What Is Grassmilk? (+ why we like it!)

When I read In Defense of Food I learned that cows evolved to eat grass, which is the healthiest diet for them. If they are overfed grains (including corn) they can become sick, which is why grain-fed cattle are sometimes given antibiotics. Michael Pollan says “you are what you eat eats, too” meaning if your meat or milk comes from cows that are not as healthy as they could be, what they produce is not the best choice for you to consume either.

Today, I’m excited to partner with our longtime sponsor Organic Valley (that’s one of their co-op farms pictured below!) to further explain why grass-fed matters and how their Grassmilk is different than other options at the store.

dairy cows walking down a path

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Why Does 100% Grass-fed Matter?

Let’s compare an unhealthy cow (that’s being overfed GMO corn and other grains and on antibiotics as a result) to an unhealthy person (making poor choices as well). Imagine if that unhealthy person decided to start making a few decent food choices some of the time, but still ate fast food, smoked cigarettes and didn’t exercise. Would a few decent choices suddenly make them a healthy person? I think we can all agree on the answer there!

This is why choosing 100% grass-fed, can be a great choice. Organic Valley has 100% grass-fed cows that eat fresh organic pasture grasses (such as alfalfa and clover) and legumes in summer and dried grasses and legumes in the winter. Both Kiran (on our team) and I have visited their farms on separate occasions and can confirm they are true to their word here!

dairy cows

What We Like about Organic Valley Grassmilk

As I mentioned, Organic Valley Grassmilk comes from 100% grass-fed cows, but it’s also obviously ORGANIC! :) That means the cows were not given antibiotics or hormones, and they are eating grass that has not been grown from genetically modified seeds (GMOs) or treated with chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. This is premium milk produced by their cooperative of family farms.

Kiran visited one of their farms earlier this summer, and my family and I went to one in NC a few years ago as well … it truly is amazing to see it all in person. You come away feeling like Organic Valley is definitely a brand you can trust and something we feel good about giving our families!

I also like that they have a non-homogenized (cream on top), 100% grass-fed whole milk option … this is basically about as unprocessed as you get (after raw milk, which is actually not legal for human consumption here in NC).

cartons of Organic Valley cream on top grassmilk

More about Organic Valley

Organic Valley started in 1988 when a group of like-minded people came together with one goal: to make food that was good for people, and good for the environment. They formed a cooperative, which means that the company is essentially made up of farmers (about 2,000 of them) who all farm organically. Their standards are very high—there’s a ton of research that is done before signing anyone on, and they get impromptu check-ins throughout the year to ensure that they are adhering to the same standards the co-op was based on.

I’ve always said that we vote with our dollars, and this is no exception. When we purchase from Organic Valley, we can know where our food is coming from—organic farms where animals are allowed to roam in their natural habitat and enjoy the foods that they choose (grass, naturally). When we buy these products, we also support those farmers who make up the Organic Valley co-op. Again, something you can feel good about!

Have you tried Grassmilk yet? What did you think?

dairy cows

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  1. Martha l l mcdermott

    I recently switched from 2% to whole milk, the store brand I’d always bought, and it didn’t taste like the whole milk I used to drink. I noticed the OV grass-fed milk and bought it because “grass-fed” sounded like it might actually taste like milk! Guess what: I does!!!

  2. I really like Organic Valley’s grassmilk cream on top yogurt! I actually can’t go back to “other” organic whole milk yogurt after eating the OV cream on top one! It’s so creamy and delicious.

  3. OK, there is a lot of confusion by using that term grass fed. all cows are grass-fed, in fact when researching the term, most ranches laughed at me, and I can guarantee that organic valley is only organic by FDA standards, not what you and I would call organic.

  4. That black cow (in the second picture) has an almost perfect Heart shape on her forehead! And yay for cows that get to eat grass as they were intended!

  5. We are lucky to have a local brand, Hartzler, that is non-homogenized and minimally pasteurized. It is soooo good. It changes colors and flavor as the season changes, grass-fed is neat like that. If I can’t get a local brand, I do buy OV because their standards are so high. I hope your readers are motivated to do their own research as well, and try 100% grass-fed milk. It’s way better, better for you and the environment and the cows and the farmers.

  6. Christine Mcfadden

    I bought the cream on top milk from OV and it made me sick. I think I have an allergy to something in the cream. I haven’t had a reaction to milk since I stopped using the cream on top and regular whole milk doesn’t bother me.

  7. Hi Lisa, I have been confused for quite a while about Grassmilk, so I am hoping you can clear up a question I have. I switched to Organic Whole milk years ago after doing a lot of research about milk, and came to the same conclusion you did about Organic Valley. However, one of the main reasons we drink Organic Valley is because I was under the impression that ALL their milk is grass fed. So I am now worried that all these years I have assumed I have been drinking 100% grass-fed milk, and that hasn’t been the case. And of course the Grassmilk only comes in half gallons and it is so much more expensive . . . My family drinks 4 gallons a week! Can you confirm whether or not their regular milk is grass fed? Thanks!

    1. Great question. Yes, all their milk is grass-fed, but some lines are not 100%. What I learned from my farm visit is that they often go above and beyond with the amount of grass given to their cows, even if it’s not labeled as such. Just because it doesn’t say 100% grass-fed oftentimes it is pretty close (especially compared to other brands). I hope that helps!

  8. I must have been using a different brand of grassmilk and was NOT a fan, because it seems all the organic and grass-fed options here are ULTRA-PASTEURIZED! To me they taste cooked, and I can’t stomach it. I’m really excited to see in the picture here that these ones are only pasteurized, like conventional milk! Hooray, I can go back to the good stuff! Thanks for posting