually have an extra freezer that we use pretty regularly. When I first read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (the book that inspired me to cut out all processed food) he said if you have the space then get an extra freezer.

And oh boy was he right – between the locally raised meat from our farmer’s market (that’s sold frozen), and the 100% whole-wheat 5-ingredient bread I like to stock up on when I’m in that part of town, and the homemade convenience food I frequently make (including chicken stock, soups, muffins, waffles, etc.) it has been so worth it to have this extra freezer space. And that’s because when you find a good source for something like humanely raised meat or real bread it makes sense to stock up when you have the chance! It also goes without saying – I usually have a minor freak out when there’s a big storm and we lose power!! LOL Enjoy the tour…

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64 thoughts on “Video: A Tour of My Real Food Freezer”

  1. Hello….the glass hinge wide mouth jars in the freezer..what brand are they and what size..that is exactly what I need to store all my new whole grain flours and can’t find it anywhere online…thank you sooo much for sharing, love the ideas and how much they are helping me provide good food to my family :)

  2. Like another reader, I’m also curious about whether or not some nutrients are destroyed when flour is frozen. I read somewhere that they were, but can’t remember where.

  3. We are migrating to real food. My dilemma is that we are an urban family living in 1100 sq feet. Any suggestions on storage for us. I would love to have an extra freezer but not sure how to balance that with 2 kids and a cat sharing our space.

  4. I am buying a Chest Freezer (will be my second one) I am getting 150-250 allowance to fill said freezer what would you suggest I fill it with( what would you buy to fill it).

    Thank you

  5. Lucinda Bomberger

    Thank you for the tour!! May I ask where you get all of your glass storage jars?

    I also have a question about the white whole wheat flour. I noticed that the 2lb. Bag of organic white whole wheat flour has the 100% whole grain stamp, King Arthur brand on but the 5lb. Bag that is not organic but says 100% white whole wheat only has the whole grain stamp on it. Why is that? I believe you use the organic.

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Lucinda. You can find Lisa’s large jars in this post: and her mason jars here: Hmm, I’m not certain about the difference between the two bags but here is a link to the Whole Grain Council all about White Whole Wheat: ~Amy

  6. Lisa, I think it’s so great that you did this! I think a visual really helps people. I, myself, have um…. 3 freezers…. yeah. Well we usually buy half a cow at a time, plus I make all my broth and like to have lots of that on hand and then there’s the chicken, ham, bacon, made ahead meals, etc and whatever else because we buy it when it’s available and cost effective. There are times the third freezer is a little on the bare side but not often.

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