Green Tomato Relish Recipe (Can or Freeze)

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If you're big into canning, this Green Tomato Relish is a must try. I've broken down the steps and tips to make the process easier for beginners. This recipe is from Ashley Eller and Farm Girl Fare, and it's one of my favorites using green tomatoes!
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Green Tomato Relish recipe for canning green tomatoes on a table

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I’ve been waiting all year to have fresh red tomatoes in my backyard, but this green tomato relish recipe is SO incredibly delicious that I didn’t even think twice about plucking some off the vines before they could even ripen.

Green Tomato Relish Recipe for Canning or Freezing

Due to all the chopping and simmering, this recipe will require several hours of your time from start to finish. This isn’t a common theme with my recipes, so I wanted to be sure to point that out. If you aren’t into the “canning” thing you can easily shave off some time by simply freezing the end results. Either way you won’t regret it… yum!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I was introduced to this recipe at my canning class with Ashley Eller earlier this year. Thank you Ashley!

A Delicious Homemade Sauce, Dip, or Condiment

I occasionally get obsessed with certain recipes, and my friends, this is one of them! I don’t think it’s a secret that I am also slightly obsessed with the crock-pot refried bean recipe, and let me tell you those beans are suddenly reinvented when topped with this relish (in addition to the standard melted cheese and sour cream of course)! Not that I haven’t been caught just eating this relish by the spoonful… :) Can you tell I am smitten?

We use homemade green tomato relish on all kinds of meals, not just burgers (or beans). It’s great as a salsa style dip with veggie chips, as a topping for most meats (especially pork), and as an extra addition to vegetable dishes. It even tastes good with eggs!

If anything, I’m trying to find what this green tomato relish doesn’t taste good on.

No Sugar Relish

It might be hard to believe that a relish recipe with no sugar tastes so good, but I wasn’t going to sacrifice quality or add refined sugar to this recipe. Thankfully there’s no compromises here; the apple and bell peppers add sweetness without no sugar for a delicious relish that our whole family loves.

Chunky Green Tomato Relish

This relish recipe is already pretty chunky, but if you want chunkier relish, skip the blender step and leave your relish as-is. You could also divide the relish and blend half for a mixture of chunk and smooth relish. 

For a smoother relish, puree the mixture instead of dicing it. 

Recipe for Canning Green Tomatoes: The Basics

If you are new to canning be sure to check out my honey strawberry jam tutorial for some detailed instructions, but in short you will need:

  • Canning pot with or without a rack (a dish towel can also be used to separate jars from bottom)
  • Canning jars with either new or reusable lids (we like the freezable kind with no “shoulders”)
  • Canning utensils including a jar lifter, funnel, bubble remover/headspace tool, and magnetic lid lifter
  • Clean dish towels
  • Sterilized tongs and ladle
  • A digital or analog scale
  • Optional: Thermometer and dissolvable canning labels (I love these labels…no more peeling off old masking tape!)

Also, please note it’s imperative that the rules of canning are always followed to a “T” in order to prevent spoilage or harmful bacteria in your end product!

Green Tomato Relish FAQs

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  1. Hi. I made this relish this weekend and it is delicious! I did not blend it at all, but left it chunky and used it as a salsa with tortilla chips. I made a huge amount of it with all the green tomatoes from my garden. I can see using it on so many things – burgers, tacos, chicken, as a dip…so many things. I saw the nutrition facts; what serving size are the based on?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Do you think this recipe will work with ripe tomatoes? I love the idea that it is without sugar!!
    Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. After making this twice I wondered if I could add some olive oil. What would you recommend? We love this recipe. Great addition to multiple dishes. Thank you:)

  4. Could you replace the Jalapeños? I know that not everyone in the house would appreciate their addition. Just add more bell peppers?

  5. I will give it a go and let you know! I need to reduce the quantity of the ingredients though, as I don’t have a lot of rhubarb. Thank you :D

    1. Wow! I just made this relish this morning. It is amazing:) I will definitely make this every fall when the frost hits and I have an abundance of green tomatoes still on the vine. Thank you!

  6. This sounds delicious…I’m looking for a ‘no sugar’ recipe for rhubarb relish. Do you think this recipe will work (replace tomatoes with rhubarb)? Thanks!

    1. 100 Days Admin

      Hi Dora, we have not tried that with this recipe. If you think you’d enjoy those flavors with rhubarb as a substitute, let us know how it turns out if you give a try! – Nicole

  7. Kathy from Westminster

    I love this recipe, but I had my doubts. How could green tomato relish be good without sugar? It’s so good. I had my three friends over for cards and served it with cream cheese and crackers. They all copied the recipe. The only change I made was to put in 3 jalapeños instead of 8 and I put in fresh cilantro when I served it. Thank you.

  8. I was looking for a recipe for green tomatoes that I didn’t have to can.
    This looks great. How long can you keep it in the freezer? And is the consistency mush when its thawed?

  9. When I processed my jars I never covered the jars in water because I didn’t know I had to, for the hot water bath. They all seem to be sealed well. Are they safe to store?

  10. When I processed my jars in the boiling water bath I did not cover the jars with water since I didn’t know I should. If they are sealed properly are they safe to store? The seals all are seem good, except one.

  11. 5 stars
    What sort of recipes / dishes do you use this on? Is it more of a condiment or do you include it inside of dishes? Thanks for your reply! This looks delicious regardless.