Smoked Trout and Buttermilk Fritters

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These Smoked Trout and Buttermilk Fritters are the perfect summer time additions to a bed of spinach and can alternatively be made with smoked salmon .
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I’ve got the perfect yummy, light dish for the hot days of summer we’ve been experiencing lately. In fact, here in Charlotte, I think yesterday was the first day that temps didn’t hit the 90s in over 3 weeks! Phew.

So, I thought a big salad for dinner would do us some good, and this was a salad with plenty of flavor thanks to the yummy Smoked Trout and Buttermilk Fritters I put on top. And let’s not forget the Buttermilk Dill dressing as a final touch … it was so good that my 15-year-old quickly went back for seconds!

Smoked Trout and Buttermilk Fritters on 100 Days of Real Food

If you can’t find a pack of smoked trout at your store you could always substitute smoked salmon (either hot smoked or cold smoked). I always feel like those two are pretty interchangeable when it comes to dips, cracker (or even deviled egg) toppings, and the like.

What’ve you been enjoying for dinner lately in this heat?

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    1. You would need to add milk with the white vinegar if you’re going to sub it for the buttermilk. – Nicole