Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie!

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If you (or your kids) are getting tired of the same old snacks I've got the perfect solution to switch things up ...A Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie! The kick of the fresh cinnamon along with the sweetness of the banana in this recipe makes the spinach hardly even noticeable.
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A green smoothie in a glass with an orange straw and three green and orange pumpkins in the background.

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So not only is this a fun seasonal drink, but one that’s good for you, too! And if your little ones turn their nose up to drinking something green how about putting it in an insulated cup they can’t see through? Just be sure to show them what they were drinking (and enjoying) afterward so they know greens aren’t so scary after all!

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  1. 5 stars
    I am working my way back towards healthy eating habits. I made this smoothie this morning and used a blended coconut/almond milk instead of milk. It is absolutely delicious!! Thanks Lisa!!

  2. 4 stars
    Tried this recipe after my morning run today and yummy! I didn’t have the plain yogurt so just doubled the milk (I used almond milk). Perfect way to use up the left over pumpkin puree from the whole grain pumpkin muffins I made earlier this week, which were delicious. My family and I have enjoyed every recipe so far.

  3. This fall smoothie was REALLY, Really good! (really!) 2 of my 3 kids even liked it so it is a keeper in my house! Thank You. Would love to see a list of your favorite Green Smoothie recipes (kid approved). I frequent the simple green smoothies website as well but hate it when I waste ingredients on one that none of us like. Thanks for your website, love it!

  4. Ok this has nothing to do with smoothies. I love this blog, and even love your book. But every time I try to think of a meal or a recipe, I can’t help but think “I wish this site had an app!” I don’t know what all goes in to building an app, but if you had one, I know I’d buy it. I’d love to see one with your recipes that gets updated with new ones as you add to the list. Maybe even JUST recipes, as to not take away from book purchases or blog clicks. I don’t know, that’s just my 2 cents. Either way, keep up the good work!

  5. Jennifer Somerville

    5 stars
    I have never considered putting pumpkin into a smoothie and I don’t know why. I love winter squash! – I would also like to add that freshly ground nutmeg is as delicious as freshly ground cinnamon. Nutmeg can also be added to anything cinnamon is used in for a little added spice! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. I don’t generally put dairy in my smoothies either–frozen bananas or avocado make it plenty creamy. This one sounds great–my typical morning smoothie is spinach-frozen mango chunks (Trader Joe’s) and half a banana. Lately I have been dumping in the half cup of my green tea from the night before–can’t really taste it, but it’s a good use of the now-cold tea!!! Adding the pumpkin sounds great!!!

  7. 5 stars
    Made a version of this shake last night with stuff I had on hand. I think mine was the same except for plain Greek yogurt and almond milk. Very tasty! My 13 yo son said “weird” and left with his sample, and then snuck back in the kitchen to add a little more to his cup… high praise. Husband said “too thick” but I didn’t give him a straw, like I typically do, so he may have had issue with the delivery :).
    We (the parents) have green shakes for breakfast. My 10 yo daughter suggested we have this again for today’s breakfast, and well, since you are making two, why not make her one also?!?

  8. This looks absolutely delicious! Two of our three kids are striking on veggies right now, so if they’re going to have them, they have to be hidden. Looking forward to trying this!

    1. I’d use non-dairy yogurt or just sub in a little bit more non-dairy milk for the regular milk and freeze the bananas before blending it up to make the smoothie a little thicker.

    2. I use almond milk and 1/4-1/2 of an avocado. The avocado adds that creamy thickness. I also use frozen bananas which seems to help with the thick/creamy factor, too.

  9. We are loving green smoothies this month too! Never would have believed that you can’t taste the spinach. I never thought to add spinach to my pumpkin smoothie though!

  10. I am not a smoothly fan, but my husband and son love them. I think I’ll make my son one for his afternoon snack. In the theme of Halloween I’ll tell him a a “ghoul slime” shake.

  11. Hi all – I make a green smoothie for breakfast every morning and now I’m looking forward to adding pumpkin! I use a whole serving of spinach (85 g) and only one-half of a banana. Even at that ratio, the banana hides the spinach. Since I use a Vita-Mix I also add a huge carrot which also goes unnoticed taste-wise. If anything, it adds a little sweetness. Happy blending!