Breakfast Casserole Bites

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These Breakfast Casserole Bites are the perfect make-ahead breakfast, especially when you have guests over. You can also freeze them for a quick breakfast on busy mornings.
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These fluffy protein-packed mini breakfast casserole bites are a lifesaver for brunches or breakfast on-the-go! You can make them with or without bread depending on your preference, but either way they make for a quick and nutritious breakfast option.

Mini breakfast casserole to freeze recipe in small muffin cups on a plate

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Mini Freezable Breakfast Casserole Bites Recipe

Looking for a freezable breakfast casserole? This recipe could go two ways. You could make this dish the next time you have guests over for brunch, especially since the mixture could be made and put into the muffin cups in advance. Or you could bake a big double batch this weekend and freeze them for those busy weekday mornings.

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How to Make These Freezable Breakfast Casserole Bites

If you decide to freeze them with the foil muffin holders still on then you’ll be able to pop them right into the toaster oven. Or if you take the muffin holders off before freezing they’ll be microwave-ready. Either way, I do recommend taking them out of the freezer the night before so they can thaw out overnight.

Whatever you decide to do with this recipe though I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…it’s hard to go wrong with breakfast food!

How to Make Mini Eggs Casserole Without Bread 

If for whatever reason you’d like to leave the bread out of this recipe, no problem! It’s easy to make these eggs casserole without bread by simply substituting with something like shredded hash browns, or even spinach mixed in with the eggs for added protein and greens. 

If you plan on omitting the bread, simply skip step #3 in the recipe below. You might also have better luck with a greased silicone mini cupcake tray if you’re not putting the bread in the bottom.

If you plan on incorporating vegetables like spinach, asparagus or peppers into the recipe, be sure to gently steam or sauté them ahead of time to remove a bit of the moisture so the egg bites don’t crumble!

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  1. Why can’t you just use paper cups as want to take these to a brunch and want to warm in microwave. Don’t want to mess with taking them out of the foil liners.

    1. We don’t recommend the paper ones because we have found them to stick to the food a lot. – Nicole

  2. If using the foil cups, would the mix not stick to it? Would it not make more sense to lightly spray those with a touch of olive oil ?

    1. We have not had that problem with the foiled cups, only paper ones. You could definitely spray a little olive oil on them just in case. – Nicole

  3. I make something similar to these, but without the bread and milk- we cook up ground sausage and put some in each cup along with some spinach. Then put one egg (scrambled) in each cup and sprinkle some cheddar on top. They taste great- we freeze them and then just pop them in the microwave to eat. I also don’t use liners, just grease the pan with cooking spray.

  4. AFter freezing, what are the reheating instructions? Is this something that would be good cold? I was thinking about sending in a child’s lunchbox.

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi. You can cover with foil and reheat in the oven until heated through or toss it in the microwave. I have sent them on ice in lunch boxes.