Real Food at Walmart? What to Buy!

The other day I went through the grocery section of our Super Walmart for the first time in a long time, and let me tell you what – I could not believe what I saw! I tried shopping for real food at Walmart during our 100-day budget pledge back in 2010 and it honestly felt like a big waste of time. I found a grand total of three organic items, which did not make traversing through the football field size store (with two little kids in tow) feel worth it.

So, I was shocked to see all the changes they’ve made in recent years and thought it would be fun to share what real food you can buy there now (read: this post is not sponsored). Be sure to head on over there so you can stock up and don’t forget to tell your friends about it too (i.e. share this post) – we need to show Walmart these items are in demand!

Real Food at Walmart

What Real Food at Walmart - What to buy - on 100 Days of Real Food

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What (Real Food) to Buy at Walmart

organic fruits and vegetables at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
A whole section of organic produce! I hate to say it, but they put Target to shame with this display.
grassfed organic beef at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Not only is it organic, but it’s 100% grass fed – not always easy to find!
organic peanut butter at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
So many peanut butters contain unnecessary and unwanted additives, but not this one – simply peanuts with less than 1% of salt (no oil, sugar, etc.)
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I’m excited to see this new honey sweetened jam, and bonus – the fruit is the first ingredient not the sweetener!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Some organic tea options by our favorite brand.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Good ol’ whole-wheat flour. Not organic, but it’s still good they have this option.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
And Pillsbury is even offering a whole-wheat option, too!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Organic store brand organic spices …what?!!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I love this avocado oil spray on the right – was shocked to see it for sale here!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Brown rice was constantly putting me over budget during our “100 Days of Real Food on a Budget” pledge so I was thrilled to see it for only 78 cents.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
The ingredients on this one are pretty darn clean (if you’re not into making your own broth) …and it’s organic!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I saw lots of organic offerings by this Wild Oats brand including whole-wheat pasta.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Old fashioned rolled oats – a staple in our house!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Organic dairy including butter, plain yogurt and store brand milk. I checked out Aldi recently and while they had store brand organic milk they didn’t have a whole milk option, which is what I would have chosen! So it was nice to see that available here.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
For some reason I can’t find just plain organic frozen raspberries (only a mix) where I normally shop so I was overly excited about this one and stocked up. It’s the little things!

Rule Breakers

What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I do love my dark chocolate as a treat on occasion, and this is my favorite one as of right now!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
And last, but not least – my go to chocolate chip brand is now at Walmart! Amazing.

Don’t forget to vote with your dollars and tell your friends about this, too.

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  1. It was also just recently reported in the news that Walmart has announced its intent to sell only cage free eggs i all its stores by 2015. Walmart has not always had the best reputation, but they really do offer a lot of great products, if you know where to look. And they do a lot for their local communities as well.

    1. Cage free means NOTHING. It’s a scam. I buy cage free from a local man. I see the hens roaming around and he grows his own non GMO feed. These labels have no regulation.

      1. True, but I like to think that small steps of progress are being made. Buying local is definitely so much better!

  2. I just discovered that WalMart is the ONLY place in my town where I can buy Tortilla Land refrigerated flour tortillas. They aren’t “top-tier” in organic, but they are made from a few simple ingredients, they taste great, and they are super easy to fix. (Much easier than making them myself.) That is a staple for me!

    1. TortillaLand tortillas are the best, aren’t they? Some Walmarts carry the cheese flour tortillas. I think I’ve only found the corn tortillas at Publix or Harris-Teeter. A nice clean label albeit not organic but oooo, so good.

  3. Just another reason why you have a fantastic blog. You continue to stay relatable to people across all social and economic backgrounds. As a nutrition professional it make me so happy to see stories and information that will benefit those who cannot afford to do any shopping farmers markets and speciality stores. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had that option? Kudos for the good story.

  4. I 100% agree with you. I hardly ever shopped at Walmart because it always seemed like work and it just wasn’t worth it. Sure things were cheaper but the quality just wasn’t there. Fairly recently I went to our Neighborhood Walmart and I was absolutely floored with the options. I mean in all honesty, they could have just had one organic option and I would have been amazed; however, to see them expand that dramatically was really wonderful! Thank you for sharing this post. I don’t believe we have all the same options here but I’m hoping they trickle down our way!

  5. Thanks for this! While I am glad that more stores are pushing organic, I still don’t support Walmart. They are a horrible corporation.

    Also, thank you for showing the prices on these items as well. I can do way better at Trader Joes or even Whole Paycheck (Whole foods). Course, I live in FL…might be regional pricing.

    1. Region and local competition has a lot to do with it! Our local grocery is way more expensive on these items than the Walmart, and considering we live over an hour away from the nearest Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, I am grateful that Walmart is stocking these options.

  6. Thanks for sharing! How do the chocolate chips taste in comparison to the Toll House? I’ve seen them, but have been afraid to buy them!! Also, the avocado spray, would you use it in your muffin tins? Does it have a heavy taste?

    1. I personally use the chocolate chips to bake with and to top yogurt or granola. They are great! The avocado spray is also great because it is so heat tolerant. I have used the same brand avocado oil but don’t anymore as I can detect the flavor. I prefer the flavor of olive or corn oil. My mother doesn’t really like the flavor of olive oil but loves the avocado oil. So, I think, you’ll just have to try it!
      Also, I use those silicone muffin cups…so, no oil needed!

  7. Did you check to see where the Organic grass fed meat came from? If it says product is from a combination of three countries then I question the purity of the product, Aldi has the same meat but it comes from 3 different countries, no thanks
    I buy grass fed and organic beef only if i is sourced and packaged in the United States and family owned. Have learned to read the fine print on many products labeled organic. Organic is sometimes misleading because now everyone wants to get on the organic wagon I have found I still have to be vigilante

    1. I get this… more people need to read labels closer. I buy my grass fed meat from a local farm; it costs less than the Organic @ Kroger too. I’m not a Walmart fan & haven’t been for years so my $$ still go to other stores and local businesses – I even get my milk & eggs from locals. I can see how the product was raised or grown and it keeps the money in the community when you deal with the farmers directly.

      1. We buy direct from the farmer too. I works out to be cheaper per lb than anything you can buy retail. The catch is usually you have to buy a side at a time (or, if you’re lucky, 1/2 of a 1/2), but if you find one or two families to split with it’s doable. The farm we buy from raises Galloway cattle, and are smaller so my family of 6 can eat a side about every 12 months. How many people can say they even know what species/breed they’re eating?

    2. Annette, I am so glad you explained this. I just bought the grassfed beef from Aldi and I knew it seemed too good to be true, but I couldn’t figure out why. I will go back to buying from our local farmer (for a few dollars more per pound). Thanks for the info!

      1. I agree, I noticed that at Aldi and immediately put it down, You definitely don’t want meat that has travelled thousands of miles – yuck!

  8. I shop at Walmart and very happy about the healthy foods I’m finding. Wildoats, Newmans, Hormel & Amy’s Kitchen, just to name a few. I am hoping that we will see more foods also cutting the sodium content, though.

  9. Thank you for the information! I can only hope that Canadian Walmarts will consider offering these products too! Fingers crossed.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I am not a big fan of Walmart, but if Walmart Canada start providing healthy options, I might consider shopping there some.

  10. It’s awesome to see organic and whole food at Walmart. I was doing some price shopping last year for a workshop I gave on healthy eating on a budget… I really wanted Walmart to be cheaper, but it was right in line with our local Kroger for most items. But, it’s fabulous that they offer it!

  11. Information being more widely available (like your blog!) for dummies like me, I think, are why stores like Walmart and Aldi are finally listening. Two years ago I was feeding my toddler jello for breakfast because it contained bits of fruit in it and I was none-the-wiser. Thank you to you, your family and your staff for getting the word out there and breaking unhealthy eating generational cycles.

  12. disregard earlier comment, as other readers have corrected me about Walmart employee experience and I appreciate that. I do still believe the healthy food is over priced and the junk food is cheap, at least where I live. thanks

  13. Which Walmart in the Charlotte area did you shop at? The one closest to my house (Arboretum) doesn’t have all of these great options, but I’m willing to drive to another one!

  14. I have been using the organic chicken broth for awhile and it has more flavor than other broths I have tried.

  15. I was so glad when I saw that WM has added their real food selections. We are retired and money is always an issue. Their stuff is fairly reasonably priced.

  16. My local walmart has been carring alot of organic foods. Wild Oats also has a ketchup that we just love. Also an organic apple sauce. The store brand organic milk is great, we can no longer drink anything else. We went whole foods a year ago an I’ve noticed Walmart has added alot over the year.

  17. I am loving Walmart lately. They have started a free grocery pick-up in our area. I order all my groceries online, and when I go to pick them up, they bring them to my car. The employees are always very friendly and helpful. And about once a month, they will give me a goodie bag of samples. With small children, it really is awesome!

  18. What great timing for this newsletter! I just gave my mother a lecture for shopping at Walmart—without even going to see that several of my favorite brands are there. Shame on me and thanks for the info. which I will pass on.

  19. My husband has worked for the Walmart corporation for 25 years. He is not overworked (except when he chooses too because he tends to be a workaholic :)), he is not underpaid. We in fact have some of the best insurance in the country, especially now that Obamacare is in place. Walmart is not perfect. Nor is Target, Costco, or any of the other companies they are compared to. Some of all those companies business practices I don’t agree with. Some of their clerks are not the friendliest, that is everywhere! I am not trying to start a Walmart war, I just try to defend when I can so people will use them if it is the best option near them. I personally don’t shop at the Walmart that is closest to my house. I don’t like how it is managed and it is smaller so a lot of the above items they don’t have. It is worth the extra 15 minute drive to a bigger, cleaner store. The majority of our organic produce, when in season comes from a local food co-op. But, it is nice to have options when what we need is not available there. We should all be informed when making choices with our $$, I’d be happy to answer any questions about what we know about Walmart. Lisa I appreciate you letting everyone know what they have. For some areas and budgets this is all people have and it is a good option in my opinion!

  20. We just started on the real food lifestyle two months ago and on our limited budget have always shopped at Walmart for groceries. I felt like I was cheating because I wasn’t shopping at Whole Foods! We’ve been able to make the real food thing work for about $100 a week by shopping carefully at Walmart. It’s awesome that a store like that has such a great variety of organic options.

  21. I love your article. Where people shop and work are definitely a choice. If I am shopping and on a budget that can help my family I would consider shopping here. If people want to work at walmart (at a minimum wage) that’s their decision to do so its better than being unemployed, they also promote within. Target, Macy’s and other stores pay minimum wage too I dont get the employment comment.
    Again, great resource article.

  22. Awesome! Thanks for the update. The last time we were traveling to visit family in WI and wanted to cook our meals at the hotel (everyone does feel better skipping most restaurant food + one kiddo has severe food allergies), we went to a Walmart for groceries. Oh man – it was hard and kind of sad to see the options that were available (almost no organic and so much highly processed convenience food). This excites me for upcoming travel. Many thanks, Lisa!

    1. the one on Galleria Blvd. Off of Sardis Rd North sales all this stuff as well. They are usually more instock too. That is my favorite store.

  23. I have been buying these items at Walmart for several years. I find it not too kind of you to assume that it’s bad Walmart is big. I like that I can do all my shopping in one place and that it is spacious. What does it mean “I never thought I would say this”? Again, another slam. Walmart and other grocery stores will stock the items that people want. And at a better price. We just have to tell them. We have no whole Foods or any other “organic” stores in my area. The closest is 50 miles away.

    1. “I never thought I would say this” because of my experience (hardly finding any organic, real food there) in 2010. I am not sure why you think I am “slamming” Walmart in this post when I am praising them for these new selections and encouraging people to shop there and buy them.

      1. Because the title and tenor of the post is assuming that you would NEVER find good stuff at Walmart. Your comment about the football sized store is saying that big is bad. Read the comment from the woman whose husband works for Wally World. I worked there,too. Nope- they are not perfect. But your article starts out on a bad note inviting criticism of Walmart instead of just saying: “Hurray! My local Walmart has joined the whole food and organic world! Good news for you who don’t have options! Walmart has listened to the customer again and provided what we want!”

      2. I think she did say that “hurray….” and I also think the reference to the football sized store was more related to the fact that she had two kids in tow and not a slam on how big Walmart is. Given Walmart’s past record of not stocking many organic items I think that justifies her statement of “I never thought I would say this”. It’s all about how you interpret it. Lisa is helping us to keep encouraging Walmart to change and offer more organic items, let’s not quibble and lose that momentum…

  24. Those prices sure look high compared to the same healthy brands elsewhere. I don’t like shopping at Walmart because the junk food is Cheap and the healthy food is way over priced . It makes me sad shopping there because those on a limited budget get the short end of the stick and their employee are not treated well.

    1. MEGAN | April 7, 2016 at 12:37 pm
      disregard earlier comment, as other readers have corrected me about Walmart employee experience and I appreciate that. I do still believe the healthy food is over priced and the junk food is cheap, at least where I live. thanks

      1. I think that’s true of any grocery store. I get email flyers from several stores in my area, and inevitably the cheap junk food is on sale and the whole food is not. I’ve done the grocery pick up from Walmart and it’s been ok. I hate going into the store because it just feels dark and oppressive in there.

  25. This is great to know. I had stopped shopping at Wal-Mart years ago because I couldn’t find enough healthy food choices (whole and organic). Thank you, Lisa for enlightening me!

  26. I absolutely LOVE the Wild Oats brand of just about everything. Before, I had to travel well over an hour or shop at my incredibly over-priced and quality-challenged grocery store. I now do the bulk of my weekly shopping at Wal-Mart and couldn’t be happier. The spices, frozen fruit and rice and quinoa are some of my favorite products. Thank you for highlighting the amazing options now available – I hope everyone loads up their carts with these healthy options so Wal-mart continues to stock them. If my local store is any indication, these items are in high-demand, which makes me happy for so many reasons.

  27. Keep in mind though, walmarts vary tremendously in what they offer depending on location. Sadly, many do not offer this selection at all. You are lucky to find a small organic veggie section(often just as expensive as competitors ) and sometimes looking pretty sad. BUT, it is a good sign they are at least trying to offer safe food to Americans- about time.

  28. WOW! This is great! Just like you, I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago mostly due to their limited organic/real food options.
    I will be checking out my local Walmart in Michigan to see if they are carrying any of these same options. I am especially interested in the Smuckers Fruit & Honey and the chocolate chips!
    Thanks so much for sharing this, Lisa!!

  29. theresa henderson

    walmart has had some great food choices for years. at least 3 that i know of.

    super excited by the enjoy life chips price. i pay 7.99 for a bag

  30. Wal-Mart will not get one cent from me. There are other ways to save money without doing it on the backs of underpaid, overworked employees in their US stores and overseas factories.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Nice to see the options for those that do shop there and those who have no other affordable grocery stores nearby, but I have never shopped at Walmart and never will, especially not for produce.

    2. Why are you under the impression only Wal-Mart underpays and overworks their employees? Almost all retailers are guilty of this practice. I have worked at some “upper” scale retail companies and they are no better than Wal-Mart in regards to these practices.

      1. Yeah, I have to agree. Walmart gets it because they’re the biggest, and they don’t do as well as Costco when it comes to employee compensation, but they’re definitely no worse than Target.

        I work retail, at Pottery Barn (formerly Target!) My husband is a student. We have a son. We can’t afford Whole Foods for all of our groceries or always get to a farmer’s market, so I appreciate cheaper options like this.

    3. I have several friends that work at Walmart and love their job. I know they’re very thankful for employment in this economy. And for them, having a job is a much better option to collecting a check from the government. Just sayin’. :)

    4. Well, if you don’t bother shopping there, there is no way for those “underpaid” to get paid more. Your argument is hypocritical and does nothing to promote advancement for those who do work there.