Veggie Burgers (another meal you can freeze!) made with Homemade Breadcrumbs

This is another recipe where you can use a lot of in-season ingredients from the farmer’s market. Once assembled, these veggie burgers do freeze well. They are loaded with veggies, but you can choose what you want to put in them, but do be sure to add your homemade breadcrumbs!
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Recipe - Veggie Burgers from 100 Days of Real Food

I was able to find mushrooms, scallions, spinach and carrots at our local Farmer’s Market in Matthews. And slowly but surely locally grown potatoes and bell peppers will be available as well. This is also one of those recipes that I consider “flexible.” If you don’t have any carrots on hand, then leave them out. If you would rather spend less money on a green bell pepper vs. red then go for it. If you prefer a sweet potato over a white potato, it would be the perfect substitution. My point is…there are no excuses to not at least try these burgers!

As mentioned in the title, once assembled, these veggie burgers do freeze well (layer them between sheets of wax paper before you sauté them). I usually special order a dozen honey whole-wheat hamburger buns from Great Harvest, which I store in the freezer as well. Then on any given day I don’t feel like cooking…voila! We can have an instant, homemade, healthy dinner. But before you jump the gun, I do want to mention that these veggie burgers don’t hold together quite as well as the meat version so I would not recommend throwing them on the grill. Enjoy!



Homemade Breadcrumbs

When I get around to making these breadcrumbs I usually make a big batch and store the leftovers in an airtight container in the freezer. This way, it isn’t such a pain when a recipe calls for breadcrumbs. I used to buy the store-bought variety (by Progresso), but when I recently looked at the label and lost count of the number of unpronounceable ingredients I decided never again on those! As a reminder, it only takes a few simple ingredients to make bread.

Click here for the breadcrumb recipe.

Homemade breadcrumbs on 100 Days of #RealFood

Update: We’ve since found a decent store-bought alternative made of 100% whole wheat, but we still make our own, too.

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  1. My mixture was also VERY runny so I couldn’t form it into anything, it just ran right through my hands (I think this is because there was too much moisture in my potatoes and veggies still. So next time I will make sure to let them dry longer!)!
    I was contemplating adding more bread crumbs but I didn’t want to alter the delicious taste!
    So I looked up how to make veggie burgers stick together and found this great site:
    There are some great tips here! Including; adding bread crumbs if your “mush” is too runny:)
    So I added a little bit at a time until I reached a consistency I could form, but didn’t fall apart, and the result was a delicious veggie burger that was nicely browned on the outside and soft on the inside, but not mushy!
    This recipe is DELICIOUS!!!! I’m so glad I found a way to remedy my mistake!!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Audrey. I think it is covered in #7 of the instructions, where it says to add ALL the veggies to the food processor. :)