Real Food at Walmart? What to Buy!

The other day I went through the grocery section of our Super Walmart for the first time in a long time, and let me tell you what – I could not believe what I saw! I tried shopping for real food at Walmart during our 100-day budget pledge back in 2010 and it honestly felt like a big waste of time. I found a grand total of three organic items, which did not make traversing through the football field size store (with two little kids in tow) feel worth it.

So, I was shocked to see all the changes they’ve made in recent years and thought it would be fun to share what real food you can buy there now (read: this post is not sponsored). Be sure to head on over there so you can stock up and don’t forget to tell your friends about it too (i.e. share this post) – we need to show Walmart these items are in demand!

Real Food at Walmart

What Real Food at Walmart - What to buy - on 100 Days of Real Food

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What (Real Food) to Buy at Walmart

organic fruits and vegetables at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
A whole section of organic produce! I hate to say it, but they put Target to shame with this display.
grassfed organic beef at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Not only is it organic, but it’s 100% grass fed – not always easy to find!
organic peanut butter at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
So many peanut butters contain unnecessary and unwanted additives, but not this one – simply peanuts with less than 1% of salt (no oil, sugar, etc.)
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I’m excited to see this new honey sweetened jam, and bonus – the fruit is the first ingredient not the sweetener!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Some organic tea options by our favorite brand.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Good ol’ whole-wheat flour. Not organic, but it’s still good they have this option.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
And Pillsbury is even offering a whole-wheat option, too!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Organic store brand organic spices …what?!!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I love this avocado oil spray on the right – was shocked to see it for sale here!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Brown rice was constantly putting me over budget during our “100 Days of Real Food on a Budget” pledge so I was thrilled to see it for only 78 cents.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
The ingredients on this one are pretty darn clean (if you’re not into making your own broth) …and it’s organic!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I saw lots of organic offerings by this Wild Oats brand including whole-wheat pasta.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Old fashioned rolled oats – a staple in our house!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
Organic dairy including butter, plain yogurt and store brand milk. I checked out Aldi recently and while they had store brand organic milk they didn’t have a whole milk option, which is what I would have chosen! So it was nice to see that available here.
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
For some reason I can’t find just plain organic frozen raspberries (only a mix) where I normally shop so I was overly excited about this one and stocked up. It’s the little things!

Rule Breakers

What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
I do love my dark chocolate as a treat on occasion, and this is my favorite one as of right now!
What Real Food to Buy at Walmart on 100 Days of Real Food
And last, but not least – my go to chocolate chip brand is now at Walmart! Amazing.

Don’t forget to vote with your dollars and tell your friends about this, too.

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  1. I live in Southeastern VA and I know my Wal-Mart doesn’t offer a lot of these products, so it varies by location. However, it is wonderful healthier options are becoming available and hopefully will make their way to other locations.

  2. Unfortunately if you live in small town midwest, you have crappy walmart stores that only carry a few good items. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wild Oats brand, and I have been on their site, read about their company and they are pretty awesome. I also find in the smaller walmart store that what I can buy organic, non-gmo today may not be available the next trip. Our produce offerings change constantly with the organics, I was actually told that they were getting rid of the organic section of produce, so far it is still there. I do shop walmart and buy most all of these brands, even if I have to go to larger stores. But I also found that my local Kroger (Fry’s in the west) has much better options, and shelf labels for organic are green, for Gluten Free they are purple. It makes shopping so much easier! The Simple brand at Kroger is very decently priced, if not organic it is at least 101 ingredients you dont need or want, and many are GMO free.

  3. Where are these foods being produced from? Mexico,china,USA or where. Orgin can determine price. This is why we rarely visit our local walmart. Almost everything is imported. Our fry’s has a nutrition section with organic foods. They also have meats, dairy, and yes even baby food that is organic. There employees are treated quite well.

  4. Wow. Nice to see the prices, too. It’s hard to guarantee the full integrity of products in organizations with such long supply chains, no? Do you have any concerns about the quality of the meat… The local lore around here is that Wal-Mart meat is lower quality than some other grocery chains. Take care.

  5. Yes, it’s great for our budget but it comes with a price. Those low prices can be directly correlated to workers who are underpaid and treated unfairly. I refuse to support this ugly empire no matter what they sell.

    1. On the flip side- look at how many people have benefited by Walmart-jobs, goods manufactured, increased standard of living for some, and the ability for low income (and many middle income people) to buy goods that are more affordable so we can better afford gas and mortgages and other required bills. There’s usually PROS and CONS to issues.

      1. I agree with you, Susan. We have a hard time financially and i honestly dont know what we’d do without our WalMart.
        Its also created many jobs here in our small town and the pay is about the same as most other places here. If people want to make more money, they should go to college and pursue other work. Nobody forces these jobs on them.

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Diana. Avocado oil is great. It is very neutral in flavor, a really healthy fat, and you can use it for higher temp cooking without worrying about oxidation.

  6. I’d like to encourage people, as much as possible, to buy local whole foods and grow their own. We are so dependent on supermarkets for our food supply. How great would it be to make it a goal to become more self-sufficient? It would give us more control over food availability, improve health, give us a greater connection and appreciation for the earth and even save money! Not to mention the pride over homegrown, organic food. Any effort in this direction is great, even if it’s a window herb garden.

    1. This is a great option but for those like myself who live in an apartment, the grocery store has to meet the need due to lack of space. You can only grow some many herbs on your porch…

      1. I agree! I live in a condo, and as a single mom don’t have the time, resources, or space to grow my own food. I definitely agree though that local, homegrown food is the way to go if you’re able to do so!

  7. I am all for organic items but are these items GMO free and labeled as such. Most everything comes from some items that has GMO so I am concerned that buying organic that is not GMO FREE!

  8. I never comment, but I have to tell you this blog post came out at the perfect time. My City Market bill has been steadily growing (though my shopping habits haven’t changed) over the past six months or so. Seeing that Wal-Mart has so many options now makes me think it’ll be worth my time to give it a shot!

  9. Last comment on Walmart for Sam and others that think what they hear on the Media is true. This is not a forum for political discourse, however obviously Sam is not “Awake” meaning to be awake to lies, deception and misinformation hyped up by our major media outlets. (Not too unlike all of the false promises and bad food mfg processes all of the prepared food companies bring to us that Lisa’s web site fights against daily) . You see Sam, Mr. Sam Walton is a genius multi billionaire (least he was till he recently died and his surviving wife is currently the richest single lady in the world), So was Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie and the like. What I find offensive of Walmart naysayers is what is the difference if I shop for my Groceries at Giant Eagle, Aldis, Piggly Wiggley, or even Department Stores like Sears, Value City or Best Buy?????? Really Sam these stores all pay their employees the same wage because they all do the same job!!!!! You make me laugh!!!!! They ALL sell pretty much the same products!!!!! I feel sorry for the little hardware store or small grocer in my neighbor hood that is struggling against Walmarts impressive product portfolio, clean safe stores, and awesome people that work there. But in my business where I make my money if I don’t innovate and am not competitive ….. guess what Sam, I am out of a job. Sam would you spend $34,000.00 on a nice American car, or instead 16,000.00 on a nice Kia???? Again the problem is not with Walmart, the problem is with our Government and International trade practices that are allowed. Sam it is very possible that you work for the Fed or a local government and get way overpaid for the job that earns you money and you are fortunate if so. When it comes to Walmart, that store offers low income wage earners with multiple children to clothe and feed an excellent economical choice and wonderful place to spend their hard earned money and receive a great value.

  10. Our Walmart in Canada (northern Ontario) has nothing like this. I barely see any Organic produce, or anything organic at all for that matter.For where I live Costco is the best choice for Organic. Our grocery store has an aisle devoted to organic stuff and the produce has some selection.

  11. I live far away from any “whole foods” stores and the local options are ridiculous – Over priced and not organic anything. I for one and completely grateful that I have a Walmart within 20 miles & that it provides organic choices.

    We are on a farm and raise most of our food. There are not any Trader Joes or Whole Foods out where I live. It is awesome that we have WalMart and Walmart has organic.


  12. I’ve only ever been in Walmart once back in 2009 when I was on holiday in America, but by the sounds of it, it’s changed quite a bit!

    That’s awesome news!

    Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to go back to America and check it out in the next couple of years.


  13. They also have a growing gluten free selection of foods. It is interspersed throughout the store, so it can be a challenge to find. But it certainly beats driving around to 4 different stores to get everything we need.

  14. I just have to say, that I’m continually sad to see people and companies that focus on being ecologically responsible support Walmart. The corporate mindset of Walmart has done a great deal to undermine the family, by paying low wages, driving out small business and creating a workplace culture that devalues workers. I would hope that people who say they want to do what is right for their environments and families would also want help by supporting better businesses. I hope you will use your forum to support businesses that are building up our communities, and stop promoting Walmart which is leading the way in tearing them down.

    1. Jo Ann Morgan Anderson

      Just what I was going to post. I can find more organic at my Wegmans grocery the prices just as good and they pay employees well. They are a little corporate several stores from Rochester to Buffalo, NY but they treat employees good and try to do a lot of local.

    2. That is a very important point and a great notion, but for the communities and people that only have access to such quality food through Walmart, this post is very helpful!

    3. I would like to know why you think they pay low wages and devalue workers? Why are they not ecologically friendly and why they undermine family? I am asking as a spouse of a 25 year employee of the Walmart corporation. Our family has never felt undermined. We have never felt we are paid too little. (and no we are not in upper management as I have been accused) All new stores and remodels use eco friendly practices, lightbulbs, etc. They recycle like crazy every bit they can from boxes, to bags, to everything in between. Has everything been rosy for 25 years? Obviously not, but all in all they take care of families with their amazing benefits. They pay a competitive wage. They try to please customers which is nearly impossible really. They are so big, imagine the needs and wants of customers in New York compared to New Mexico. It takes a lot to keep it all going. Are they huge? Yes. Have businesses gone out of business because they can’t compete. Yes. Have I seen mom and pop businesses put others out of business? Yes. It’s called competition.
      I really would like to know facts. If you have facts to support your claims, I would love to see them. Not news stories, not heresay, but facts. I do want to spend money wisely, but I don’t believe everything I hear on tv just to have a cause.

      1. I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience, but I don’t see that as the norm. Look at had happened to areas once Walmart have moved in. The small mom and pop stores are for was out. The average wages drop in areas. Companies race to the bottom instead of the top. Walmart has used our social safety nets as a part of their plan to save money, instead of planning to care for employees. Walmart is leading the way in the fight against increasing wages and because they have such large numbers they can actually effect change. I do not want the structure of Walmart to be the prevailing one in our country. If you have employees that need a food bank you are doing something wrong.

      2. This is the last time I’ll comment. I have other fish to fry! But, the article you linked too is old information, and at the time was considered skewed by only including the people they wanted to include to get the results they wanted. I did find an article that said while there are Walmart employees on Medicaid, the numbers are the same for the averages of other American companies. I lost the article on my tabs or I’d link it for you. Another article I found was on the great insurance This article is older as well, but we have seen it actually get better since the date of this article. Yes, Walmart runs specials and lower prices when they open a new store. All retailers do. Yes, Walmart does discourage unions. People either love or hate unions. I personally don’t care for them because my dad always worked union jobs and they did not help him. I personally don’t think people stocking shelves should be paid more than people that work as nursing home aids making sure our elderly and needy are taken care of, jobs like that. Should people be paid fairly for inflation, yes, but not more and more just so they can have cell phones and cable. Food, yes, but wants, no. One more article for food for thought
        This is their most recent contribution to making this country better for everyone. Yes, there are things they do that do not help the greed and materialism in this country, but I don’t think you can blame those things on a single retailer. But, as I just wanted people to do from the beginning, really find out for themselves what they are saying. Don’t just assume something is bad because someone said so or maybe at one point had a ways to go to do the right thing. People change all the time, companies are no different.

      1. Thank you, Meneca. I had bookmarked this post so I could come back on the weekend when I had time to respond. I am all for Lisa’s emphasis on high-quality whole foods, but I would never support Walmart because of their poor treatment of their employees, especially women. Their business model is the opposite of what I want for my community, and I refuse to patronize them, even if I pay a few cents more for organic food elsewhere. Compared to most of the world, our food is really inexpensive, and I would rather spend my money with businesses that follow equitable practices with their employees. It’s ridiculous that a company the size of Walmart relies on tax-sponsored safety nets to provide for the employees because they are too profit-driven to pay decent wages and benefits. It’s well known that they avoid paying benefits by scheduling employees for less than full-time hours, and their abysmal treatment of women in management has been well documented. I live in coastal NC, and in a nearby community, Walmart moved in, drove the locally-run groceries out of business, and then moved out in a couple of years because their profit margin wasn’t high enough, The many poor and elderly residents are left without access to fresh food, and only a big, empty, ugly building remains. This is just one of thousands of examples. Sure, the peanut butter might be a little cheaper, but we can do better for our families and our communities.

  15. I did some research in to King Arthur Flour and while it is not organic, they are a company that is focused on good quality non-GMO flour. It is pretty much the only flour I get now (Unless I am fortunate enough to get local/grown myself wheat/flour)

    And they are a certified B Corp…that’s new. I just pulled up their website, didn’t know that from before!

  16. Thank you thank you thank you! We are traveling from New Zealand to visit my family in Tennessee next month. I have been contemplating taking all of the allowed food with me from here but now I know that there are acceptable substitutes! Where my family lives only has Walmart so i am so glad to see this. Thanks again!

  17. HI Lisa,
    I live in the Charlotte area too and I was curious as to which Walmart you visited so I can check it out. The one nearest us doesn’t stock nearly as many Organic/healthy options. Thanks!

    1. The Walmart in Matthews on Galleria has all of these items. And if you can’t find it at Walmart (cashew butter, for instance), there is a health food store on the on the other side of the parking lot. I still prefer Publix and Costco for most of my healthy food shopping because their carts push straight and the shopping experience is much more enjoyable than at Walmart. .

  18. Walmart has MaraNatha all natural Peanut Butter and Almond Butter on their shelves now. This is the best peanut butter I have ever used. It is a $1 higher but not cottonseed oil or other bad stuff. I am happy Walmart is carrying some real food products. Thanks for the good info.

  19. Everything listed I can get at HEB, but the last item made me cringe. That’s not chocolate. If you want a fabulous organic chocolate for baking/cooking, go with Guittard. It’s sold there as well and a glorious silky indulgence that is actually cheaper than that dairy free whatever it is pictured. (and yes, I did look at the ingredients)

  20. Check out or Thrive Market explaining how the USDA revokes Grass Fed Label standards. Not only that but they don’t have to say where they source their meat from. Buyer beware, even organic do your research especially when your dealing with big business. Companies and manufacture want to give you a false sense of security. It’s easy to check, 100% grass fed labels can no longer be trusted unless you know your source.

  21. I discovered this a while back. We love Walmart’s Wild Oats organic brands, they’re good plus the prices are awesome. I’ve noticed over the last several years that it’s gotten a lot easier to find good quality food at good prices. I remember when I first started buying real food, I had to get most of my food from Azure Standard (food coop) because I couldn’t find the things I needed around here. We don’t live in a big city so we don’t have access to organic grocery stores. Now I’m happy because our local Krogar grocery store has gotten a really nice organic section and has a lot of real food options. So between that and Walmart, I’m able to get most everything I need locally now. I’ve also noticed my grocery bill has gone down quite a lot, which is a good thing! :-)

  22. Do you have any go-to brands or stores for buying cheese? I see a lot of cheese in your recipes but I often have a hard time finding cheeses that are good quality with minimal ingredients.

  23. I have noticed that Walmart is selling more organic and non-GMO products. I wanted to also let you know that Walmart also has the Savings Catcher program. You can sign up on line for it , enter in your receipt code and if a local store has any of your products for less than you get the difference on a gift card. I have saved a lot this way and cash it in when I get my groceries the next time or let it build up. I am also finding more organic coupons online and I use them at Walmart as well. Our prices here in Michigan are less for those products shown , I pay almost a dollar less than pictured here, it really depends on where you live.

  24. Were there enough good finds at Aldi to do a new post about shopping there? I’ve heard they are cheap but have never been into one. However they just opened one in my area. Wondering if it’s worth going to as we’re on a budget!

  25. I have been buying a lot of the organic products our local Walmart now offers and have been very happy with them. It also carries the “better-for-you” sugars. We have 2 overly priced health food stores and a Fresh Mrkt, but I will shop at Wmart or online before going to either of those places. THANK YOU, Lisa, for the info. Much appreciated.

  26. While the King Arthur flour is not their organic brand, the conventional flour is non-GMO. I checked with the company.

    Good to know about the organic selections!

  27. Walmart is an unethical company that doesn’t pay it’s employees enough to even stay off welfare and it contributes to environmental degradation. Cheap prices are a high price to pay for how Walmart destroys so much in America not to mention China. It’s unfortunate that Lisa is SO uneducated about the reality of Walmart that she is shamelessly promoting them. I seriously have to question her credibility when reading such ignorant posts as this one. What next? Should we use Dove products because they “promote female empowerment”? Nevermind the chemicals, airbrushing of their “real” women, the fact that they own Axe which objectifies women in all of their commercials, etc. Gosh Lisa, do some research and inform yourself before attempting to preach to the masses if you want to be taken seriously.

    1. Lighten up SAM! Lisa this is a great posting with the shopping list. Yes I too have been very pleased with the increase in Whole food and Organic food / simple food options now available at Walmart Grocery. Unlike Sam, I really don’t care if people want to work at Walmart for less and stay on welfare. They can always go look for a job elsewhere. And for harming the environment? If the US leaders want to enable US companies to buy products globally for lower cost than that which can be MFG here in the USA, I say good for them! Nothing illegal about it. So when the US and Global readers start to enact the same enviro and trade laws as imposed on the USA and Great Britain / Aus etc… then we can start to see prices level out and favor US made products. So Sam should do something about that rather than quibble the fact with Lisa. I personally find myself at Walmart 3 times a month Sam! great products, great service, great prices and great return policy.

      1. Wow, Kevin, a bit defensive, huh? All I was saying is that people (Lisa included since she has a large readership) should consider the ramifications of where they spend their money. That’s all. I know you value what appears to be cheap prices at Walmart and it’s unfortunate that you can’t see the larger consequences of supporting such an organization. Oh well, you have to deal with the fallout of your uneducated choices. Ignorance truly is bliss, I can agree to that much.

        PJ, “unkind” words? Hardly. My opinion is perhaps a little too direct for the “let’s praise Lisa with warm fuzzies club” but it’s hardly unkind to keep it real. If it’s too much for you to handle maybe you should question why. You are part of the problem if you’re not part of the solution. I choose to educate people rather than bury my head and wait for change. Take a stand for something or fall for anything (everything?) isn’t that right?

    2. Many people shop at Walmart and that won’t stop because of your unkind words replied to Lisa. She is doing a great job trying to help people eat real food. No one has to shop there. It was general information. Thank you Lisa for the information.

    3. Do you personally know people that work at Walmart and are on welfare? I do not. My husband has worked for the company for 25 years, I have worked as a merchandiser in Walmarts and gotten to know employees. We have four people at church that work for Walmart. None are on welfare and all seem to be doing ok. Are there always times you wish you made more money? Of course, but they pay competitively for the job and have benefits that can’t be beat in this Obamacare age. If you have some facts behind your comments, not newstories, I would love to see them. I always like to stay educated about where my money goes.

  28. I love the Wild Oats organic applesauce–original and cinnamon–at Walmart. I stock up on it every time I got to my local neighborhood market. It is about the same price as conventional applesauce too.

    The Walmart neighborhood market also has a small gluten free section with some nice brown rice pastas and other gluten free products at a good price for those who need to avoid wheat like my family.

  29. While I really appreciate this list, it seems you place focus on “organic” items versus the “real food” itself.

  30. Hi there! Where in the US are you that your prices are that good? We should do a Walmart US versus Canada Walmart for stock and price comparison! Nice to see all the organic products but I don’t think we gave the same where I am!

  31. Thank you for shining a positive light on shopping at Walmart. It’s challenging to fill teenage boys and live wisely (quality food & financially sound).

  32. Having lived in four states in the last five years, it greatly depends on the competition around Walmart. If there is a organic/health store around they carry alot of great products. Where I live now there is not a competing organic/whole food store and Walmart carries very little organic foods. It’s hard to get whole foods where I live now.

  33. Just be sure to check the ingredient lable on the “Wild Oats Organic” pastas. All of the whole wheat options are made with semolina, which is highly processed. Look for whole wheat durum for pasta ingredient. Wal Mart “Great Value” brand of whole wheat pasta is made with the whole wheat durum.

  34. As someone who lives in the heartland of Walmart, Rogers, AR (next town in Bentonville, home of Wally World aka walmart), there are very few options locally to buy from without paying through the nose.
    I have been so supportive of how many options Walmart has brought in over the last 8.5yrs I’ve lived here, and as a Health Coach, it is awesome when I can tell folks that they can get soooooo many great ‘Real Foods’ at Walmart. They are always surprised when I show them all the great options during a Grocery Trip!
    Thanks for exploring & keeping it real by sharing withOUT being paid for it!!!